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Chapter 8


Moriarty spoke with an air of intense authority. "How many green lights do you see?"

The young hero was a bit confused by the sudden movement from standing to lying down, and the lack of lighting. The voice repeated. "How many lights do you see?"

"Ummm… four?" Was Kim's truthful yet confused response.

"No!" The next thing Kim felt was a strong shock of electricity through her body, making her body tighten and her teeth clench together.

After the intense shock subsided, all Kim could do for a moment was breath heavily. After catching her breath, she realized what Moriarty was doing. He was using torture to brainwash her! She would have to try and hold out and hope that either Ron or GJ would figure out Moriarty's ruse and find her before any damage was done to her mind. She knew that whatever plan Moriarty had in mind, it was not good.

…x x x x…

"I… I had a chance to… to take him out for good Wade, twice… and I didn't. Now he's got Kim, doing who knows what to her mind… and it's all my fault." Ron was at home at the time, and he sat down hard at the kitchen table.

"Don't you dare take this all upon yourself Ron. There's no way you would have been able to predict what Moriarty would do next." Wade was trying his best to calm the young blond down before he went completely off the end.

"Yeah, that's true Wade… but if I had taken more permanent action the first time, the people I love wouldn't have gotten hurt before. If I see Moriarty… no, WHEN I see Moriarty next, I swear that I WILL do something that will keep him from hurting anyone else ever again." The tone in Ron's voice almost chilled Wade. Ron all but said he would kill Moriarty. "So what's the plan Wade… I know you've got one."

…x x x x…

And now the continuation of "Possible Manipulation"...

Ron had guessed that Wade was already working on a plan, but he was only partially right. All the young genius had at the time were some ideas and theories, but nothing was concrete. Even though time was of the essence, Wade actually asked Ron to get back with him the next day, preferably after 12 noon.

Sure enough, at 12:01 Ron arrived at Wade's front door the next day. He didn't care it was technically after Twelve just as Wade had asked, but Ron wanted action, and he wanted it yesterday. Wade's mom let Ron inside and walked him to her son's room, which he had converted to a veritable computer room/server room/bedroom.

"Wade?" His mom called out after knocking twice on the closed door. "That blond boy who hangs out with Kim Possible is here to see you. I think he said his name was Stimpable, or something like that." She then glanced at Ron with an apologetic grin, and Ron just shrugged his shoulders as he was used to his name being mangled.

The door to Wade's room clicked and hissed as if the room was under pressure, and Ron walked inside. The door closed behind him and clicked again, but this time a low hum was heard as a pump kicked on, re-pressurizing the seal.

The young boy didn't even look up after Ron walked up next to him, and Wade was typing furiously while speaking. "The first thing I needed to do was to start formulating something to combat the effects of both Dr. Bortel's invention, and the shampoo concentrate. I'm about done with the countermeasure for the Dr.'s invention, but it's taking a bit longer to formulate an antidote to negate the effects of Drakken's shampoo.

"The electrical countermeasure was easy to create, but the antidote just takes time. Then there's the matter of testing each one. The signal generator I've devised can be adjusted while it's in use to change the effectiveness, but the chemical mixture to block the effects of the shampoo could be deadly if it's wrong, so it's got to be right when we use it on Kim."

The entire time Wade was speaking, he barely took a breath. When he finally turned his head to look at Ron, the blond boy was sitting in a chair with a hand on his head as if he had a headache.

"Do you understand the problems I'm having Ron?" Wade was sympathetic for Kim's partner, as he knew that he could get on a roll describing things, and he could quickly start speaking over the listener's level of education.

"I… I think so Wade. Basically your saying the main issue is the antidote for Drakken's mind control shampoo, and that it's got to be right the first time or Kim could be toast." Wade nodded in agreement to Ron's understanding of the situation. "So how long until the antidote is ready to test, and how are you going to test it?"

"I had to outsource the mixing of the chemicals since mom won't let me have a full chemistry lab in our house, so all I'm waiting for is a call from 'Chemicals R Us'. They said the first batch would be ready for testing sometime this afternoon. All they need is… a guinea pig." At his last two words, one of Wade's eyebrows ticked up at Ron, who immediately got the hint.

"No, no, no Wade! I haven't forgotten what that stuff I fell into at HenchCo did to me! I could have seriously hurt Kim and…"

"But this is to SAVE Kim's life, Ron! Besides, 'Chemicals R Us' assured me that the human testing shouldn't affect human DNA. I was able to get a sample of the shampoo to them, so what they are working on will only affect the chemicals in the shampoo and nothing else." By now Wade had swiveled his chair around and was looking directly at the blond teenager.

"Sorry Wade, but I'm zeroing in on the words 'shouldn't affect human DNA'. Seems I also remember being changed into an otter thing during that fiasco with Gil. I mean Gill. I'm lucky I don't have any weird muscle ticks or anything like that."

"How about if I gave you my word that you won't be mutated into anything non-human?" Wade was hedging his bets with the company, as they had received a "Triple A" rating from the Better Business Corporation.

Ron took a deep breath and slowly let it out. "OK Wade, but I'm doing this for Kim."

Only five minutes later Wade's phone rang, and it was Chemicals R Us calling to let Wade know their first batch would be ready for testing in the morning. The look on Ron's face was one of trepidation, yet hope.

…x x x x…

It was day 2 of Kim's incarceration by Moriarty, and she continued to fight against the deranged man's quest to control her mind, and the ultimate result of either taking Ron's Mystical Monkey Power or his life.

This day started just as yesterday had, but then it repeated two more times. So it was morning, noon, and evening that Moriarty repeated the procedure of asking Kim to relay how many lights she was looking at. Each time Moriarty said Kim was wrong, she received an electrical shock.

The third session had just finished, and the young hero was breathing hard. The shocks had been increasing in intensity, and she wasn't sure how much more she could take. Moriarty pulled out the mouthpiece that was used each time so Kim wouldn't damage her teeth, dragging some saliva with it. She didn't even care as her hard breathing threw out bits of spittle.

"You'll… never… win… Moriarty." She huffed out in defiance. Her hair was matted with sweat, and Kim's clothes were sticking to her body

"Oh I think I'm getting closer and closer to winning my dear. You see, today you actually demonstrated some change. Sorry I can't say what it was, as that would be detrimental to all of our hard work." Holding the mouthpiece as if it was covered with germs, Moriarty took it over to a nearby sink and rinsed it off. "I foresee this only taking a couple more days, and then we can start with your… reprogramming."

The young heroine strained against her bonds. "I swear Moriarty… if I ever get free…"

"You'll what?" The villain with a British accent walked over to Kim's bedside and looked down at her. "You seem to forget my dear Kim Possible… I hold all the cards here. You are strapped down in a secure location, unable to contact the outside world, and the only ones who have a remote chance of even finding you are most likely barking up the wrong bush."

"That's 'tree', you moron… and I have faith that Ron will…"

Moriarty interrupted. "What? No mention of your precious G… J? Or even of your Technician? I'm sorry my dear, but if all you trust in is a blond teenaged kid that has something that I should, and will have at the end of all this… then I really do feel sorry for you.

"Now if you will excuse me, I need to get you some food and drink so you have some strength for tomorrow."

Moriarty left the room for about fifteen minutes, and when he returned, he had a tray that held what appeared to be a bowl of soup, some orange juice, and two slices of dry toast. He set the tray down, and pressed a button on a small panel that raised Kim back to a vertical position.

He then took up the soup, which was really just a bowl of chicken broth, and walked over to the red head that was strapped down. He took a spoonful of the broth and held it in front of Kim's mouth. When she didn't open her lips, he tried to force the spoon in, but all Kim did was turn her head, causing him to dump the contents on the floor.

"Now Kimberly…" Moriarty said in a condescending tone, "If you don't eat something, you just may die here, and then what will happen to your precious 'Ronnie'? Will he mourn, or will he avenge your death? Oh I think he will mourn, but as for avenging you… well let's just say that there will be no one to tell him about the trap he would be running Hell-Bent into, at which time I will be ready. Now EAT."

Moriarty then took another spoon full of broth and raised it to Kim's lips, and this time she willingly opened her mouth to accept the sustenance. For a fraction of a second Kim thought about spitting it back into his face in one last act of defiance, but thought better of it as she wanted her strength to try and fight this mad man's attempts at controlling her.

…x x x x…

Will Du walked into the Director's office, and she absently waved for him to sit down. She was typing on her laptop, and after only a few more seconds she finally finished, closed it, and then folded her hands while looking directly into his eyes.

"Report." Was the terse command.

"It appears that Wade Load has contracted an outside source to work on an antidote for Dr. Drakken's mind control shampoo. We can only guess that he has come up with a jamming device of some sort to counteract Dr. Bortel's device on his own. We are pretty sure that by now he has a working prototype, but we're not sure about the testing of the shampoo antidote. Something like that takes testing."

"No ideas on what their plan for finding Kimberly is?" Will shook his head 'no' in response to her question. "Then maybe we have an advantage."

"I'm sorry Ma'am… Advantage?" Will's eyebrows knitted together in slight confusion.

"Hear me out for a minute." Betty Director leaned back in her chair and slid herself closer to the edge of the desk. She folded her hands in front of her and then leaned forward. "Those two kids are doing the hard work, and all we need to do is find Miss Possible. If, and by that I mean when we find her… we will have a bargaining chip like no other."

"I'm sorry Dr. Director… but why would we need a bargaining chip against a young technical genius and some snot-nosed teenager with almost unlimited power that you don't trust 100 percent?" Realization dawned on Will's face just as he finished voicing his question. "Ohhh… I see what you mean. This could indeed be quite advantageous for GJ."

"So you know what to do?" An eyebrow rose above her eye patch.

"Yes Ma'am, I do. Do I have unlimited funds this time?"

"A blank check."

To be continued…

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