"I'm Jessie" I said to Tony. I was staring deeply into his eyes.

I could've looked into them forever.

Then the little girl grabbed my bra and said "this must be yours". I said "oh that just my slingshot" looking very embarrassed. "She doesn't know it's a bra" the little girl said. I saw Tony laugh.

It sounded so deep and smooth. Then a woman, the little girl said was her nanny was running away screaming.

"Bye nanny whatever your name is" the little said.

Then the girl named zuri wanted me to be her new nanny and took me into the hotel. I was kind of disappointed that I couldn't stay with Tony. But I would always see him when I left the apartment.


When this girl had been pushed out of the cab I immediately went to help her.

I was amazed by her beauty and said "you must be a really bad tipper". I was holding her hands. Her hands were so soft they felt like a super soft pillow.

Then she said "hi I'm Jessie". When she talked it sounded like an angel.

When she laughed at my joke it sounded so cute. Then Zuri talked to Jessie wanting her to be her new nanny.

If she did then I would get to see her everyday that would have to be great.


I'm in love with this girl/boy.