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Kneeling. The long fibers of the stiff, shaggy, olive colored carpet below dug into their knees. They watched as the two pairs of shiny black penny loafers circled them slowly. They dared not look up and tempt fate.

"If you just tell me where she is, I'll let both of you go," one of the men said in his greasy voice as they both continued to circle the couple.

"We don't know where she is!" the husband begged for their life with no knowledge of where their niece was.

"I think you're lying," the second man sneered as he backhanded the husband across the face with such force he fell backwards and hit his head on the solid mahogany coffee table and collapsed on the rug below with his arms still duct taped behind him.

The wife screamed loudly as she looked over at her husband. The red blood dripped from a cut in his cheek the man's ring had made, and a dark stain slowly spread further from the back of the husband's head. The wife scrambled toward him as fast as she could while being bound to see if she could help him; comfort him; hold him.

"As soon as you tell us where your niece is, we'll leave. You'll have a chance to save him if you just cooperate. You can trust me. All we want is the girl. You and the boss had a deal, you would get the three million and if you couldn't pay up in a timely manner, she would be the collateral. Guess what? You haven't paid up and now we want what you promised us. We've come to collect and as soon as you tell us where she is, we'll get out of here and leave you two alone," the second man sneered from behind them.

"We don't know!" the wife screamed at the men as she held her paling husband the best she could, blubbering over his weakening body. She knew. The moment she saw them, she knew. She felt the dread and the helplessness deep in her bones that the second they gave up where their niece was they were both going to die. But what other choice did they have? Tell them where their niece was or die? Surely there had to be a compromise they could reach, right?

The two men would surely find Bella wherever she was hiding in the house, but at what cost to them? Would it cost both of them their lives?

The woman sobbed into her husband's tan button up shirt soaking it, causing it to turn a darker shade of tan. She chanced a look up at the two men before she sniveled and tried to bargain their lives, "Please, we know she's somewhere in the house, but we don't know where. Please, we've told you everything we know. Please don't hurt us anymore! We told you where she was! You promised to leave us alone now!"

"We lied," the first man growled lowly at her.

Without another word, the second man lifted his right hand towards the husbands and the wife screamed shrilly as it sounded like a bomb exploded.

The screaming only lasted a moment. It ended along with her life when another quick, loud bang echoed through the house ominously.

The house was deathly silent as the two men drove off in their shiny, sleek, black BMW with tinted windows, an unconscious teenage girl in the back seat and a bag of jewelry from the house safe on the floor of the backseat.

The house slowly began to smell of copper and death as the crimson blood slowly turned the olive shaggy rug a shiny, sticky black.