Author's note: story begins around the time Naruto is still inside of the academy. Naruto is still finding out about himself and is still a pariah of the village. Story follows cannon to some degree.(but not mostly as what is a work of fanfic if it follows the original so closely? answer: a unimaginative writer with spare time.)

WARNING: Few later OC(much later). Dark Naruto at times. Pairings for story will remain secret -ha ha ha ha- or you could try asking nicely I'll tell maybe not or maybe so. :D
Story will be a bit cannon and with my own twists and ideas.
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An the story begins i 2. . . .

''Jutsu/talk'' 'thoughts' 'demon(in mind)' 1 begin!


Iruka gave a long speech to the class from the podium in front of the black board. He spoke of what it would entail to be a ninja and how a ninja when confused or forgetting their purpose should refer back to the ninja code and rules of the village.

Naruto sat at the highest desk in the back of the classroom. He looked at the chunin instructor but his mind was on other matters.

One was such as how he was to pass the upcoming test so that he could become a ninja. He had tried to pass the test before to become a ninja but had failed. Thanks to his inability to make a bunshin (clone) that would not pop or look sickly.

No matter how hard he tried he couldn't properly make a clone. It was a problem that had began to cause him much frustration. Having been unable to even come close to completing the technique he turned to the only person he could trust or even ask for help.

He had sought the help of the Hokage, a person he had known all his life and who he considered to be sort of his grandfather. Though it proved useless as when he had went to the old Hokage for advice he was only told to keep practicing or try harder.

Even after dedicating himself to trying to do the jutsu he still failed. So he went back to the Hokage once again for more advice but was only told again to keep practicing. Which Naruto had learned was quite insufficient and still didn't help in his endeavor .

With the only person he could ask for help proving useless in his quest he had began to grow even more frustrated for he had no way of knowing how he was to complete the jutsu and all his efforts had already failed so far. Though he had steeled him self to not give up and to complete the jutsu.

Naruto sighed as he heard Iruka finish the speech. He stood but stayed at his desk as he knew not to be in the crowd that was leaving the room. Previously he had been in the crowd of kids leading out of the room but one day he was blamed for knocking over a girl. Even though he didn't do it.

Iruka still made sure to punish him for the incident. Since then Naruto didn't make the same mistake twice.

Seeing he was soon to be last to leave the classroom he walked down the stairs keeping his head forward as he knew if he looked to his right he would see the vicious glare he was being given by Iruka. He knew the teacher like the village hated him passionately. For what reason he didn't know.

Anytime he asked why he was hated he wouldn't get a answer no matter who he asked. So he was forced to just ignore the hateful stares. An resign to the belief he would just change everyone's mind when he became Hokage one day. Even if many scoffed at the idea.

Walking home he took the unseen route to his apartment building as he did not want to see the many villagers an some ninja that glared or whispered about him as if he was a walking plague.

Arriving at his apartment building he walked up it's many stairs till he was to his door. Retrieving his key from his jumpsuit's pants pocket he then inserted the key in to the door knob.

Opening the door he grew saddened as he saw that his apartment had been trashed. Upon the walls were graffiti that said 'DIE DEMON'.

Naruto gave a quick glance around an confirmed that the place was completely trashed and his things, all of them were broken and most likely unusable. He simply closed his door back. He knew that who ever did this was some one who hated him but in the village there was allot who did which led him to believe that maybe a few got together to do this.

By now he would have went and told the Hokage but it would do no good for him. As the Hokage would only speak of how he had to be forgiving and that he needed to be patient an to just wait for the day he would be accepted.

Those words had been said to Naruto many times now and every time he heard them he believed them fully as they were words spoken to him by his grandfather figure but now they seemed more and more like empty words said to only calm a kid.

Walking away from his apartment building he made his way to where he knew he could relax.
He walked to the surrounding forest of the village. As he walked inside the forest he was made witness to a group of Leaf ninja.

Naruto stopped and watched the ninja seeing that they could not see him behind the large tree he stood behind. He looked at the happy looking ninja and saw that it was three genin a bit older then him that stood around what looked to be their jounin sensei.

He couldn't hear what they were saying but stared intently as he saw the young genin smile widely at the smirking back jounin. Paying closer attention he watched as the ninja stepped a few feet back from the genin and then did hand seals almost faster then what he could follow.

The man then slammed his hand down on to the ground then yelled out loud enough that Naruto could even hear from such far away ''Summoning Jutsu!''

In a plume of smoke where the jounin's hand was there was now a large red bird that had a Leaf head band around it's long light red neck.
Naruto watched as the genin looked happy and shocked to see the animal.

Naruto knew the bird was a summoning animal and heard that only strong ninja had such abilities to even summon one. He wondered if he could ever get such a fascinating creature or even if he would get a jounin sensei.

Walking away from the ninja he went deeper inside the forest till he got to a large tree that gave allot of shade. Sitting at the tree's base he leaned against it's trunk as he let his mind wander back to his recent attack he was sure the villagers had done on him.

'why do they keep trying to hurt me? I didn't do anything too bad. Plus I haven't even done a prank in a long while. Tch everyone else that does something bad is usually forgiven soon enough...except for me. I thought they treated orphans great. Everyone else treats Sasuke great and me like crud. An he is a bastard. Hn they will all see though soon enough when I'm Hokage. I'll beat Sasuke first though'

He smiled at the idea of his plan. Knowing he could do it and would, even though he knew it would be hard to beat the highly skilled and number one candidate for rookie of the year, Sasuke. Thinking he soon came up with a way to make his plan succeed against the odds he faced 'He couldn't beat me if I had a summon animal!'
With thoughts of triumph Naruto pictured his victory over the seemingly unbeatable Uchiha.

Remembering back to the hand seals he saw the man do he wondered if he could replicate them. Though he knew that to do so that in class he had heard one had to mold chakra. An chakra molding was not his strong suit. Sighing he knew that it would be a challenge but he would do it. Plus he guessed it would be a step to becoming Hokage.


Naruto had been trying over and over to do the Summoning Jutsu but with no success at all not even a plume of smoke.
Once again he tried to mold his chakra and do the hand signs to complete the jutsu but failure was all he got in return for his efforts.

He clenched his fist and unclenched them over and over again in frustration. ''Damn. Why won't it work!'' he shrieked to him self. Falling to the ground on his knees he gripped his head as he threw off his green goggles in annoyance.

He had known he was doing the right hand seals he was sure of it and he was sure he was molding chakra but he didn't know why it wasn't working. An it was now seeming his tenacity was not working for him.

Getting tired and having not accomplished anything he thought to try just one more time. Standing back up he clenched his fist hard not noticing his short finger nails broke the skin on his palm causing him to bled a bit as he declared ''I will get it this time!'' placing his hands out in front of him he molded his chakra then went threw the summoning jutsu hand seals he then yelled ''Summoning Jutsu!''

Naruto grew shocked as he felt as if he was being pulled somewhere else.

In a bright white flash that blinded him he was then falling down a purple vortex that didn't seem to end. Grabbing for anything around him to slow his descent Naruto learned that there was nothing he could grab on to nor was there anything to see but dark purple.

He screamed ''HELP ME SOMEONE!'' over and over again at the top of his lung.

His useless yelling only stopped when he began to hear in response was the echo of his own voice and the air that whisked around his falling body.

Thinking his death was soon he called out threw sobs to the one person he thought who could save him '' man!''

That too proved useless as his decent continued uninterrupted.

In seconds his life started to flash before him, all 10 short years of it.

Remembering all the mobs that used to chase him as he was younger and how the old man was always there to save him before it got too bad.

He remembered all the times spent with the Hokage who was the only person that had showed him kindness besides Tuechi and his daughter Ayame at the ramen bar.

Naruto cried harder as he thought of all the things he wouldn't be able to do like becoming Hokage and making friends or even finally getting everyone to acknowledge him one day.

In his perceived final moments his mind came to terms with his death, his cries got lower as he expected the ground his body would smash upon and kill him, coming at any moment.


Naruto fell from a blue sky down atop a dune of beige colored sand. He opened his eyes as he immediately stood and looked around shocked at what he was seeing and that he was not dead.

All Naruto eyes could see were giant dunes of sand piled high like mountains. Most even bigger then the Hokage Mountain.

The giant mountains of sand and sand fields seemed to go on for miles.

Naruto looked further around and even towards the sky and saw a sun that seemed to want to be hotter then what it was before with it's extreme heat.
He looked back down around him confused at where he was.

''SOMEBODY! ANYBODY! OUT THERE!'' he called out threw hands cupped in a circle around his mouth.

He got no reply.

Looking down he saw how high up he was atop the dune. He knew it would be quite the challenge getting down the dune even if he did go down it's slope side.

Suddenly he hissed as he felt the rising heat of the desert. It was as if the temperature had went from a slight uncomfortable heat to now a burning fire that surrounded him.

He decided it was very imperative he got to some shade and quickly.

With uncomfortable irritation he trudged threw deep sand that seemed to sink under his ninja sandals and burn his exposed toes as he made his way to the sloping side of the dune to get down easier.

As he stood on the edge. The long way down off the grainy mountain looked to be even larger. He breathed in and out then steeled his nerves as he crouched down in to a ball then rolled his body down the sand dune.

The orange and blue clothed boy gained speed as he rolled down the side of the dune. The blue orange blur soon came to a slowing stop at the dune's base. Standing up Naruto dusted himself off and shook sand from his hair but smiled as he noticed it was way less hotter at the bottom of the dune and he was getting allot more shade.

Though his mode was elated now it was brought down quickly when he was soon reminded of his problem of not knowing where he was.

Looking around he saw nothing but sand once again. Not many places he had heard of had that stuff. Though one he had heard of did.
Yes, the place he knew of was called Suna the sand village and it was said to be a giant sand desert.

'Maybe I somehow got here in the sand village. . .'

With his guess he then figured that if he just kept running he would see another ninja that could help him. As he ran he made sure to keep in the many dunes little crescents of shadow and to be careful to not exhaust himself under the desert heat.

Running around another dune this one smaller then the last, he saw what made him stop running and immediately turn to scatter in the opposite direction, then behind the sand dune he had just come around.

He pushed his back against the sand dune as he slowed his once frantic breathing 'SCORPION! GIGANTIC SCORPION!' he raged inside his head in complete fear of what he had seen.

The boy wondered how a scorpion could get so huge and why would Sungakure's deserts have them. Staying still as he did not want the huge black scorpion to see him he thought of how he could flee.

His heart almost stopped when he heard a loud scratchy voice speak ''I saw you. I know you are behind that dune human''

'it's talking!' Naruto thought in disbelief. He stayed behind the dune though for he did not want to come out at all in to the open especially now with a talking, giant scorpion on the loose.

''Human. You can come out you don't even look that appetizing to eat. All I want to know is what you are doing here?''

Naruto slowly made his way to the other side of the dune, the side where the scorpion would not be at as he ran for it.

Running, he went as fast as he could to another dune where he climbed up and and made to run over it and tumble down.

As he got to the top of the dune he grew terrified as he heard from a few feet behind him ''Human you can not outrun me.''

Looking back Naruto saw just a few feet down the dune, the gigantic black shiny shelled scorpion staring directly at him.

Naruto's eyes widened as he sputtered ''H-h-how y-you were s-so far away. I-i didn't even hear you behind m-me!''

The scorpion gave what was a chuckle Naruto guessed as it replied ''I am quite fast, I guess it's thanks to my eight legs. An you didn't hear me because well I am quite skilled''

Naruto nodded slowly as he did realize what the black scorpion said was true. Which was bad for him as fleeing was no longer a option.

He now had a close up look at the scorpion and saw the giant was stories tall and many, many meters wide but what put Naruto in double fear was that the gigantic pincer claws and the over it's body, poised to strike tail that had a barb on it, the size of Naruto's body length.

Naruto couldn't help but be in fear of the armored creature.

In fear he spoke ''Please could you tell me where Suna is? An I'll be out of your way''

The scorpion moved it's claws towards a frightened Naruto who eased away from the giant appendages.

The scorpion spoke ''My name is Suna. Also I'm just trying to shake your hand scardey-cat''

Naruto grew confused at the words but reached his hand out and touched the giant extended claw. He was careful to not put his hand in between the claw's pincer.

As he touched the claw he learned that it felt quite smooth but incredibly hard. He didn't think the armor like shell would feel like this.

''I uh am trying to get to Suna the place. You know ninja village?''Naruto said still fearing for his life but better composed.

''There is no place like that here human. Your in another world now. What is your name?''

Naruto didn't understand what the now identified Suna meant ''Different place, what?''

''Human your in the summon's world. Particularly in the Scorpion's territory. I don't know how you've got here specifically''

''So I am not in Wind country?''

''Nope. Is that where you are from?''

''No I am from Leaf village in Fire Country''

''Hn. So let me guess you saw the desert and thought it Suna in Wind country. Well your not there also you didn't tell me your name?''

Naruto digesting the information thought being formal the least of his problem but replied ''I'm Naruto Uzumaki''

''Well then Naruto are you a ninja?''

''No uh I am not BUT! I will be one soon enough once I pass the academy test'' Naruto said confidently

''Hm alright, well I will be going now don't die out here'' spoke the black shelled creature with boredom.

Naruto panicked, yelled ''WAIT! YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME HERE!''

The scorpion stopped from turning around as he replied ''Tch let me guess you don't know how to get out of this world?''

'''' he replied keeping the sarcasm from his voice.

''Just have your summoning animal help you. Also be quick about it, between the heat and my clan you might die out here poor human''

Naruto suddenly dropped to his knees as he began panting hard.

Suna let out a sigh ''Yeah I smelled you were giving off adrenaline. Seems it has worn off and the heat has set in. I say you probably have but minutes''

Naruto lay now fully on the ground as he felt his mouth get dryer and his skin get hotter, he became more and more light headed.

''Please, Suna help me'' pleaded Naruto as loud as he could as he felt his throat drying up. Becoming as grating as the sand that he lay on.

Suna looked at the down form of the blonde haired human 'he really can't benefit me plus that weird but dangerously strong chakra I sense in his gut makes me wonder. Could what ever it is let him die?...Tch well he would stink up this area if he dies i better save'em but is he worth it?.' Suna thought indifferently not really caring for the boy at all.

''Naruto why should I help you?''Suna asked curiously

The blonde even head down in sand and dehydrated still had enough energy to grow shocked ''What? won't help me?''

The scorpion with out care replied. ''There really is no reason for me to. As a scorpion I really don't like to help people I don't know. An as a desert dweller I truly don't like to waste my time.''

''Please...I don't want to die''

''It won't hurt much you'll be dead soon. Tch it's like over 270 degrees here so you'll be dead very soon. Speaking of that it makes me wonder why you haven't died yet. Especially how you seemed to even been able to run in this heat you are a strange human''

The blonde began to despair, he wondered how Suna could be so nonchalant and indifferent yet polite. Then to even write him off as he knew he was going to die but didn't care.

''Please'' he voiced with his last bits of strength.

Suna sighed a sigh of irritation not empathy ''I'll help you if you can climb atop me''

Naruto looked up at Suna and dreaded at the what he deemed to be a impossible task. ''I can't I'm too weak''

''Die then human. I'll be going also I can feel the vibrations of Death-stalker coming here. Seems you'll be dieing sooner then I thought'' assured Suna

Suna turned around swiftly shocking Naruto as sand dust was kicked in to the blonde's face.

Naruto couldn't believe that the gigantic scorpion could easily jump in to the air and turn around so easily with such athleticism.
He then heard ''Sorry about that when I landed I sent out vibrations. Surely Death-stalker will be over here quicker now.''

''Suna...aygh...just wait'' Naruto said as he crawled over to the scorpion painstakingly. He made his way finally to the black leg of the scorpion. Though he wasn't able to completely get atop the giant scorpion. He now just lay on the scorpion's foot too tired to move.

Suna sighed ''Good effort, what ever. I'll take you to my den then''

Naruto coughed ''Hurry, you said a Death-stalker was coming...whatever that is''

''He is another scorpion and don't worry boy I'm Scorpion boss. I run this territory and am the strongest.''

Naruto grew surprised at how the scorpion was able to pick him up with it's tail but grew glad as he was placed upon the scorpion's shell. He smiled as he felt Suna somehow release water out of his shell cooling him down some. ''Well off to my den'' declared Suna

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