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The sun was setting low on the horizon, as it should of been in the late afternoon. Casting a hazy red glare of light over Konoha. The village and its' people pattered on their task of living their lives. Functioning at a much slower capacity, as many headed home before the light failed them.

The streets of the village slowly made to clear, as stalls that once had anxious to sell items, merchants. Felt the tiredness of a long day and set to packing up for the night. Devout to continue on again tomorrow.

For those few left over after throngs of villagers cleared away hurriedly home, they slowly contently drudged their way home feeling tired by what ever job they had completed or annoyed they'd be back at it again tomorrow morning.

Few buildings had lights that stayed on and even a handful had some that with their neon glow went alight to show they were open while so many closed shop, they were the few that beckoned the stragglers in and not home.

It seemed the small night-life Konoha had was starting slowly.

Except for the almost glimpsed but never sure that they were seen shadows that skirted upon roof top to roof top, the bustling by day village would almost all be asleep very soon indeed as night took-over.

A night of undisturbed silence would of been all the village hidden by the leaves had en store, if revenge driven others had not planed for their destruction.


With the cunning bought from waiting and planning diligently, in what was a 40 year conspiracy. At once the remnants of the previous thought destroyed Sky country ninja. Attacked.

Above the mighty north wall of Konoha its', main entrance attached with massive gate, a wall that was one of few visible defenses the village possessed. An the one in the same that had witnessed many a fouled invaders try to pierce its mighty fort yet fall short, stood triumphantly.

In history it had only one instance of being compromised; the night of the devastating Kyubi attack in which a fierce battle between tailed beast and Konoha forces, pushed the beast back. Subsequently through the wall via Third Hokage.

The very same massive walls with all it's prestige now stood powerless, as beings uncaring of conventional invasion tactics provided with winged devices simply flew over the pillared walls.

Sky ninja were but speckles of black dots that became bigger blots as they descended in the night sky; forming a slowly serpentine formation encompassing the Leaf village from above.

Flying in their ringed pattern of wide eclipsing circles the invaders put on a sky show that was not expected nor known of by anyone until. The first fearless flyer broke formation and dived at a forty degree angle only to swoop back up in to the skies. Leaving in his wake a glittering black sphere.

Left to fall with but gravity to be aware of its existence the black sphere hit a pointed roof top of the Leaf village.

The resident inside of the house, ready for bed regarded the loud thump of noise that had hit their roof with a annoyed abandon before slowly retiring to bed not wanting to be hassled with what ever may have damaged their house until they had rested.

Slowly the perfectly sphere ball rolled down slats on the roof and in to a rain gutter where it stopped all motion.

With delayed suspense the ball did what it was designed to do.

In a explosion the black sphere obliterated itself along with the rooftop and first few floors of the building it had landed on.

Then foreboding the skies rained with the same black spheres except they exploded on impact reigning a fiery hellfire upon the village. Shattering wood buildings in to burning splinters and making metal buildings shrapnel propelled pieces of hot metal.

All over the village. The explosions caused a chaotic awakening.


She was confused.

The advisers assembled around her desk too were barely able to provide a explanation. Even her own encounters and warfare experience left her completely aloof to explain what was happening.

Running her hands through her hair, grudgingly trying to resist pulling the blonde strands out. She painstakingly tried to understand what had befallen her village and people.

"Shut-up!" she screamed at the advisers, elders and captains that had easily began fumbling to try and formulate plans of reaction and offense that quickly lead to heated squabbles between all of them.

Glaring at all of the assembled ninja she saved not one except; the ANBU Commander. From a dose of her will to kill channeled in to intent sent at them.

'Only one!' she thought scornfully 'Kept their fucking cool!'

"But Hokage-sama!" growled a rather upset but normally very calm Shikaku "You can not entertain the thoughts of Danzo! What he purposes is utter madness!"

Yes Tsunade knew of Danzo's tactics, that had given way to folklore of his ruthlessness which was in theory close to insanity along with being very unconventional and sacrifice oriented methods.

At any other time she would dismiss such a stone cold man. Right along with his ethics. Or rather lack there of.

Except as she looked over her shoulder gazing past the few burning fires that regularly would of been put out by even the lowest ninja with a jutsu. Was now being let to roam free as no one not even a civilian fireman had time to tame the small wild flames.

As the Leaf was on a full lock-down alert making all ninja report to designated stations and evacuated all of its civilians to secure shelters.

The reason as of late was not the surprise aerial bombardment that had lasted only minutes and was very successful but warded off by defenders that barely were able to react. No Konoha had seen and been through worse.

But never before had any in Konoha witnessed what many ninja now gawked at; mounting yards away in front of their northern wall.

Even Tsunade's golden, aged eyes that were left exempt from her youth jutsu stared amazed.

What could only be thought of as machines made of metal, marched forth on wide twin tracks. The wide square front of the loud mechanisms were visibly plated with what looked to be extremely thick steel. Mounted atop the rectangular shaped steel beasts frame was a symmetrically squared turret that seemed to be available to swivel a full 360 degrees.

Extending out of the plated turret was a long round barrel that too sported the same rigid steel of its construction design.

One of the steel creatures was odd alone but the dozens, plowing unimpeded through the surrounded forests in to formation outside of Konoha was a terrifying sight.

Retaining her wit and assessing her situation Tsunade remembered 'The ANBU in the omega area say they were able to penetrate all our outlaying defenses through pure brute strength. They are slow but supposedly fire a projectile that is at least twenty times stronger then those damn balls that were dropped before.'

"Hokage-sama!" Shikaku spoke voice louder then normal "The reports are still flying in from ANBU. Those machines are beyond dangerous, they crushed our ANBU rest houses and even our border patrol teams of our first wall. . . we cannot engage directly! Not as Danzo has stated! We need to gather more intel before we act"

Always quick and calculating the bandaged war-hawk snidely defended "I've simply suggested that our defense not be limited to behind our main wall. If what ANBU has found IS to be true then when those things get in to formation they shall fire projectiles that will. . . " the man stopped speaking as if pondering his words then abruptly spat "Oh yes! as the report indicated; Simply blow our wall to rubble!"

"Sky ninja always did have strange technology" supplied Koharu emotionless "Strange yet always dangerous. . . but I remember nothing like this"

Strained Tsunade placed her clasped hands on the desk and asked almost in a mumble "If that wall falls every ninja we have will be on that force of machines at a moments notice. . . Shikaku how many is that?"

"In the village now due to the stress of having to take on more missions after the Chunnin exams debacle we have 60% of our ninja cosigned to missions. Our forces inside Konoha are only 2,342 ninja strong. Immediately we placed a recall on all teams in the area inside of and around Fie country. Before mid-night we should be at least at 50% mobility with our forces possibly able to flank Sky countries."

"Insufficient" dismissed Danzo swiftly "They mean to attack now. Tsunade the only way we will survive is to counter attack swiftly. Defense got us death and to where we are now. . . we must attack already"

There were quite a few gathered who too agreed with Danzo's words. But yet they stayed silent as they looked upon their unreadable Hokage.

"We still have not enough knowledge. But Danzo is right" conceded Tsunade ignoring the few shocked then passive faces before her. "They have ground units upon our soil as well they command the air with those flying ninja" turning she looked out the window once more then back to the assembled Leaf ninja.

"We go in to level four of our war-time code. Assemble all captains and relay teams. There is no time to waste" commanded the Senju slowly going colder as the fact she now had to possibly deal with one of the Leafs oldest and trickiest enemies. With a divided front.

Leaving quickly the gathered ninja disappeared in plumes of smokes. Only a few ninja stayed.

Shikaku Nara; Jonin commander stayed. Being part of the war-time council he'd also got a promotion to chief strategist. Now that the situation parlayed it. But such a dignified occurrence meant nothing to him as his eyes trailed to the man he'd knew now liked having back his long forgotten but now reinstated position.

Danzo Shimura alongside Koharu Utante and Homura Mitakado pillared next to each other were each like stone statues. Emotionless they recounted at having seen many wars and witnessed many Hokages declare the level four emergency.

Yet only in the past thirty years since the time of the Third Hokage and temporarily Fourth Hokage had they been given the prestigious titles only adorned to the Hokage's advisers and some of the Leafs' most devout ninja. For in time of war those three wielded titles of Hokage's chief advisers.

Tantamount to being what were Generals of the Leaf. A position that meant they'd at the Hokage's discretion would influence the proverbial pieces on the board. And even if the time called for it, retain a certain authority over all in the village from lowly Genin even upwards over a promoted Jonin who would assume the position of a battlefield Commander.

It was expected that anyone other then those three would have shown a smile at the responsibility, and mass upgrade of power trusted to them. Except those three were veterans and had each handled their position before. Which was widely known why they continually were re-entrusted with it each time before.

Lastly in the room but wouldn't be for long was the ANBU commander. The masked individual was too a confirmed piece of the war council. The commander already had a seat of power that was directly under the Hokage except in this instance they now too had a more vast array of control. Unofficially they too were a General of the Leaf rivaling the other threes power.

Shikaku closing his eyes to think strategically leaned against the wall of the room in solitary distress. 'What could she be thinking to listen to Danzo's plan and even give him back a position of this rank! In moments he'll probably try to LEGALLY restart ROOT! This is a mistake... this is all one big mistake!'

Turning around Tsunade crossed her arms behind her back and spoke "Not all of the War Council is assembled but I'll have to presume without them for the time. We need to deal with these things before they overrun us-"

Interrupting her the ANBU captain spoke "Sorry for the interruption Hokage-sama but as I recall there was a request sent for aid to the Sand village-" stopping the commander coughed slightly as they recalled the last argument the very idea started, which threw the once full room in to bickering but was none the less ordered by Hokage.

Continuing the ANBU conveyed while holding his hand cupped to his masked ear over a receiver "I've gotten recent information that says they have sent their answer"

TO BE CONTINUED... (Except this time very soon... I promise :D ok!)