Title: Hermione, Daughter of Hecate

Rating: T

Summary: Hermione gets news that she never expected. She's the daughter of Hecate and her skills will be needed during her second year. A Harry Potter/Percy Jackson crossover.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of Rowling or Riordan's characters and I'm not making any money.

Chapter 1: The Visit

It was another year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and that meant that the now thirteen year old Hermione Granger was starting her second year. She didn't feel any older or wiser, and they said that you got wiser as you got older. Hermione snorted at that and then sat down at the Gryffindor table and started on her breakfast.

"Where are Harry and Ron at?" Neville asked.

"I don't know," Hermione answered, "Most likely figuring out how to get Malfoy off the Slytherin Quidditch team."

She still couldn't believe that Malfoy had made it on the team. She figured that Professor Snape had only made Malfoy Seeker so that he could make a fool out of Harry. Hermione sighed; it felt as though Professor Snape had mental problems.

"Well I hope they don't do something stupid," Neville said, "Remember that Dumbledore warned them that he would expel them if they got into any trouble."

"Don't remind me," Hermione told him and then she started on her breakfast.

She didn't see Harry and Ron all day but then again she went to the Library to do some homework that needed to be done. She had homework in Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, and Herbology. She finished them pretty quickly and then headed back to the Great Hall for dinner. Upon entering she saw Harry and Ron setting at the Gryffindor table.

"Hay, Hermione," Ron said.

"Don't Hay Hermione me," Hermione snapped, "Where were you both at?"

"We were taking care of a couple of things," Harry answered.

"Like what?"

"Nothing that would get us expelled," Ron said, "Or have you forgotten that we still remember what Dumbledore told us."

Hermione highly doubted that but she wasn't about to argue with them.

She sat down to eat her dinner when the room started to turn dark, the torches and candles going down. Everyone looked around and then something appeared and a woman stepped out. She had long black hair, an odd outfit that Hermione had only seen in Greek history books, and two dogs. Everyone stared at her but she ignored them.

"I'm looking for Hermione Granger," she called out.

Hermione stared at Ron and Harry but then got up and approached the woman.

"I'm her," Hermione told the woman.

"I can tell," the woman said, "My name is Hecate, Goddess of Magic, Ghosts, Necromancy, the Dark Arts, Advisor to Queen Persephone, and have full power over the Sky, the Sea, and the Underworld. I'm here, due to my vow on the River Styx, to claim my children."

Hermione wasn't sure what this all meant.

"I, Hecate, determine Hermione Granger to be my daughter," Hecate went on.

Something glowed over her head and she saw that it was a twin torches.

"Um, what does this mean?" Hermione asked.

"It means that you're a demigod," Hecate said, "Daughter of Hecate to be exact and this means that you have my powers which include the Dark Arts, power over ghosts, Necromancy, and the power to control the sky, the sea, and the underworld."

Hermione was shocked and then she fainted.

When Hermione came to she was in the Hospital Wing. At first she didn't know what had happened and then it all had come back. She was a demigod, daughter of Hecate. What did this mean? She suddenly heard a sound and Madam Pomfrey came out.

"I see that your finally awake, Miss Granger," Madam Pomfrey said.

"Um, yes," Hermione said; which was all that she could say.

"The Headmaster sent an owl to your parents, telling them what happened," she told her, "You should be out of here in no time."

"Thanks," Hermione said and she watched the Matron leave.

"Hello, Hermione," said the voice that Hermione now knew belonged to Hecate.

She turned to see her now mother appearing through the shadows.

"What do you want?" Hermione asked her.

"I'm sorry that I wasn't around," Hecate said, "But the rules are the rules."

Hermione snorted and said, "Is that all that you can do, dark magic?"

"No, I can do light spells but dark spells are so much more fun," Hecate said.

"Well not here," Hermione said, "I'm sure that people will spin it around that I'm a dark witch now."

"I don't know why you're worried about what others think," Hecate said, "You need to go to Camp Half-blood and get trained."

"No, I'm not leaving," Hermione said.

"And why not?"

She looked down at her feet, "Because they'll believe that I really am one."

When her father and stepmother appeared, Hecate had long since vanished, they gave her worried looks. Dumbledore was already there along with McGonagall and a couple of others. Hermione wanted to know why they hadn't told her that she was way different but she didn't feel like asking in-front of everyone.

"I'm sorry that we didn't tell you," her father said before Hermione had even said anything.

"Did you know that your daughter is-?"

"A demigod," her father finished, "Yes."

"And you didn't tell her," Dumbledore said.

"We didn't think it was important and I almost lost my wife due to what happened," her father said.

"Is she going to be expelled?" her stepmother asked.

"No," Dumbledore answered and Hermione could sense that they were happy, "But she will have problems. We've managed to hide the fact that there are demigods around but with Hecate showing up it's going to cause problems."


"Because most associate Hecate with the Dark Arts and anything else that they don't like," Dumbledore said, "They might accuse her of being a dark witch."

"And are you going to do anything about it," her father asked.

"I will warn, that's all I can do," Dumbledore answered, looking very grave.

"You better do more then just warn," her father threatened. "I'm not going to have my daughter be called a dark witch."

Hermione was suddenly grateful that her father was on her side.

Note: This is my first full story that has a Harry Potter character as a demigod. I'm going to be doing a ton of thinking during the course of this story and I might make a couple more Hogwarts students demigods, I'm not sure. If anyone thinks of who would be a perfect demigod then let me know. Oh and I'm still going to be working on my stories but I'm looking for my stupid jump drive.