Title: Hermione, Daughter of Hecate

Rating: T

Summary: Hermione gets news that she never expected. She's the daughter of Hecate and her skills will be needed during her second year. A Harry Potter/Percy Jackson crossover.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of Rowling or Riordan's characters and I'm not making any money.

Chapter 30: Heading Back To Camp

Harry made sure the Diary was destroyed, which nearly took out the entire of Dumbledore's office. Snape got the potion ready and soon all those that had been attacked, at least to Harry's knowledge, were back. Colin Creevy thought it was cool to lose most of the year. Sometimes Harry really wondered about him. The students all took their exams, which Harry was scared that he would fail. Hermione had to keep on telling him that he would do fine.

"I'm just worried that I'm going to lose everything that I learned," Harry told her.

"You won't," Hermione assured him, "You won't."

"Thanks, for the vote of confidence."

The first exams they had were in Potions and Charms. They had to remember how to make a Thickening Solution and then write down about the potions that they had learned during the year. Charms written was the same as the Potions one, what had they learned. Harry aced the practical, which made him feel better. The next day was Herbology and Transfiguration.

Harry had to change a pair of bunnies into slippers and repot Mandrakes. Luckily, these were babies and not the kind that was used in the potion. As each day passed Harry checked to see what was going on. Draco and Luna were still working on what they thought might work and Snape was seeing if it would by having Hermione summon monster after monster.

"If I didn't know that you were testing it I would think that you were sending them," Harry told Hermione when he saw her conjuring the next monster.

"Sorry about that, but they want to see if their idea will work," Hermione told him.

"And has it?" Harry asked.

"No," Hermione answered.

When the exams finally ended Lily showed them an idea that she had thought of. She took something out of a bag and planted it into the ground. The thing magically grew into a tall pine tree.

"Demeter came up with the idea," she told them, "That should magically protect the school from monsters by adding strength to the wards."

"Sounds like a great idea, love," Snape said.

"Thanks," Lily said.

"So the problem has been solved," Dumbledore said, looking at the tree.

"Looks like it," Hermione said, "I'm personally glad that it is. Don't think that I could take worrying anymore."

Everyone had to agree with that.

On the last night at Hogwarts everyone that was still living in the castle was enjoying the feast that was presented to them. It had been one strange term with finding out about demigods, finding out that you were one, Peter being discovered as a traitor, Sirius being a jerk, meeting the gods, monsters, plotting and planning, and so much more.

"I can't wait to get back to camp," Neville said.

"Me either," Harry said and they all gave offerings to the gods and started eating.

The next day all their trunks were packed and ready to go. They got on the carriages that took them to Hogsmead Station and then they were on the train, pulling out, and heading to London. They all talked about next term, and wondering who would be the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.

"I heard that Lupin will be taking over," Hermione said.

"And who told you that?" Harry asked.

"Your brother," she answered.

"Wish he was taking the job," Harry said.

"Yeah, but we don't want to lose him," Neville said, "Anyway, Hogwarts wouldn't be the same without him."

Harry had to agree with that.

A week later Harry was back in America, back at Camp Half-Blood. When he crossed the borders, he felt safer. He took Hermione's hand and both of them began the next leg of their journey.

The End

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