Most Likely to be….?

A/N: These are just my opinions so no flames. I am interested in what you readers think they'd do but they have to be semi –realistic: that means Ben can't be a mad scientist and also I don't think Jake would become a womanising musician or footballer but I don't think his he would make it to the big time and is far too realistic to recognise these as viable occupations. However these are only my opinions so enjoy!

Karen: Barrister

Karen is the kind of girl who would turn the judge blue in the face. Her impossible to answer questions have often had both Sue and Pete trying to restructure their point when trying to explain something to her. She frequently incorporates legal arguments into her questions as shown when she threatens to sue a nurse trying to give her an injection or choosing 'deniability' when Angela goes into hiding.

Ben: Doctor

Ben has spent so much time in the ER he probably understands how most of the hospital works. He mentions after his parents evening that a doctor is a career he would be interested in. Pete seems surprised by this statement and adds that because Ben is extraordinary he will end up doing something extraordinary. Pete is probably right and Ben's careless nature and love of experiments would probably have him curing cancer after giving someone the wrong prescription.

Jake: Columnist

Jake is the sensible one and often makes more logical arguments. It was difficult knowing what career Jake might have as, after being bullied, he turns into a popular but still pretty average teenage boy. However, I think his family, no matter how annoying often offer inspiration. For example, when Pete drags the family around historical places appear to leave him conflicting between despairing and amusing. He is often seen with a notebook in front of the TV or watching the news (even if it is for school). I think he would love telling stories about his embarrassing family.

Sue: Chasing after new teenagers

Sue and Pete might complain about their kids and how hectic they can be but the thought of an empty house would be depressing for them. I think it would be largely Sue's decision to have more kids running around the house. She would find it too lonely. This is shown when all the children leave and they only have a dog for company.

Pete: Still hacking off the school

Pete is known for his witty and sarcastic remarks throughout the show. However, he always seems to be in trouble with the school. He's made ridiculous and often not politically correct regarding his students and falsifying statistics for the headmaster. He's unlikely to quit his job though as like Sue he enjoys having kids around and plays down his mistakes.