Christopher Wilde was bored.

Yeah, sure his amazing girlfriend Jessica Olsen and her sister Sara were down for the summer but they went shopping with his mom.

Stubby was very helpful in this situation because he was also bored.

There was nothing to do in the house but his mom demanded he stayed in the house so he didn't get chased around Hollywood by the paparazzi.

"Dude! I am so bored!" Stubby complained.

"Same, Stubby. Why did my mom have to take the girls shopping when it is our day off?" Christopher asked.

"Because it is your mom. Don't tell her this but I think she is a bit cuckoo." Stubby said.

"Well you don't have to live with her day in, day out, you're the lucky one." Christopher implied.

Oh my god! It is so boring without Jess. I think I am going to surf the web on my phone for a little while. What? At least it will keep me entertained.

Christopher slid his iPhone out of his pocket, pressed the lock button to show a photo of him and Jess hugging each other and smiling at the camera.

He quickly slid his finger across the screen to unlock the screen and pressing the Safari app as soon as possible.

Thinking about what Christopher wanted to search he typed 'how to be the perfect boyfriend' into the search bar, a few searches popped up on the screen so he touched the first link to see what it would say.

The background turned out to be pink with purple colored writing.

If your boyfriend does all the things specified in the list below, that makes him the perfect boyfriend.

· give her one of your shirts to sleep in

· leave her cute text notes

· kiss her in front of your friends

· tell her she is gorgeous

· look into her eyes when you talk to her

· let her mess with your hair

· touch her hair

· Just walk around with her

· forgive her for her mistakes

· look at her like she is the only one you see

· tickle her even when she says stop

· hold her hand around your friends

· When she is angry at you, tell her you love her

· let her fall asleep in your arms

· get her mad, and then kiss her

· tease her and let her tease you back

· Stay up all night with her when she is sick

· watch her favorite movie with her

· kiss her forehead

· give her the world

· write her letters

· let her wear your clothes

· When she is sad, hang out with her

· let her know she is important.

· let her take all the photos she wants of you

· kiss her in the pouring rain

· You tell her that you love her more than anyone else before.

Christopher was sure that he had read the list at least 3 times before someone interrupted him during the fourth time of reading the list, smiling to himself while thinking 'I can do all of this for Jess!'

"Dude! Stop smiling to yourself it is freaking me out!" Stubby called out. "What are you smiling at anyway?" Stubby asked while walking over to the breakfast bar where Christopher was sitting but before Stubby could see the webpage Christopher had locked his phone.

"Nothing Stubby." Christopher said while placing his phone on the breakfast bar and scratching his head in thought. "I have an idea on how to entertain ourselves."

"What?" Stubby said blankly.

"Games room." Christopher pointed out.

The best friends completely forgot about on of the best rooms in the house.

Christopher and Stubby were watching the basketball game when the girls got back from shopping.

"Hey Jess." He said as she went and helped her with her bags.

"Hey Chris. How was your day?" She asked sweetly.

"Boring without you, but Stubby and I played in the games room for a few hours earlier." Chris said as they walked up to Jessica's guest room. "How about yours?"

Jessica shrugged "It was ok, Sara wouldn't shut up but she got along with your mom really well, I'm glad we are back because I am exhausted and I want a hug from my amazing pop star boyfriend."

Chris just engulfed the petite girl in a hug. "It's late, go to bed, I'll be back in a minute ok."

Jessica nods and goes to her suitcase and get her night clothes out while Chris goes and gets ready for bed himself.

He walks in slowly and notices Jessica is already in bed and slowly falling asleep.

His carefully kisses her forehead. "Night Jess."

"Chris, can you stay in here please." Jessica carefully calls out in a tired voice.

Chris turns around and softly smiles at her then turned the light off and climbed into bed with Jessica and they fell asleep in each other's embraces.

All Christopher could think of was the list and how he would start it from tomorrow.