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Let Her Wear Your Clothes

Chris groaned as he woke up after staying awake all night with a sick Jessica. He squinted his eyes and saw Jess was still asleep, her head gently laid on the pillow and her breathing lightly.

He carefully laid back down thinking about how he actually cared about Jess more than of his ex girlfriends. Jess is his life now, not those blonde sluts he has been with.

Suddenly a healthier Jess jumped on his chest, smiling at him. "Hi Chris!" She says happily.

"Hey cutie, you feeling better?" Chris asked, Jess blushed at his nickname and then nodded. "Do you mind if we stay in today? I'm exhausted after last night." Chris murmured.

"Ok Chris, as long as I can change out of these disgusting clothes." Jess says with a raspy voice.

Chris jumped out of bed and went into his wardrobe get out a pair of sweats and t-shirt and placed them on the bed.

"What are those for Chris?" Jess asked while looking at them quizzically.

Chris chuckled softly and shook his head. "Go and change into them Jess." He said while sitting back on the bed.

Jess picked up the clothes and ran into the bathroom.

Chris looked around his room and smiled, he saw his favourite picture of him and Jess. He couldn't believe how lucky he was to have her as a girlfriend.

Jess walked back into his room in his over sized clothes, Chris let out a chuckle and walked over to her. He picked her up gently and carried her downstairs. Everyone was there, his parents, Stubby and Sara, they didn't look happy. Chris noticed they were looking at the paused tv, a photo of him kissing another girl was on the screen.

Jess felt tears come to her eyes, Chris was being the perfect boyfriend until this bombshell hit them, he was cheating on her, she should've known he could have any girl he wanted so why would he settle for a small town girl who actually hated him when they first met.

"Explain why you are kissing this girl Christopher? This was taken yesterday while you were supposed to be at work." Sherry asked him.

Jess ran over to Sara and Stubby in tears, Chris didn't actually love her, he was playing with her feelings again.

"That's not me!" Chris shouted, he was mad that someone wanted to ruin his perfect relationship by framing him.

"Stop lying! You are hurting my sister and I think it would be best if she goes and stays with grandma and Howard for the rest of the trip." Sara said while getting up.

"Sara, don't do this, I swear I didn't leave the studio except for when I came home to look after Jess. I wouldn't hurt her like that, I love you Jess, listen to me, I never kissed her and I am telling the truth." Chris said while kneeling down in front of Jess.

Sara scoffed while Jess looked at her boyfriend, she knew he had changed into a down to earth guy and she loved him. She looked over at the tv and noticed that the boy was slightly shorter than Chris and his hair was too light to be Chris', Jess smiled and hugged Chris, who was nearly in tears.

"Sara, it isn't Chris, can't you see, his hair is too light and he is shorter than Chris." Jess explained, everyone looked at the photo and then agreed with her, the paparazzi had mistaken some stranger for the 17 year old popstar.

Later that afternoon Chris, Jess, Stubby and Sara were watching tv and having a laugh when the adults came in, Chris noticed Jess was asleep on his shoulder so he carried her up to bed and cuddled up with her until he fell asleep.

Let Her Wear My Clothes, check.

Chris smiled in his sleep, knowing that Jess was still here with him and that she also realised the paparazzi snapped a photo of the wrong guy.