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Annabeth was feeling really horny for some reason. She had a feeling that Fern from the Aphrodite cabin had something to do with it because Annabeth told her she's a slut. When she got off, Fern was so dead.

But anyway, first things first. She ran off to find Percy, and bumped into Will Solace on the way. "Hey Will, have you seen Percy anywhere?" she asked urgently.

"Uh, I think Chiron called him to the Big House," he said. Annabeth almost screamed with frustration. "Thanks Will," she said, when suddenly she saw Nico walking into the Hades cabin. He could help her; he owed her from the time she helped him get his sword back from somewhere in the Underworld. The idea she got wasn't a good one, not at all, but really, what other option did she have? Will? Pollux? Jake Mason? Malcolm? No, Nico would have to do. She just hoped he wasn't a virgin.

Annabeth ran into the Hades cabin, just in time to see Nico pull off his sweat-drenched t-shirt. He turned when he heard someone enter, and blushed and swore when he saw it was Annabeth. She was distracted though; he did have good muscles, but not as good as Percy's. "Nico, are you a virgin?" she asked him seriously, closing the door. Nico blushed even harder and muttered something incoherent.

"Nico, you'll have to be honest with me, this is important, you have to tell me the truth or I'll have to find somebody else," she said as seriously as she could. He gulped and nodded, and said, "No, I'm not a virgin." She could see the truthfulness in his eyes.

"Really?" Annabeth was puzzled as she walked closer to Nico. He was only 15, but that's around when she lost hers to Percy, so she wasn't one to judge. "Hey Nico, you do know you owe me a favor right?" She said, more of a statement than a question, as she was face to face with him. "Yes…" he breathed. "Well," she said as her hand traveled to his crotch and began rubbing it, "I need that favor now." Nico bit back his lip to prevent a moan from escaping.

"You see, I'm really horny and I can't find Percy anywhere," she continued as she pulled off his jeans and boxers and undressed herself, "and you're the only plausible option I found. Nico didn't really like the sound of plausible option, but just at that moment Annabeth finished undressing them, sat Nico down on one of the bunks and impaled herself on Nico's cock.

She hissed as she rode Nico; he was pretty big for a 15 year old. Nico moaned as he met her thrust for thrust; this was way better than those other few times. Her pussy was so tight, and the way those walls clenched around him… he was in heaven.

After a few minutes, Nico started to rub her clit to help her get off faster. Even though she was sexy (he did NOT just say that!), Nico wasn't really attracted to her, and besides, when Seaweed Brain found out, he was dead meat. Annabeth screamed as she came, but that wasn't enough for her (the Aphrodite cabin has gotten better at those hexes) because she kept on riding him. Just as she was about to climax, and Nico too, the door flew open and standing there was none other than…

"Hey, Wise Girl, Will said you were looking fo…" he trailed off as he realized what was going on. Annabeth immediately stopped, ashamed of herself, and watched as he closed the door and experienced surprise, anger, jealousy, bitterness, and disbelief before his face morphed into something unrecognizable. "Oh, don't stop on account of me," he said in an extremely husky (and sexy) voice. "Can I join the party?" Nico nodded as he thrust into Annabeth again, who was moaning as Nico thrust into her.

Percy held up a hand to show that Nico had to stop but he couldn't pull out of Annabeth. He made her give him a blowjob so he wasn't so dry and he said, "Wise girl, this might hurt." He then pushed into her pussy while Nico's hard cock was still in there. Annabeth gasped and her eyes flew open, but after a few thrusts she felt incredible. She had never felt so full before, and Percy and Nico were trusting into her at different paces so that each of them hit her G-spot. It felt as if she was constantly cumming, especially when Percy rubbed her clit vigorously while Nico licked and fondled her breasts.

"Oh-Ugh-I'm gonna CUM!" She screamed as she ride out her climax as both boys thrust into her a last few times and emptied their seed into her with a moan. Percy pulled out of her and so did Nico, while Annabeth stood up on shaky legs. Their cum was dripping out of her and down her legs, and her mounds glistened from Nico's treatment. Bot boys felt themselves get hard again, and they came to a silent agreement. They picked Annabeth up, who started protesting but Percy cut her off saying-"You'll love this, wise girl."

First, Percy sat down on the bed and Annabeth sat on top of his cock. Then Nico entered her ass. Annabeth gasped and arched her back, she was seeing stars, the pleasure was that much. When they thrust into her at the same time, she was pretty sure she screamed and came right there. They didn't stop though, and soon Annabeth was screaming with ecstasy again and they thrust one last time into her holes and came while screaming her name. They collapsed on top of each other.

Annabeth was the first to recover. She untangled herself from the two boys and went to the shower, where she quickly rinsed herself off. She picked up her clothes and got dressed, and so did the other two. "We should do that again sometime," she smirked before going out of the Hades cabin and into the sunshine.

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