Percy POV

Annabeth had decided to get to camp early this year, to help Chiron she always wanted to learn. But that was only half the truth, the other being that she could stay with me a day or two before catching a lift to camp. I had thanked the gods for his mother and step dad heading out leaving Annabeth and me alone in the apartment. It wasn't long before I was enjoying Annabeth lips. Something was different today than when they usually made out. There was a hunger, a lust that I had never felt with Annabeth before. We lay on the couch with me tracing my hands along her sides while she was sliding her hands along my chest. Annabeth had pinned me down straddling him. I felt a twitch in my crouch as Annabeth moaned and even slightly grind into me. I could feel myself getting horny as she broke away from kissing to groan my name.

That's when I had to ask

"Annabeth…err…what's up?"

She laughed and leaned down to my ear and whispered

"Aside from you?"

I gulped a little embarrassed as my erection poked from my pants. Annabeth just smiled at me.

"I just want to have some…" she lingered there as her left hand slide down my thigh and back up to my crouch " fun?"

My mind raced at the meaning. I'd wanted to do it, you know have sex with her but I hadn't even thought shed wanted to till after camp or till we were sure nothing else would come up. By that I meant gods, titans or monsters trying to kill us. She kissed me again and sounded worried when I didn't speak

"Percy you do want to? …Don't you?"

I nodded like an idiot before finding my tongue to speak

"Hell yes! I mean sure…if you want to…butt I don't have a…" she put her finger to my lips to silence me. The pulled her bag from the floor where she'd dumped it. Unzipping the bag she pulled out a box of condoms.

"My smart girl" I laughed before kissing her again enjoying those soft, sweet red lips. We left the couch and went into my bedroom. We stood by the bed standing to kiss, are hands becoming more adventurous. She was going under my shirt as my own hands were slipping under her jeans feeling the cloth of her underwear. I lightly grasped a bit of her cute ass. The way she moaned into my mouth made me all the more hornier. It didn't help when one of her hands went down past my pants and creased the cloth of my boxers. She gripped my member though the boxers and I moaned. As always the smart girl said it better than I could

"Please lets stop teasing" she groaned at the end as I grabbed her ass with both hands. She pulled my shirt of first the air chilled my skin at first but her warm hands tracing my muscles soon made me feel comfortable. Most demigod children ended up fit due to are life of running and fighting… you couldn't help but end up with a healthy body. Her yellow shirt came off next she threw it away revealing her pink and white bra. I moved one hand from her ass, sliding it up her bare stomach. Silky smooth and tanned my right hand felt good against her body. My right hand found her bra and I played with the material. The pink trim was soft and roughly cut I couldn't help but remember those sexy models that dressed up like cave women but my head came back to Annabeth as she played with my boxers some more.

She had slipped out of her shoes when she had first knocked at my door but she lifted herself onto one foot. Bending her knees to get their foot high as she could before then while still kissing me she left hand off my chest and used it to pull off her pale blue sock. She did the same with her other foot after. I didn't miss the hand on my chest as I still had her tongue massaging mine and her other hand still playing about with my boxes. My member was fully up wanting her closer. When her hand came back to me it went to the buttons holding my pants up. I groaned a little as she undid it and my pants fell to the floor. I kicked them away and decided to do the same for her undoing her jeans. Her delicate legs flicking them away on my bedroom floor. Her left hand tangled itself in my dark hair had I enjoyed her mouth a little more. I brought my right hand to her face as my left went down to ass. The thin fabric the only thing keeping me from her now. I realised we both hadn't spoken since we started and I had an urged to break the silence. I slide my hand under her panties and asked

"You like that wise girl?" I wanted to hit myself afterwards, I thought it was stupid but Annabeth just answered back

" O yeah baby" she giggled bringing her hand out of my boxers to grab the elastic and pull it down. I found the place I wanted to go to so much. I was a virgin and so wasn't to sure were to go I just followed instinct rubbing her while my thumb circled her clit.

She moaned on my tongue and pulled down my boxers and my member stood erect her hand were a blessing this undressing had caused me to want her closer and closer now finally I felt her. Her hand started to stroke slowly and I kept the same speed while I played with her. As we did this I relaxed a bit after getting anxious reaching the part of Annabeth my teenage body wanted. I lost myself in the feeling of Annabeth folds, her tongue on mine and her hands jerking me off. I don't remember how but the bra came of and I licked her breasts as she moaned out loud. She stopped moving her hands then and I look up at her

"Is something…wrong?" I asked worried id messed up the best thing happening in my life.

"No" she whispered into my ear " I just needed to do something. I watched as she found her box of condoms and pulled one out. I took the boxers off and stood next to her my member resting on her thigh.

" Are you sure you want this?" I asked

The giggle I heard from hear wipe my worried mind away, when she turned around I saw the lust in her eyes and I felt my cock twitch.

"Seaweed brain stop just…being…careful" she kissed me in each pause then pushed me onto my bed. She smiled and slowly pulled her panties down, I groaned it was a picture of heaven. Smooth soft skin, her breast the right size, a small tight ass and a clean smooth wet pussy. She crawled on top off me and we kissed as our hands hungrily touched each other I felt Annabeth place the condom onto me and I looked into her grey eyes.

"So how do want to do this sexy?" I said feeling more playful. She smiled and looked at me seriously.

"Its going to hurt for me at lest so… with you sitting up against the wall" I slide so I had my back to the wall. Annabeth came up and wrapped her arms round my neck kissing me. As I relax against the wall I closed my eyes focusing on Annabeth's tongue on mine, it was better than any godly drink.

I realised it had stopped when she pulled back so she could get on top of me. I could hardly breathe as she got on top of me. Her legs went over mine, her knees resting on the wall. She raised her self up and I got my hard cock at her entrance. She went down but only a little she moaned but she hadn't broken herself yet. After a moment she went almost completely down, then she cried out. I felt a horrible pitch of guilt. Why did I have to cause her this pain? She rested her head on my shoulder while she got passed it. I comforted her but I wasn't sure what more to do but Annabeth soon began to move her hips. She cried a little in pain so she did it slowly as I fought the urge not pound her faster knowing it could hurt her. We went on, as she began to get quiet I try thrusting a little up. She tilted he head back in a groan

"Annabeth I'm sorry.." but she interrupted

"No Percy… it felt good" the familiar look id seen earlier was back, the lust in her eyes. Annabeth started grinding more, moving faster and began to thrust infrequently causing a groan from her. It was liquid heaven being inside Annabeth's warm wet pussy. She was moaning more and more as was i. She swirled her hips and bite her bottom lip

"Percy…awww!… faster please!" how could I refuse?. My hands went to her hips pushing her up and down while I bent my knees to thrust my rod deeper. I cant think of anything better than Annabeth in pleasure, her breasts bouncing, hair swaying like her hips, eyes clouded over and her load moans mix her calling my name along "oh gods!" "Yes" or "fuck!" I pounded her harder as I got closer to cumin; I didn't want her too.

"Baby… I'm gonna…cum" I said she leaned over and whispered into my ear

"Cum in me Percy, cum in me" I really didn't know where this side of Annabeth was coming from but by the gods it made me go crazy. It was only a few more thrusts before I came in her it was amazing, an incredibly high. I slowed slightly afterwards but Annabeth kept moving her hips and kissing me. I felt an urge to make her feel as good as I felt just then. I pushed her over so she was on her back spreading her legs I began to pound her again. She was part panting part moaning as a spurt of energy I didn't thought I had made me go faster and faster.

"AWWWW…Percy!" she almost screamed my name as she came. I felt her inside constrict and caused me feel great knowing id given what she deserved, my sweat Annabeth. We lay panting on the bed, words forgotten in our bliss. As we began to kiss Annabeth giggled

"Ready to go again?" she got me to change the condom and soon enough I was enjoying Annabeth again

Across the street a figure with black wings stood on a rooftop. The young man smiled and turned away knowing that his gifts stilled worked but he had other things to do debts to settle and enemies to see.