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I was flying. No, maybe not exactly flying, but more likely... Slowly falling down.

Through cold air scented with snow, through dancing snowflakes. It was quiet, and I was feeling utterly content. Or so it would seem for me. But, as I've tried to think this feeling over, something was not quite right. Something was missing. And I didn't like it.

Falling, surrounded with snow and stars, little, vulnerable child.


So alone.

"No!" I screamed. My sweet dream started to turn into a nightmare. Alone, unable to move, in quiet, deserted place.


Somebody appered. My saviour, my servant, my demon. I started to feel reassured, not for long, though. The figure I was taking to be Sebastian was still blurry, but frightening. There were claws and fangs, and dark, bloody smell emiting from it. It was terryfing.


"No, no, don't come any closer! It's an order!" Figure laughed at me, it's prey.

"Bocchan, it's time for you..."

I woke up with a scream, only to see vivid light of dawn and surprised look, quickly fading, on my butlers face.

"... to wake up." he finished, that damn smirk back on his face. I couldn't do anything but glare, trying to ignore my trembling limbs and racing heart.

"Nightmare, My Lord?" he asked, still smirking. Humans are definitely amusig creatures, are they not? That's what it means. And that's why I hate that smirk the most.

"Not your business. Schedule for today, please." I'm continuing our game, trying to convience myself that's what we are. Master and servant. Eventually master and demon. Not predator and prey. My right eye, contract eye hurts, as always after such a nightmare, but I'm not going to tell him.

"Very well, Bocchan. Today is Christmas Eve, and I've recived a letter from Her Highness, in which she says, I quote: 'And make sure my sweet little Ciel have some break from work once in awhile.' Therefore, I've made sure that there is no work left for you, and you can spend Christmas relaxing. I've also made arrangements for Young Lady Elizabeth to come, but unfortunately, today she's out with Lady Frances in town."

"At least she's not here. I guess I can't overlook Queen's orders, but that's just ridiculous! What am I about to do, if not work? Anyway, I want breakfast first. You're forgetting yourself, Sebastian."

"I'm deeply sorry, Bocchan." and with that, he started to dress me.

I couldn't concentrate. My servants did something to mansion, and now it's all decorated in irritating green, red and white. And there is a Christmas tree! What's it for, I'm asking? I'm not a child anymore, I do not belive in Santa Claus, nor in Christmas itself. And that damn bastard let them to do it!

Damn bastard, means, of course, Sebastian. I couldn't help but look at him, though I was still pretending to read. My loyal butler, a demon I've summoned to help me with my revange. He's perfect servant, my sword and my shield. And good-looking one, a top of that. Wait...


No. No, no, no... I didn't thought that just now. I do not find my butler handsome. Well, that's true, judging by the way Meyrin is looking at him, that he probably is, but that's not the point. I'm a head of this house, Earl Ciel Phantomhive, there is simply no way I'm having such a thoughts about my servant.

O my God, and why I'm so worried about it either?

Sebastian Michaelis is a demon. Even if I would ever admit that he's handsome and maybe... um... appealing, it doesn't change that fact. And demons can't feel anything. They can't love. Right?

Love? My, when it came to that word?

"Bocchan? Is everything alright?" he asks, not smirking, at least.

"Yes, of course. Why, Sebastian?"

"I humbly apologize, but you've been staring at me for quite some time now."

Damn bastard. I will not blush. I will not!

"Have I? Anyway, it's nothing."

Very well, now. I don't know what is this feeling, it irritate me and make me happy at the same time. Is it love? Can you feel the same? I want to know, and I'm going to find out. I've never lose in any game before. So, Sebastian, my insolent fallen angel, there are the rules. I'm going to have you kiss me, on your own accord, I'm going to have you fall for me.

Well then... It's Christmas tomorrow. I smiled, suddenly having a good idea.



"If it's an order from Her Majesty, I guess we have to celebrate real Christmas in mansion. Please, go to London and buy some presents for servants and me, also do not forget about preparations for tomorrows dinner. Go now. It is my wish for servants and myself to fully celebrate this Christmas."

He kneeled before me, in position that suddenly I've started to consider as appealing, and said three words I've expected.

"Yes, my lord."


"Y-yes, young master?"

Jeez, she really was irritating. But, provided that she was an excellent sniper, it was only natural for me to give her a job.

"Do you know someplace where misteltoe can be found?"

Of course, her skin almost immediately turn bright red. What a hopeless woman...

"Y-y-yes, young master! I-i already take down some and placed in in various places of the mansion! I-it's the tradition!" she squeaked.

I'm pretty sure that she placed them in all places where Sebastian can be found.

"How about in my room?"

"I-i-i'm truly sorry! I'll immediately take it down!"

So she really did it, then? Everything according to the plan, of course. And my present for Sebastian was already on it's place.


"There's no need for it. Didn't I say I want to celebrate Christmas to the fullest? Which also means, such traditionaly things are alright."

"Y-y-yes, young master!"

It was late, when Sebastian get back from his shopping. I've asked him to go with Tanaka, so he had to endure long, slow, for a demon, journey. After a dinner, he was sent to make preparations for tomorrows event, and I proceeded to my room. Oh, now I was excited!

Finnally, the clock announced midnight and I pulled string, that connected my room with a kitchen, ringing a bell. My butler was there in a moment.

"You rang, Bocchan?"

"It's after midnight, Sebastian."

"I can't deny it is, Bocchan."

"It's Christmas. I've told you before, I want us to enjoy it to the fullest, haven't I? And now," I said, taking of my eyepatch, "it's an order."

The look of complete lost on his face was priceless. I must have keep myself from laughing. Oh, this Christmas are going to be full of colour.

"I apologize, Bocchan, but I do not understand."

I sighed, then take quite a big box from behind my bed. I gave it to him, making sure ha was standing exactly in the right spot.

"Open it."

He frowned, but proceed to open my box. His frown quickly change to amazment and pure happiness at the moment he saw what's inside.

It was a black kitten, with big, green eyes and ribbon on neck.

"B-bocchan... Arigato gozaimasu!" he said, with genuine smile on face. I sighed again. I hate cats, but I'll make an exception for this one. I was able to hear demon stutter at once!

"To the fullest, I told. Which also means..." I've narrowed my eyes, looking at my fallen angel's face, "to take part in every single tradition."

"Bocchan, I must say I don't quite understand again."

That was a little too much for me now. I came to him, and caought him by his shirt, staring into dark-red eyes.

"Look up, you idiot."

There was a moment, a second where he understood and smiled... For real... And then, as he lower his lips to mine, there was a little whisper, almost inaudiable words were spoken.

"With delight, my lord."