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Mistletoe +

Lose the battle, win the war.

My name is Sebastian Michaelis.

I am one hell of a butler, currently my Master is head of a noble Phantomhive family, Earl Ciel Phantomhive.

But here, in my mind, I'd rather call him 'that damn brat'.

I'm a perfect butler - loyal, kind, intelligent and skilled. I can fulfill every and any of my Master's wishes. For a special price, of course.

And perfect as I am as a butler, I'm also perfect as a demon. I am not merciful, and I do not know forgivness. And I do not feel. Anything.

Or at least that's what I was thinking until last Christmas, a few days ago. I recived special gift from my Master. Er... Two special gifts. First one currently sleeps on my bed, beside me. He's so fragile, even my gentle touches can easily make him purr from intense pleasure. He's soft furr is black as obsidian and his eyes are far more beautiful than finest emeralds.

He's my kitten, named Maracai by my Master.

And the second one I can feel easily by only touching my perfect human lips. It's still lingering here, as my pentagram on hand; connecting me with that brat.

The first thing ever, beside cats, of course, that has made me actually feel something.

The kiss.

I wonder, is it because he's a child? Or because he represents few of a Deadly Sins, that makes him so delicious, so appealing? I've always considered his soul as perfect dish; then why I feel the same way towards his body? Oh my, I know I'm a demon to the roots, but I've never been attracted by human body. No... That's not it, is it now? I'm not attracted just to his body, or soul. I'm attracted to him.

And of course, as my Master is but a spoiled brat that loves to toy with others, just after the kiss I was sent back to my work, and had to endure my Master's smirking face for two days now. And I have had enough.

Of course, I consider that was some kind of game for him. A game based on hormones, probably even some kind of feelings towards me. Easy, clever and entertaining game. For me however, it's no longer fun, thus I'm going to win. Quickly.

I was flying. No, maybe not exactly flying, but more likely... Slowly falling down.

Through cold air scented with snow, through dancing snowflakes. It was quiet, and I was feeling utterly content. Or so it would seem for me. But, as I've tried to think this feeling over, something was not quite right. Something was missing. And I didn't like it.

Falling, surrounded with snow and stars, little, vulnerable child.


So alone.

"No!" I screamed. My sweet dream started to turn into a nightmare. Alone, unable to move, in quiet, deserted place. But somehow this seems familiar, I thought. I was nearly expecting something to come. Some blurry, terrifying silhouette, scented with blood. I've remembered this. I wanted someone to protect me, someone who would scare this thing away.


No scary thing appeared. No; he was there, my butler. His looks were elegant and ideal, as always, his moves were filled with grace. I could feel him taking me in his strong, yet so kind and gentle arms, soothing the pain of loneliness.


"Bocchan, you called me?"

I couldn't respond. Not, when his silken lips were suddenly on mine, when his gentle hands were caressing my skin, his finger making it's way lower, to my chest, abdomen and then... then...

"Ah! S-sebastian..."

I woke up. And damn, I was disappointed for waking up. I've never had such dreams before. And I really wanted to see an end.

That was me, thinking stupid things after waking up, before I've looked up. Because when I finally looked up, I found my butler standing above me, with his lips slightly parted and perplexed, and barely there was a slight shade of pink on his cheeks.

I, on the contrary, were just lying there, on my bed, wearing my goddamn nightshirt and bright-as-damn-sun blush on my cheeks.

"Why are you here?" I've asked, trying to sound as usual, not to mention, trying to hide the fact that I wanted to catch his tie and smash our lips together, badly, and I was turned on, and aroused as crazy.

"You... called Bocchan. My name. Quite a few times, actually. Though, I see now, that you've just had your usual night-talk, and I do not need to worry."

I just blushed more, his eyes, knowing, smirking eyes, were driving me crazy.

"I shall take my leave now, Bocchan." he said, and with a bow, proceeded to leave.

"No!" I thought about it. Quite a short time, because almost immediately my mind come up with a conclusion. That. I. Wanted. Him. Right. Now. In. My. Bed.

Badly. Because thanks to that I've forgotten about my pride, my tactics, my spectacular win last time, when I told my butler to leave after the kiss. And because I knew that if I would lose in that battle, I would eventually came up as a winner in the war between us.

He smiled at me, noticing my need, my want. Without words, he sat down on the edge of my bed, moving his hand to caress my cheek, gently, his touch was like a whisper of wind. I've closed my eyes, and felt those silken lips against my own once more, so sweet, sinful and loving. Oh yes, I was definitely loving it.

The kiss started to feel differently, more powerful, more possessive. He's trailed his tongue down my upper lip, and I granted him entrance, easily giving up dominance. In meantime, I was frantically trying to get rid of his clothes, an obstacle between me and skin I wanted to touch, to feel. He's already discarded his gloves and I could feel this black nails of demon riding up and down my spine, my chest, doing as they pleased. I've finally managed to strip him, my hands reached lower, trying to make him moan, but he was faster, grabbing my hands and pulling back from a kiss.

"Eager, My Lord, aren't we?"

I could do nothing but groan, wanting the game to start. He smirked once more and kissed me deeply, then started to place soft, nipping kisses all around my body, making me moan and tremble from pleasure. And then, I've felt something soft but solid grabbing my arousal, nearly making me faint.

"Ah! Sebastian, please..." I begged, dazed in soft torture of his teasing.

"Please - what, my lord? What do you want me to do?" he asked, clearly enjoying himself.

But I've said something he doesn't expected me to say, something that made him moan and looked at me, eyes filled with lust.

"What did you just say?"

"You've - ah! - heard me correctly. I. Want. You. In. Now!"

He smirked, again, kissing me softly as he stated, "Now, now, Bocchan, I have to stretch you a little. Be patient, and you'll get your treat with that."

I moaned, angrily this time, but was quickly lost into pleasure of his touches, kisses and goddamn licking. So much pleasure that I almost didn't notice a finger he eased in me. Almost. He started to stretch me, and I didn't like it, but I was trying my best to endure. Quickly, his skilled finger stretched me enough for second, and then third to come, and I was moaning out loud, both in pain and ecstasy. But pleasure overcome me as he hit something, inside, that made me scream.

"I see you enjoy this, Bocchan. Well then, shall we start?" he said, taking his fingers off of me. For awhile, I was just lying there, trembling with need and loss, and then it started. He eased himself into me, slowly, caressing my face and back, murmuring sweet nothings into my ear.

It was hot. It was painful. It was intruding, humiliating, and extremely pleasurable. And I loved it so much that I thought I was going to end up insane.

"Do you like it, my lord?"

I was quiet. I will not tell him.

"Do. You. Like. It. My. Lord?" he started to move, showing himself in and out with the rhythm of his words. I could no longer stifle any sounds and started to moan, groan, gasp for air and scream. That one word I loved.

"Ah! ah, Sebastian!"

Suddenly, he stopped. I moaned, terrified, thinking, that that's the end, almost crying from loss, the need was killing me. I looked at him with tears in my eyes, not understanding why he did such thing to me.

"I've asked you something, Bocchan. Answer me, or I'll call it a night." he said, but was unable to finish the sentence, because I said almost immediately, "Yes!"

"What was that again?"

"Yes, I like it, damn you, you idiot! I love it! Now move!"

"Yes, my lord."

And with that he started moving, so fast and hard it was impossible for human to describe. And I was in the middle of it, of my personal wonderland, whirlpool of pure pleasure and love. I started to feel an ecstasy coming near, and see on his face that Sebastian was also on his limit.

We came simultaneously, with our names screamed from exhausted throats, we collapsed on my bed. I could feel his hot seed inside me, but strangely, it doesn't feel gross at all.

I was tired. I couldn't even think, when I cuddled myself into my butler's strong arms, that sure enough are going to protect me forever. With the last piece of my consciousness, I noticed quiet words he whispered.

"Ah, you're just like a little kitten, Bocchan."

And I smiled, understanding his compliment.