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Summary: Homeless Edward is six years in the streets. He meets a mysterious girl. He sees her only some hours when they swim at the sea. Can he make her fall for him? Can he provide her everything when he has nothing? What's her secret?

Rated: M for lemons/language (I have no limits, lol)

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Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight; I just play around with it.

Main Characters: Edward & Bella

POV: It will be Edward's Point Of View all the way. However I can give you an outtake or two in BPOV.

So...hmmm...This is my second story in english. I remembered my first one (The Bank) and the awkward moment when I had to write my first A/N...Lol...It was hilarious (The story is not finished yet). I was like "Seriously, who is gonna read my shit?" Now...well now... I don't know if it is shit but it's not that awkward...I think.

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Chapters will be short and I will update every Saturday. If I don't (I doubt it) you can shoot me. Lol...(again)

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Chapter 1


I had never imagined that here, in New York City, I, Edward Cullen, would be begging for money at nine pm. I was freezing and the rags I was wearing didn't help to warm me up. I had to have my hands out of my pockets, because I was begging for money and that didn't really help to the 'warm me up' situation.

I almost whimpered when I felt another wave of the cold air.

I wasn't new in the area. I was here since I was seventeen. Don't ask me how I ended up on the streets. I don't know either. I had a fight with my parents and I just walked out of the house and started walking to… somewhere. And now here I am, six years later, out in the cold streets of New York, begging for money or even food.

The people here weren't as polite as they were in the town I was before. They were talking to me like I was an animal. Like I didn't have soul.

And now, you will ask. Why don't you go back to your parents?

Well, I hope it was that easy.

See, when I left, I was so angry with my parents and I just stayed for a few days at a town, in the streets. When I decided to go back I realized that I was lost and I didn't know the way back home. I didn't have money or a mobile phone. So I stayed a few days, begging for some money. The plan was to collect some money and then climb on a bus or a train and go to my family.

But, the thing I didn't know is that the streets played dirty.

My money was stolen and I was fucking beaten up. I couldn't go anywhere when my face was like shit. I tried one or two shelters but only for a few weeks. They said that the food wasn't enough for all the homeless people that went there, so they decided to kick the new ones out.

And the new ones were me and some other guys. We hanged out for a while but then we were separated because everyone had his own problems and we just couldn't stay all together.

All these years out, in the streets, I learnt not to hang out with many people. At first though I didn't hang out because I didn't want my money stolen. Not that I had much. But then I realized that I was more like a loner than someone who was around everything.

My parents were kind of rich and I was a bit spoiled. I was a seventeen years old boy and I was rich because my daddy gave me money all the time. And the day I fought with my parents it was the day I said goodbye to my rich life.

The first months in the streets were tough. I had to actually go out looking for food and water. These were the only things I needed. Food, water and some clothes from time to time.

I was miserable but I didn't wait for someone to come and save me. I was just one homeless person in New York.

One night like this, I wanted her to come and save me.


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