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Chapter 26

We were in the Swan house. As Mr. Swan had informed me all the way home, he had built it with his own hands forty years ago. His wife, Mrs. Swan had said, while being in the car, that Mr. Swan shouldn't talk that much but I frankly liked it. I haven't been in contact with many people the last three years and somehow listening to people talking that much was kind of enjoyable.

When we entered the house Mr. Swan started explain how he built every single wall and each inch had its own story.

"Granma, can we go to my room?" Bella asked, after a minute.

"Wouldn't you like to explain first?" her grandfather said.

"Well, there isn't much to explain," Bella said huffing.

"Sit down and answer my questions," her grandmother said and Bella did it instantly.

She pulled a wooden chair, which had her back on the wall. She sat and looked at her grandparents.

"Go ahead, ask," she murmured.

"Why did you leave?" Mr. Swan asked.

"Because mom and dad are fighting for four years."

"All couples fight," her grandfather pointed out.

"Do you know why they fight?" Bella asked.

"No, but it's not our point," her grandfather said.

"It is," she replied. "Dad is a police officer," she started. "And mom is…" Bella took a deep breath.

"Your mother doesn't work," her grandmother said and stroke Bella's hair.

"I thought so too," Bella said smiling sadly. "Mom is a drug dealer."

Her grandparents didn't move for a minute.

"What are you saying? You can't be serious," her grandmother said after another minute of silence.

"I am. When my dad discovered it four years ago he didn't know what to do. I couldn't stand it anymore. I left with Jessica." My poor girl.

"I think it's time for you to go into your room," her grandfather said with a serious expression on his face.

"Thank you," Bella replied and took my hand to guide me to her room. We climbed the wooden stairs and got in front of a white door with some flowers on it. "This is my room," she whispered. Bella opened the door and I saw a small room with simple design and a huge bed in the middle.

"Why do you have such a big bed?" I asked curious. She smiled and closed the door behind us and with a few quick steps she jumped on the bed.

"It was my grandparents old bed but my grandmother couldn't sleep in a bed that it is not a little harsh, because she has problems with her back, and they put it in here," she answered. "Sit next to me," Bella said and patted the mattress. Slowly, I reached the bed and sat near her she leaned on my shoulder and took a deep breath.

Minutes passed, or even an hour that we were sitting like this before she decided to speak.

"Do you think it will be alright with my parents?" she asked with a hidden hint of sadness in her voice.

"Yes, love. It will be okay."

A night like this I hope what I say to be true.


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