Is it real or a bad dream

A/N: hi guys, I know it's a surprise but this story was a story I thought and wrote long ago but I made some changes. As you see this story is about TMNT (ninja turtles) but the 2003 series. I do not own any character except my ocs. Hope you will like it. R&R

Chapter one: the business

At shredder's hideout:

"Master…I'm sorry, I failed you once again," a teenager girl said to Oroku Saki.

"That's true, but I will punish you later. Today we will have some business. Haha hahahaha" said Saki to the young girl and laughed evilly.

"Karai, go with foot ninja to the sewers. While, you will come with me, change your outfits," ordered Saki.

"Yes, sensei" the both girls said

Karai's pov:

"Hey, you're an idiot" I said

"Karai how many times I've told ya darlin' not to put your nose in my business." She said coldly like always

"Hun, I don't care but you always fail father" I smirked

"Same to you karai" she said coldly again

We walked through the hallway I went to my destination while she went to her room as father ordered her.

Ayame's pov:

I watched karai going to the foot ninjas. Then I sensed a presence of a person that I fear the most. I knew that he's watching me carefully all the time but this time I'm so scared.

"F-father I-I h-haven't d-done a-any t-thing" I said hesitantly what to say, he's angry or mad and if he is indeed mad, I won't be happy at all.

"Well, my kid…you seem unhappy with my presence" he said in scary accent

"Uh no master, it's not. I'm happy," I said turning to face him

"Oh really?" he said. Then started walking towards me, I knew this is bad. I was frightened to toes, I don't know how but I ran away and crying too. I ran to my room and started crying on my bed but suddenly I felt a strong hand playing with my long black hair.

"Dad…I'm sorry," I whispered

"it's okay ayame, it's okay" he said while wiping my tears

"Daddy, I didn't mean to" I cried on his chest

"Shhhhhhhhhhhhh…enough child, enough" my beloved father said then he hugged me and I returned it.

"Ayame change your outfit and wait me at my dojo," he said and suddenly he disappeared.

I nodded and went to my closet; I took my black leather body suit with the foot clan symbol on the middle of my chest. And hang my katana on my back. Then I went to the dojo and see the shredder is waiting me.

"Master, I'm ready" I bowed

Then father laughed his evil laugh.

This is the first chapter, hope you like it. Moreover, yea karai has a twin sister called ayame. Wanna know what is the business, what is shredders plan. You will know it at the second chapter hope you enjoyed it.