Chapter 5: broken hearts:

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It have been a week from that awful accident and still ayame curing from the internal injuries due to sadness, worry, fear and panic. Her friends were more than her best friends but her family. While her true family (shredder, karai and foot clan) did not shut up, they tried more than 100 times to bring her back but the turtles made them fail. All those ideas and thoughts flows in her mind while she was lying on bed inside April's room tears were running down on her pinkish cheeks. Suddenly the door opened and Leo entered holding a tray.

"Ayame…why are you crying?"asked Leo while sitting beside ayame and put a soft hand on her shoulders.

"Leo…I can't stay here anymore. I'm thankful for helping me and taking care of me but I guess this is the end," answered ayame

Leo's eyes widened like a big sphere, he is shocked how could ayame say this, she is their younger sister. She could not finish their friendship, brother-sister relation but she knew what she was spelling.

"I will aoill my stuff and travel to Japan. I'm sorry Leo but…I want to be away from you"

"ayame" said sad Leo

"I must tell you that I have a crush on you and I wished to be with you forever but shredder won't allow this. And I'm putting you on very big hazards, which I won't accept it. It will be the good for both of us like this no one will be hurt." Replayed ayame

"no way ayame, I won't let you go away like this. Your place is here with us not there," said angry Raph

"Raphael…you were listening and hiding all the time"

"yes, you're not going to leave us"

"I will and I mean it"

"on my body ayame,"

"Raph!" yelled Leo, "leave her alone, she has a right to go"

"wow guys why are your sounds so high," said April

"April can you tell the others to go come, I have something important to say" said ayame

"okay" replayed April

After few minutes, everyone was at April's room waiting ayame to say that important issue. But she surprised them by her leave. They were shocked by her words and she left them staring at each other's. All her stuff was in her bag and ready to leave. Raph entered the room surprising Ayame; he kissed her lips making her cry and ran away from him to be in Leo's hands crying on his shoulders.

"shhhhhhhhhhhhh, ayame it's okay," said Leo stroking her black hair

"why. why you must leave, do you think about our feeling, my feeling?" tried Raph to take her away from Leo but Leo pushed him away.

"ayame…leave but just know that you still part of us piece of us whenever you want to return back you are welcomed to be with us again." Leo kissed her forehead and helped in holding her bag.

Leo led her to the airport, wearing his custom to hide his identity.

"Leo, you can go I can continue by my own"

"I really I hate to leave you but I will do your last will" said Leo and turned away to leave

"wait, Leo tell Raph that I love him and not to be angry and also tell that I love you all. And I will return back after 3 years"

"thank you" said Leo and walked away leaving ayame alone.

She let a tear fall and a smile drawn on her soft angelic face. And a soft voice said goodbye.

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