Dark and Stormy Night

It was a dark and stormy night. The sky outside was foggy and gloomy, rain drops pouring out of the hideously black clouds. The eerie feeling of things creeping behind you was beginning to be unbearable as you went further and further into the so called Haunted Field of Bloody Mary. It was Halloween so you thought it would be "appropriate" to go and do something a little brave and scary. There was one thing you didn't count on doing: going into the center of the field. You see, the center of the field is supposedly the spot that Bloody Mary was buried at. That's exactly why no one even bothers to step foot on the lawn of the marvelous, eerie, huge estate that she once owned. Her great grand-daughter, Santita, has been in a mental rehabilitation hospital since she was 13 because of all the things she saw happen in her great grandmother's house. She saw animals of all sorts being torn apart while her grandmother just simply stood there, covered in the poor, unfortunate animals blood saying,

"Santita, mija, it's alright. The animal is okay now. I just had to do this to help it." Santita never forgot anything she saw.

You've heard children saying that if you even stepped foot on the lawn, you could hear the poor cries of the animals, and possibly even Santita's spine tingling, ear busting screams coming from inside the house. You also heard them saying that if you went in to the house, you could see the poor, unwanted, abandoned animals that had curiously wandered on to her lawn being ripped apart, limb by limb. You immediately snapped out of your thoughts when you heard a few crows flying around, which added to the scariness of it all. It wasn't just because of that, it was also because you could've sworn you heard something, or maybe even someone, breathing behind you. "Oh no" you thought. You turned around but, there wasn't anything or anyone there.

"That was scary" you said, only to the point that you could hear it. You hoped that you were alone. But if anyone was there, they were getting really close because it sounded like there were footsteps coming from behind you. You began to run, gradually getting faster, but you were also going further in to the abyss instead of out. Then, the unimaginable happened and everything seemed to disappear. You knew what had happened; you were in the center of the field.

You looked around, frantically, looking for the exit of this disastrous, hideous, place. Even just the smallest sign that there even was an exit! But, there was nothing, nothing but the eerie, disturbing, sensation of the stone cold dead silence. All you could hear was your own breathing and, the faint sound of another person or thing, breathing also.

"I wish there was some light here." you said, teeth chattering not just from fear, but also because you were soaking wet from the icy, skin tingling, painfully cold rain that was pouring down from the clouds. Then all of a sudden, lights turned on, and you saw that you were in a dark, mysterious, almost cave-like area.

"Who's there?" You asked aloud. There was no answer. You asked again, but like before, there was no answer. Then, all of a sudden, the lights went out.

You stood there, hands at your side, in pure fear. You could hear mysterious noises coming from the surrounding area around you. Then, the lights came back on and from behind you, you could see that there was a small, petite, frail hand on your left shoulder.

"W-Who's there?" you asked again, but now in a more urgent, panicky, frightened tone. '' You'll never guess who." said a dark and mysterious, yet feminine voice. After those few last, dark words, you heard a few faint dark and evil chuckles, but then, there was nothing but the rain drops falling at a steady pace, the darkness of the night sky, and pure silence.