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Alex and Bridget went outside to meet Sean. Alex saw the look in Sean's eye he tilted his head showing her there was trouble. Alex took Bridget's hand causing both of them to crawl on the ground.

Alex dropped down on all fours flipping her earrings off stealthily putting them in her pocket and then shouted to Bridget,

"My ear rings! I dropped my ear rings! Sean gave them to me for my birthday. Help me find them!"

"Are you sure you dropped them here?" Bridget asked as she helped Alex look for them.

"It has to be here. Keep looking." Alex said as she tilted her head to see Sean running after the guy who was about to attack Bridget. He stealthily ran at him and grabbed him by the collar taking him to the abandoned alley shoving him against the wall.

Bridget was about to look up when Alex said, "Keep looking!"

Alex saw a few other guys in dark suits coming towards them and then she took Bridget's hand and said, "It's not here, it's probably at the club we better get there before they close."

She ran pushing Bridget to run with her. She led her to run down an alley.

Then Bridget said, "This isn't the way."

They stopped leaning against the brick wall.

"OK. What's really going on here?" Bridget asked suspicious.

"I just need to take a breath." Alex reassured her.

"What about your ear rings?"

Then Alex looked at her for a second and then looked around and said, "I think they could have dropped here since me and Sean stopped by here before we met you."

Then she knelt down looking and said, "Found them!"

She stealthy took them out of her pocket.

"That was close." Alex said.

Bridget glared at her suspiciously.

Then Sean ran in the alley whipping off his hands.

Then he asked, "What's taking you so long?"

Alex went to Sean and kissed him on the cheek and said, "Sorry sweetie. You know us girls; we have to take our time."

Sean took Alex's hand and whispered in her ear, "Coast is clear."

"Fine, let's get out of here." Bridget said as she clutched onto her purse.

Bridget pouted as they drove home.

Sean drove the car and saw her mope in the back seat.

"What's wrong squirt?" Sean asked.

"Don't call me that." Bridget said while she folded her arms around her chest.

As they arrived at the manor they drove to the main gate the guard stopped him, "Hey Doug."

"Sean, long time, no see. I thought you were too busy saving the world to visit."

"He was busy getting a girlfriend. Can you believe it? He actually brought her to meet the family." Bridget said excited.

"Good for you Sean the maid owes me money she was sure you swung for the other team. But I knew better. "

Alex couldn't contain her laughter as Sean said, "Really? What is with everyone?"

Then they drove right through.

As they arrived in the hall way Sean said, "Come on Bridge cheer up."

"I'm fine, I just know that you are hiding something from me and I don't like it."

"Well, how about we have hot chocolate with …"

"with Rocky Road ice cream?" Bridget finished his sentence practically hopping.

Alex gave both of them blank stares and said, "Hot Chocolate and Ice Cream? Isn't that a contradiction?"

Bridget said brightly, "That's why it's so good! No worries Alex, you'll love it!"

Then Bridget turned to Sean and asked, "Did you bring the special ingredient?"

"Who do you take me for? Of course I did. Belgium Chocolate from Belgium. Your favorite."

Bridget hopped up and down in excitement.

Then she said, "Alex you'll love it. It's our little ritual every time he comes home on leave he brings back contraband Belgium chocolate and he melts it down for the hot chocolate and then he adds rocky road ice cream topped with Marshmallow Fluff!"

Alex eyes lit up and asked, "You guys have Marshmallow fluff?"

"Oh yeah, we always have some stocked." Bridget said.

"I love it, it's my favorite food!" Alex exclaimed.

Sean looked at her surprised, "Marshmallow fluff? Really? Of all of the foods in the world Marshmallow Fluff is you your favorite food? It's a topping!"

"A delicious topping! It's sugary goodness!" Alex said.

Bridget looked in between both of them and asked, "How do you not know each other's favorite foods yet?"

Alex and Sean were both about to say something when Bridget interrupted them and said,

"Whatever, come on Seany, chop-chop. Sugary goodness awaits!"

She waved her fists up in the air dramatically.

They sat at the kitchen table eating their hot chocolate ice cream.

"So how did you guys get from pointing guns at each other to kissing?" Bridget asked.

Sean choked on his ice cream.

"Oh, it's really a funny story actually." Alex said.

"Oh do tell." Bridget said intrigued.

"Well, back in the Navy I was in a place I wasn't supposed to be and he caught me." Alex said.

Sean looked at her like she was crazy, not really understanding her method of lying.

Then Sean said, "You know it's really not that great of a story."

"Nonsense, sweetie, it's a great story. I told it to my sister it's only natural I tell it to your sister."

"You told your sister?" Sean asked seriously.

He knew that this all wasn't part of some great big act but she really was telling him that she told Nikita about the hand kissing incident. That was embarrassing and he really didn't like anyone knowing about his rejection especially Nikita.

"Oh you have sister?" Bridget asked.

"Oh, yeah, I have a big sister. She and Sean didn't really get along at first; they were at each other's throats when they first met. They practically tried to kill each other." Alex said.

"Yeah, well, I had a good reason." Sean said.

Bridget laughed.

"Oh, family drama already. I like it, so Sean caught you then what happened?"

"He helped me and covered for me and I couldn't believe he'd help me for no reason."

"So you figured he just didn't want to get in your pa…"

"No don't finish that sentence." Sean shot in.

Then Bridget asked, "Well didn't you? Isn't that why you took the strict honor code in the back seat so you could get her to sl…date you?"

"Actually, that was exactly what I was doing but that thought never occurred to miss everyone has an angle here." Sean said frustratingly reliving the rejection in his head.

"Really? Wasn't he a little obvious Sean has never been the smoothest talker in the world. He really isn't good at being subtle."

Then Alex said, "Well, he's right, it really didn't occur to me and when he just bluntly told me to kiss him…."

Bridget laughed, "See, he's not subtle. He does not know how to talk to girls. It's like the Prom debacle all over again."

"Lets not get into that." Sean pleaded.

Alex smiled mischievously intrigued and said, "Oh, do tell that story."

"Later, so then what happened?" Bridget asked while she took a great big dripping spoonful of hot chocolate, ice cream, and marshmallow fluff.

"Well, I laughed and he went on with this speech about how incapable I am to read signs of attraction and so to shut him up…"

"You kissed him?"

"Nope, well, I kissed his hand."

Bridget burst in fits of laughter.

Through her giggles Bridget said, "Burn!"

Alex laughed nodded her head, "I know right?"

Sean glared at both of them annoyed hating that he was an object of some joke.

Then Sean said, "Then after she kissed my hand I grabbed her and kissed her square on the lips."

He looked Alex deep in her eyes and said, "Hard."

Alex's fits of laughter stopped and then he said,

"She has been hooked on me ever since because I am just that awesome." Sean said as he took another bite of his ice cream looking all smug and driving Alex insane.

Bridget looked at both of them suspiciously and then said, "Awe, how sweet."

After Bridget finished her last bite of hot chocolate ice cream and wiped her face of the access chocolate that was dripping down her chin she said, "Well, I better call it a night. It's been a long day. See you guys tomorrow."

She got up and then hugged Sean and said while she pointed at him like he was a little kid, "Goodnight, behave your selves."

He rolled his eyes.

"Thanks for the tip. Goodnight sis. " Sean said.