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Her dreams double, intensify, drive her to touch herself until she comes apart.

She starts to avoid sleep all together, but that is not a full proof plan and she knows it. She only goes so long before she drops (and she drops on the Gilbert couch right in the middle of her best friend trying to explain how weird it is seeing her 'stepfather' dating some doctor. Klaus is thankfully merciful and she is launched awake within 20 minutes).

She knows Elena is worried. Caroline too. Stefan. Matt. Maybe even Damon.

She wonders when they'll stage an intervention.


"You're bonded."

Two words that seem like a life sentence.

Bonnie already knows this now – for there is no other explanation. She just has been waiting for someone else to say it to make it real.

That someone else is Lucy Bennett.

It is a hot sticky day in Florida. They are seated at a table in the midday sun at Lucy's insistence. Bonnie is envious of those basking in the air conditioned interior. Lucy doesn't seem to notice that she is melting into the pavement, sipping away at some sort of lemony ice concoction. Bonnie's opted for a water.

"It's as simple as that," Bonnie says as she fans herself with her napkin - a fruitless effort.

"If you were smart, you would have never even slept with him in the first place," Lucy points out and takes a long draw on the straw. Bonnie doesn't appreciate her fact of the matter delivery.

"I didn't have a choice," Bonnie reminds her.

Lucy leans forward a little. "Oh, honey, there is always choice. You just chose to save your friend. And now you're paying for it."

"Do the right thing, get kicked in the teeth," Bonnie sighs as she falls back in her chair. She isn't surprised to realize it has been baked by the sun. She hisses.

"You know, there are worse consequences of breaking magic of this kind," Lucy retorts. Bonnie gets the feeling that she should be grateful that all she and Klaus seem to want to do is fuck one another. Clearly, her cousin doesn't understand the history between the two. That or she doesn't care.

"How do I get rid of it?" Bonnie asks. "A spell?"

"Let's see – you were entombed by a spell, you broke it, but there are lingering effects. And you want to introduce more magic into the equation? Not a good idea. You could compound the consequences or change them into something…a lot more sinister," Lucy explains.

"There's not cleansing ritual? Something to wash this away?" Bonnie asks, her voice sounding more exasperated than it should for someone begging a favor.

"Afraid not," Lucy answers throwing her empty glass aside. "My advice: get it out of your system the good old fashioned way."

She almost lets her head fall on the table. Has she really traveled hundreds of miles and endured the oppressive heat just to be told that the only solution to her Klaus problem involves a repeat performance of what got them there in the first place?

She stays with Lucy for a few more days, never again broaching the topic. She catches up on her sleep (because here the dreams seem to be smothered by the godforsaken weather) and then decides to head back to Mystic Falls.

She tells Lucy she can no longer stand the sun but in truth she needs to go back.

She has never run away from anything in her life.

She is not going to start now.


Bonnie gets a full twenty four hours before Klaus finds her.

She is leaving the school after telling Caroline and Elena that she has to catch up on some homework she missed during her impromptu vacation. In reality, she just wants to go home and shut out the world. Her friends are annoyingly perceptive and she knows that intervention is just around the corner.

She'd like to prolong it as much as she can.

She heads to her silver Prius, looking down to dig through her purse for her keys. She closes her hand around them around the same time the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. She stops dead in her tracks, afraid to look up for she knows what she'll see.

"Ignoring me will not make me go away, love."

Bonnie takes a deep breath and slowly elevates her head. He is leaning against the driver's side door, his arms crossed over his chest. He looks relaxed and she hates that she is the one who seems ready to short circuit over all of this. "Get off my car," she says simply.

"I can see a few days in the sun with your cousin have done nothing to improve your disposition," Klaus answers as he stays firm right where he is. She knows her mouth is open slightly, perhaps her eyes a bit wide. He merely smiles. "Yes, Bonnie, I knew exactly where you were. Did you think I would let you scamper off? No…I always know where you are."

The implication of his words does not sit well with her.

"What do you want?"

"Do you realize our conversations go in circles now?" Klaus asks with a furrow of his brows. "We can move beyond this, love. We both know what I want. What you want."

"But I don't. Not really," Bonnie feels the need to point out. She glances past him, eying the crowd spilling out into the parking lot for any familiar faces. This is the most public place in which she has seen Klaus since they bumped into one another on that street weeks ago. Although she would rather not have any of her friends getting involved, she almost wants them to see her with Klaus so they can realize that she is truly in over her head. "I don't want you. I only think I do because I can't help it."

"Interesting theory," Klaus drawls slowly. "Care to explain?"

"We're bonded," Bonnie tells him, watching his reaction carefully. She is left with the distinct impression that he either already knows this or doesn't seem to care. "A residual effect of breaking that spell…"

"Is that what dear Lucy told you?" He asks as he pushes himself off her car.

Bonnie bristles at the underlying implication – that she couldn't figure it out on her own, that she had to run all the way to Florida to get her answers. "I had it figured out already," she retorts sharply, defending her ability. "It never hurts to get a second opinion however."

"And now that you know, what do you plan to do about it?" Klaus asks, tilting his head. There is a slight curve to his mouth as if he wants to smile but thinks better of it. His hidden amusement does nothing to improve her mood. He eyes her in a way that makes her feel as if he is disassembling her to see what lie inside. "You don't know do you? I would venture to say your options are very limited Bonnie Bennett. You can continue to resist the pull, spend sleepless nights with your hand buried between your legs until you finally snap or you can simply come to me. You know I can make you fall to pieces."

True – but at what cost?

"I tell you what, love," Klaus begins as he steps close enough for her to instinctively want to step back (well, she should instinctively want to step back but her traitorous body wants to press forward). "You run through all your options and when you realize that there is only one that is viable, you know how to find me."

She steels her gaze, fists squeezed by her side.

Then she blinks.

And he is gone.


The dreams return that night.


"You're avoiding me."

Bonnie crams her binder in her locker before she turns to face Elena. Her friend is watching her like one would watch a science experiment. "Why would you say that?"

"Three missed calls, about a dozen ignored text messages – and one knock on the door that went unanswered," Elena rattles off. "So you can see why I would say that."

"I can," Bonnie confirms as she shuts her locker. She sighs a little before meeting her friend's eyes.

"What's going, Bonnie?" Elena asks and Bonnie can hear the worry in her voice.

She almost cracks right then and there. She has to chew her bottom lip to keep from bursting forth with it all in one breath. She is thankful she is able to hold back. If Elena knows even just a fraction of what is going on she will insist in jumping right in the middle (just as Bonnie would for her). Before nightfall, Caroline, Stefan and Damon would know of her predicament. Still, she owes her friend an explanation. "It's…magic stuff."

Elena's face quirks in a way that lets Bonnie know she is not satisfied at all with the answer. But she won't push it – Bonnie guesses. She has to give Elena credit for being underhanded every now and then. She highly suspects that Elena will do a little detective work of her own. It's not like she can figure it out, right? The majority of her problem happens within the confines of her own mind. "Okay, Bonnie…I just, I hate to see you under this much stress. If I can do anything…"

"…I'll let you know," Bonnie promises, giving Elena a small smile for good measure. She watches as Elena walks away, and isn't surprised when Stefan appears from behind some lockers. He gives her a quick glance and she gives him the same smile she gave Elena.

She heads to chemistry wondering just how long she has before they piece it together.


Apparently she has long enough to make a decision.

Rethink that decision.

And then make it again.


Klaus opens the door looking very much like the cat that has caught the canary. "I thought I felt a tickle."

Bonnie pushes past him. She takes a moment to survey her surroundings, a sitting room filled with furniture and antiques that cost more than she'll ever see in a lifetime. She feels a bit overwhelmed by the dark colors. The whole place is claustrophobic and she finds herself wishing they were back in that basement. She turns to find him standing right behind her. When he reaches out to run his fingers through her hair, she does not flinch.

She does not want to flinch and curses herself for that.

"I can sense that this location is not to your liking," Klaus says as his hand falls to her shoulder. "You can have your pick you know."

"Here's fine," Bonnie retorts immediately, her voice clipped.

"Resignation does not look good on you, love," He muses, frowning as fingers stroke the soft skin of her neck. "Are you planning to lie there motionless like a doll?" He tightens his grip and she winces. "We both know that I will have you writhing against me."

"Let's just get this over with," Bonnie tells him not bothering to confirm what he already knows is true.

He makes a face. "Need I remind you that when you attempted this line of seduction in that dingy little basement I turned you away? I could do that again, Bonnie. I could make you wait."

"No you can't," she says firmly, raising a hand to place it palm first on his chest. She finally sees it; maybe it's been there all along – a slight flinch, almost undetectable. "You've had a good laugh at my current state but you're no better off. You can just mask it more expertly."

Klaus raises an eyebrow, his hand coming to close around her wrist. "Well then, shall we?"

It is a direct parallel to his invitation in the basement. She is not a fool – he has chosen those words on purpose.

She nods ever so slightly, a movement that would probably be unnoticed by most but his preternatural sight catches it and his head descends.

They clash together whether it is because of their dominant natures or the pent up lust that has driven both out of their minds.

He is not gentle, fisting a hand in her hair, tugging her head back and claiming her lips.

She does not care – she feels sweet relief that this (whatever this is) is finally happening. She is pulling blindly at clothing, pressing against him, and stumbling as he pushes her backward.

As a result they fall to the floor.

Which seems as good as place as any really.

There is urgency to the pace in which he wrenches at her pants. She is too busy catching his lower lip between her teeth to care when he rips aside her underwear. She gives his lip a tug as his hands work at his own clothes, letting go when she thinks she tastes just the hint of blood.

That is an avenue she'd rather not venture down.

They are still almost fully clothed when he plunges inside of her.

Later perhaps she'll take it as testament to how badly they needed this – right now she arches her back and lets out a startled cry. He groans as he bottoms out and for a moment they stare at one another. She wonders what should go through her mind in this moment: Guilt? Disgust? Self-loathing? Instead she curls in her fingers in his shirt and pleads.

He smiles. "I remember how you like it."

She expects slow and gentle, and steels herself for the torture of it.

Instead he moved fast and hard against her. Bonnie sucks in air, throws her head back and lets out a string of incoherent noises. She is not far from an orgasm (weeks of foreplay has her more than ready for this moment) and he coaxes it out of her with ease. She goes rigid, her eyes fixed on nothing in particular. She waits until she can only feel the aftershocks before she sags against the floor.

He begins to move again, taking his fill.

She can pinpoint the exact moment he loses the last vestige of control. His eyes take on an unnatural yellow shade and she knows where this will head. She lets go of his shirt and places both hands on the sides of his face to remind him just who it is underneath him. If he thinks for one second he is going to get off in more ways than one he is sadly mistaken.

He reaches up with a hand to wrap it around one wrist. He turns his head slightly, presses his mouth to the tender flesh of it and for a moment she thinks she's dinner as well. She braces herself but thankfully he ghosts his tongue over her skin before turning back.

The yellow is gone.

He finishes with a hoarse cry, slumping over her.

She counts to twenty before she pushes at him. He thankfully compiles, pulling back until he is on his knees. They both fix their clothes as if they hadn't just fallen to the floor and fucked without any preamble.

He stands first, offering a hand to help her to her feet.

She ignores it, standing on shaky legs, wondering what one says in a moment such as this.

Thankfully he solves that problem for her.

"I'm hungry."

Bonnie nods. "I'm leaving."


She thinks that should be it – they've finally did the deed and got it out of their system.

She thinks wrong.


Two days later she returns to the same closed in room.

This time they fuck in the chair, with her on top grinding against him while he nips as her breasts.

When she leaves with a vow never to come again he has the good sense not to call her on it.


They meet every night for a week, use every conceivable combinations of surface and position, and she still thinks she will never get enough.

She is in so far over her head it's a wonder she can still function properly.


Okay, so maybe she is not functioning as properly as she thinks.

She takes one step inside and realizes it is Intervention Day at the Salvatore Boarding House.

She turns and finds that Damon has blocked her retreat. "Oh no, Bon Bon. You're friends went to a lot of trouble. The least you can do is have the decency to face them." He places his hands on her shoulders, spins her around and gives her a shove.

She is too battle worn to put up much more of fight.

Shuffling her feet, she finds herself face to face with Stefan, Elena, Caroline, and Matt.

Awkward considering her problem.

"Bonnie." Clearly Elena has been elected speaker. The brunette steps away from her boyfriend and towards her.

Bonnie raises a hand, stopping Elena in her tracks. "No, I'm not okay. But I'm dealing with it." By repeatedly having sex with the enemy and digging the hole deeper. "So, this…this isn't necessary."

Elena glances at Caroline.

It's never that easy.

"Stubborn Bonnie, remember who you are dealing with here," Caroline says and the hands are on the hips. "I am the queen of needling…" Her bravado fades a little. "…and we only want to help," she finishes lamely.

"You can't help me," Bonnie assures them. "If you could I'd ask…seriously."

"No offense, but you're full of crap." Matt this time. He finds himself on the receiving end of two pointed stares but Bonnie doesn't blame him. Why beat around the bush?

"You can't help me," Bonnie says again, slowly and firmly.

"Oh yeah, and why is that?" Matt pushes, shoving Caroline's hand off his arm. "Because you're the mighty Bonnie Bennett? Because you can handle yourself no matter what? Because you're the only one who needs to place themselves in harm's way?"

Come on Bonnie, she chides herself even as she bristles. You know what he is doing – don't let him get under your skin.

Easier said than done.

"Shut up, Matt," she says and then winces.

"Because you're the goddamn martyr of this operation and no one else can save the day?"

She has never once thought herself that. Not even close.

Bonnie can feel herself crumbling. She should have known it wouldn't take much. The cracks have been appearing for weeks now. "I'm fucking Klaus." There, she's said it and proven she is in fact the opposite of a martyr.


Well – for a moment.

"Hell, I thought you were going to say that you were handing out free aneurisms to street walking ladies of the night," Damon comments from his perch on the arm of the couch. "This seems…less messy. Or more depending at how you look at it."

He is silenced by four matching looks of impatience.

Bonnie can't stand how they all look at her. Their faces are almost unreadable. She wishes she could just disappear between the cracks in the floor.

Finally, Stefan reaches out, his hand landing on her arm. She slumps a little and they descend. A moment later she is seated on the couch with a drink in her hand (courtesy of Damon – the first smart move he has made all day no doubt). The story pours out of her – although she leaves out the more intimate details. When she finishes, she has an empty glass. She eyes each of them and then sighs heavily. "I'm a horrible person."

"You can't help yourself," Stefan points out. "You can't be blamed for this."

"Speak for yourself. If Bon Bon had kept it in her pants the first time around, none of this would be an issue," Damon chirps. At least he has a good sense to swap the empty glass for a full one.

"If Bonnie hadn't…you know, I'd be dead," Caroline insists. She seats herself next to Bonnie. "We'll figure this out."

Bonnie looks down at the amber colored liquid. "There's no spell..."

"You've looked," Elena finishes. "Of course."

Bonnie nods. "Lucy told me to get out of my system the old fashioned way."

"Just how many times have you…"

"Enough," Bonnie answers quickly, cutting Matt off before he become any more uncomfortable.

"Maybe you need to tell her that her advice sucks," Matt counters as his color begins to return to something more normal.

She realizes there is some truth to what Matt says. She has taken Lucy's advice and now she needs to know what to do next. "I am sure with some rational thought there is a solution to all of this," she assures them.

"Says the girl fucking Klaus," Damon snorts. He soon finds himself thrown against the book case with thick volume or two falling to the floor with him. He raises his head, peering at her over the couch.

"I deserved that."


She doesn't go to Klaus that night – feeling it would be a slap to the face of her friends after they have spent the afternoon convincing her she is not a terrible person for having sex with Klaus without actually mentioning that she is having sex with Klaus.

She wants to go to him but she holds back.

However, that doesn't mean he won't come to her.


She knows who is at the door before she even throws back the covers.

A quick glance at the clock tells her it is well past midnight. She reaches for her robe, takes a deep breath and steels herself for whatever is about to happen. She descends the stairs slowly, wondering why she just doesn't ignore him.

She tells herself if she does he may go do something rash (but she knows the truth – she can't ignore him).

She turns on the porch light and there he is, standing rigid. He tilts his head as their eyes meet through the thick pane of glass and she knows he is not happy. She opens the door and starts the conversation the way any conversation this time of night should start.

"It's late."

"Then we are wasting time," he retorts.

"Not tonight," Bonnie tells him. Stay firm.

"Cute," Klaus answers, a slow smile spreading across his face.

"I mean it," Bonnie says through clenched teeth.

"Sure you do, love," Klaus croons, leaning forward to brace his hands on the frame of the door. He takes a moment to glare over the obvious boundary between them before letting his eyes fall back on her. "Are you really going to stand there and tell me that you don't want me in this moment? You don't want me to bury my cock in you? You don't want me to fuck you so hard, so fast that you'll come within minutes? You don't want that at all?"

Bonnie visibly squirms, her hands resting on the edge of the door. She wants it, and she knows he knows she wants it. He can probably smell her right now. She bites her bottom lip hard and shakes her head. "Go away."

"Let me in."



They fuck outside instead.

He drags her to the shadows of her backyard and takes her right there on the ground. She has to cover her mouth with both hands as he buries his head between her legs to keep from waking the neighbors.

When they are done, she sits up on the cold grass and wonders if this is what the rest of her life will be.

There is a part of her that doesn't take any issue with it.

And that is when she realizes she is truly at rock bottom.


She calls Lucy the next day, asks about the weather in Florida to be polite and then catches her cousin up.


"That's all you have to say?" Bonnie counters, slumping against the kitchen counter. "Oh?"

"Oh shit?" Lucy revises.

"What the hell do I do now?" Bonnie demands.

"I have the faintest clue. I would have thought that residual effects of the original spell would have worn off by now," Lucy tells her and Bonnie can hear the waves in the background. Her cousin is lounging on the beach and she is still picking grass out of her hair.

"Obviously it hasn't," Bonnie says and there is a hint of desperation in her voice.

Perhaps that is what springs Lucy to action. "I'll figure it out. Ask around in few circles. There is an answer, Bonnie. All magic has a loophole. I'll find yours. Just give me a few days."

Bonnie sighs, knowing that she could fuck Klaus at least twice before Lucy gets back to her.


Three times to be exact.


"You're stuck in a loop," Lucy tells her on a Friday afternoon. Bonnie is attempting to do her homework but really she has just been babysitting the phone. "On paper, you should be able to exhaust the bond. But there is something holding you back – you need to jar it, give it a shock to break that last little thread that holds you together."

"And just how do I do that?"

"What do I look like?" Lucy begins. "Witchapedia? It's a case by case thing, Bonnie. Think hard, and you'll know what will fix this."

Bonnie knows she has been doing more 'acting' than 'thinking' as of late.

Time to remedy that.


"We can't keep doing this," Bonnie says as she catches her breath.

He is already up; standing at the foot of his bed (it is rare for them to use a bed). He gives her a casual glance before reaching for his pants. "Oh dear, I see we are having an attack of conscience tonight."

"It's more than that," Bonnie counters immediately, sitting up. The sheet falls away and she sees lust cloud his features. She covers herself quickly. She can't have this conversation on the flat of her back. "We have no control."

"I have perfect control."

"Really?" Bonnie asks. "Do you enjoy spending most of your time consumed by thoughts of me? The witch who tried to kill you?

"There are worse ways to spend existence," Klaus says as pulls on his pants and seats himself on the edge of the bed. He reaches for her and she pulls away. He seemingly knows her enough to not try it again.

That scares her.

"What about all your diabolical plans? Your family? Haven't you put everything on hold?" Bonnie reasons. She needs him to see the logic behind her words. But it seems his reaction to the bond is to ignore the insanity behind it.

Hers is to stress until she is curled into ball.

"I suppose I have been neglecting certain aspects of my life," Klaus tilts his head, a slow smile spreading across his face. "I could leave. Take you with me. You wouldn't put up much of fight in the end."

The idea is planted in his head.

She needs to work fast.


When she arrives at his place she thinks she has it figured out.

They need to take their relationship back to its roots.

Which is why she throws him clear across the room when he opens the door. He is not expecting it and therefore slams hard into the opposite wall. Pictures rattle; one hits the floor and she sees a crack in the mahogany frame.

He sits on the floor, his eyes narrowing and she can see that he is trying to calculate just what is going through her mind.

She steps across the threshold.

And finds herself flat against the wall with his hand wrapped around her throat. She sometimes forgets just how damn fast they can be. She reacts immediately, bring both hands out to twist around his arm. She burns him until he can no longer pretend he is not affected.

They both let go at the same time and retreat to their respective corners.

"Bonnie," he hisses.

"Klaus," she counters as she struggles to catch her breath.

"What on earth are you doing?" He asks as he steps towards her in the same fashion one might when cornering a wounded animal. When she tenses, he stops.

"Fixing this," she spits out, raising a hand. Before she can repeat her earlier action, he repeats his, driving her into the wall with enough force to have her letting out a startled cry.

His eyes bore into hers, and for a moment, his fingers tighten enough to have her seeing dark spots.

Then he lets up just enough.

Bonnie greedily sucks in air and when she can, she pushes at him.

"Bonnie, don't make me hurt you," Klaus says and it almost sounds like a plea.

"I want you too," Bonnie retorts immediately, driving her free hand into his side. She knows it does little physical damage but she can see him flinch.

So she does it again.

And again.

And again.

Until he finally snaps.

She lands on her backside. He sinks to her level quick enough and when she reaches for him, he easily captures both her wrists before she can inflict any damage. He gives her a hard tug and she crashes into him. She shakes her head, sensing what he will do next.

No, they can't go there.

He captures her mouth more easily than he should. She tries to pull back but he has her bottom lip between his teeth and she can taste blood. She lets out a frustrated cry.

Then gives in.

He lets go of her arms and she isn't long twining them around his neck, pulling him with her as she descends to the floor. He still has her bottom lip in his mouth - she knows he is reaping the benefits of his none too gentle kiss. She plunges one hand in the hair at the back of his head and tugs. Hard.

He lets go and there is a grin on his face. "So, is this how it is to be?

Bonnie nods.

They don't hold back, ripping at clothes, grabbing at one another in such a way that there will be marks (on her at least). She is desperate for just a shred of control after her failed attempt to jar the bond. In the end, he gives her what she wants, lying flat on his back while she moves over him.

She lets her wants, her desires, the goddamn bond take over. He has his hands on her hips helping her slam into him, ensuring that even when she tires, she is still inching closer to flying apart. She shakes on top of him as her orgasm spreads throughout her, crying out. He runs a hand over her inner thigh, brushing against where they are joined. Her body jerks automatically.

And then she is the one on the flat of her back.

He looms over her, moving into her with enough force to have her pushing against his shoulders. She can't help but wonder if this is in some way punishment for her attempt to end this madness. She arches her back, and he loops an arm around her waist, holding her lower half up as he continues his brutal pace.

She lets her head fall back, her eyes close as he nears his end. He slumps against her pushing her into the floor. His head buries in her neck and for a moment the two of them lie there like that, trying to regain some control of logical thought.

She opens her eyes, her hand moving to touch the back of his head. He raises it and she sees something she has not seen in a long time. She sees the monster. She wonders if this is a by-product of their vicious start. Or maybe the hit of her blood he took. Either way, she knows he is doing his best to restrain himself.

Because she made him promise.

He is doing it because she asked him too.

And then something clicks.

"Do it," she says, her voice barely above a whisper.

He furrows his brows even as something in his eyes seems to come to life at her words.

She doesn't repeat herself, merely turns her head to the side and braces.

He wastes no time, sinking his fangs until the delicate space where neck meets shoulder. She curls her fingers into his arms and she feels her nails bite into his skin. For a moment she lay there still caught up in the euphoria of everything.

She feels the snap (she hasn't expected to).

She fights now – fights to get him to let go, fights to get out from underneath him. For a split second, he tightens his grip and drinks deep. But thankfully, he gives into her feeble attempts to rid herself of him.

They stare at one another, her blood smeared on his lips.

"What did you do?" He asks, as he wipes his mouth with the back of his hand. She grimaces as he uses his tongue to clean the excess blood that lands there.

"I fixed us," she announces, scanning the room for what remains of her clothes. Her pants are salvageable but she has to snag his shirt. She dresses quickly, feeling the warm slide of blood from her open wound. She needs to get home to see to it. She needs to shower. She needs to rest.

Free from dreams.

Free from him.

When she opens the door to leave for the final time, he is quick to come up behind her, slamming his palm against the wooden surface and effectively stopping her. "Smart little girl," he croons, his voice hovering behind her ear. "You think this is over."

"It is," she tells him staring straight ahead. "There is nothing pulling us together anymore."

"Denial is such a human emotion," Klaus tells her, his tongue darting out to taste some of what remains from his attack. "If you think that it is as simple as that you are clearly fooling yourself. We didn't need a bond that night. We don't need a bond now. We are not through with each other, Bonnie Bennett."

She shoves back against him and he removes the hand that prevents her escape.

She walks briskly to her car.

Deep down knowing that he is right.


He disappears soon after.

She doesn't give in to urge to find out where.

He'll know she is looking.


She never does finish that damn essay.

But thankfully, Alaric is the kind of teacher that does not ask for a definition of 'extenuating circumstances'.

The End*

*I guess you could say there is the possibility for a third installment (making this a trilogy). I have the opening scene in my head but it is nowhere as near plotted out as this one was so I don't know if it will actually come to life. Thanks again to my awesome readers!