Cruel Intentions

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Chapter 1:

As long as your intention is pure, and you know what you're in it for, then you're alright. ~ Trey Anastasio

The soft clicking of her black, high heeled shoe against the concrete sidewalk echoed in her ears. The street was only lit by a single street lamp. However, she didn't mind the shadows. Since the night was still young and clear. She could clearly see the moon hanging above her. She smiled as she felt the breeze brush against her nape of her neck. Her long, dark, hair was swept into a tight bun on the back of her head. The black, leather jacket she wore was fitted snugly over the black, skin tight, silk one piece dress that ended mid-thigh.

Once she turned the corner, she entered a busier street filled with people. She made her way through the crowds of people silently and easily. Usually if any other girl dared to wear the same outfit she was wearing, they would have to endure endless jeering and catcalls from the rough, male population. She knew that no man would even dare to look her once they caught the sight of the silver, bracelet formed together with entwining snake figures glimmered on her wrist.

It was a gift from her father given to her on her sweet sixteen. Everyone knew who her father was and she knew that everyone feared him. They had a good reason as well; he was known to be most ruthless, heartless mafia boss ever to walk the undergrounds of Konoha city. He would personally slit your throat if you dare to defy him. He had a hand in everything from drugs to government issued weapons. That's right; her father was the infamous, underworld leader, Orochimaru. Technically, he was her adopted father, but she didn't care, since she couldn't remember much of her real family or even what they looked like. She suddenly turned into an alley and stopped abruptly.

"How long are you going to follow me around Kimimaro?" she called out without turning around to face her pursuer.

"I was merely following orders," replied the white hair man, stepping out of the flickering shadows.

"Tell my father, I can take care of myself."

"Hinata-sama, Orochimaru-sama is merely concerned with your safety," replied Kimimaro, walking

closely behind her now.

Hinata sighed and decided to ignore him as she continued to walk down the alley way until she reached the end. At the end of the alley, there was an old metal door with a buff looking guard standing in front of it. When the guard saw her and he stood straighter and opened the door for her. She surveyed the room with a tired eye. It was the usual crowd of people dancing, smoking, and drinking. She brushed past the guard and clubbers. She made her way towards the metal stair case that was located in the back of the room. A few drunken men whistled at her and young women that were in groups, giggled and pointed at her.

She ignored all this as she made her way the second floor landing. There was another man who was waiting at the end. The man bowed when he saw her approaching.

"Good evening Hinata sama Orochimaru sama has been waiting for you."

She nodded at the man before entering the VIP room. The room was dimly lit; it was furnished with expensive looking leather sofas and one way class window that showed the view of the club scene below. As soon as she entered, she recognized familiar faces of her father's close circle. They greeted her with shouts of greetings and whistles. Only one man got to his feet and made his way towards her, it was her father, Orochimaru dressed in a new, black Armani suit.

"Hello darling," he greeted her with kisses on the cheek.

"Hello papa," greeted Hinata him with a smile. Her father was always the same. He might seem ruthless and heartless to his clients and enemies but towards her, he was just a harmless, old snake who needed to be tamed once in a while. Among his inner circle, they knew that he only ever showed his kindness towards his adopted daughter, Hinata.

"Hinata-darling, I hardly see you anymore," pouted her father.

"Well, I'm going to school you know…" replied Hinata settling herself on the sofa before taking a sip

of her drink that was brought her by a waiter.

"Ah, that school that you insisted on going to, if I knew that it would make you so cold toward me, I wouldn't have let you gone."

Hinata rolled her eyes at this speech. Her father was sometimes like a child. He was beating around the bushes like always.

"Alright papa, cut to the chase, what do you want?"

Her father pretended to clutch at his heart as he cried in a hurt tone "Ouch, my heart is breaking Hinata…"

"Come on, Papa, you know it's not like you to ask me to come to a place like this."

"Okay fine, I admit there something I want to talk to you about." His eyes glinted in the dim light.

"What is it?"

Hinata's eyes narrowed as she looked up at her father. There was that devilish glint in his eyes again. She mentally sighed; she wasn't going to like this one bit.

"There is a boy at your school…"

"He asked you to what-" cried the beautiful girl seating across from Hinata.

"Be quiet Haku!"

"Sorry," murmured Haku as she coughed embarrassedly, looking around the café to see if anyone was staring at her.

"Do you know how insane his request is …" muttered Hinata looking down at her coffee.

"Not really, I think it's his way of finding you a boyfriend!" giggled Haku girlishly. Hinata's eye twitched. Her father helping herfind a boyfriend. She shivered at the idea.

"Get close to him?"

"Okay maybe your father want you become his friend…"

"his friend…he is quite popular, I might be able to manage that…"

"It's Uchiha Sasuke we are talking about, there is gotta be an inner circle of friends."

"How do I become his friend…we belong in totally different social hierarchy…"

She was in dance department of Konoha University and he was in business department. Since her father was a mafia boss, she couldn't afford to make too many friends. It would not only endanger her father's life but her own as well. Therefore, she was always quiet and learned to fade into the background in every class. She hides behind her large framed glasses and baggy white shirts and long skirts that stopped at her ankle. She wore her long hair in a French braid.

Some of her classmate thought she was stuck up, while others thought of her simply as shy. She wasn't fashionable and never looked for attention. In fact she didn't any friends from her own department. Her only friend in the whole school was sitting in front of her right now, Haku. Haku was a medical student who had the face of an angel. Even thought Haku was popular, her one true love was Zabuza, a boxer.

"My father is crazy, there is no way I can get even close to him"

Uchiha Sasuke was golden boy the school. His family owned large oversea companies and he was good everything.

Haku sipped her orange juice, pouting and then suddenly smiled.

"Wait-" said Haku, rummaging through her bag. A piece of crumpled paper was produced from her search through her bag. It was an application for Performers for the CharityBall sponsored by business club. Hinata frowned, "are you asking me to perform in the Charity ball?"

"Well, my other friends gave an application for being a model, you know, Zabuza will be angry…"pouted Haku.

"If you enter, you will meet him for sure. I heard he is in charge this year."

Hinata looked at the application. Haku smiled like an angel at Hinata, as she continued to drink her orange juice, happily.

"I really hate my father sometimes."


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