Cruel Intentions

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Sasuke needed a drink badly. The planning for the charity ball was driving him up the wall. The budget was nowhere near done, the event hall wasn't booked, the performance weren't decided and it was all happening to a month. Everything was done so sloppily that he had to do it himself.

This was his last project as the leader of the business club before, he graduated. He knew that his father would be looking at this project as his ability to succeed the group. His ability to turn funds into profits, it was a test. His father purposely didn't give him any funding and he knew that he wouldn't ask either. It was little money from the business club funding and his personal connections that got him to the full budget that he has now. His father often told him, it was to use everything and anything to get what you wanted. He had sent invitations to all the high social members ensuring them a wonderful night that they won't forget, if they attended, the prices were pricey as job was create an experience and environment where they will want to donate more money.

It was finally Friday night and he could have a drink and it was back to work tomorrow for auditions for the dance performances. He gulped down his first drink and quickly ordered a second one. He was the first one there. He wondered where his usually party members of his circle were. They were always earlier than him, already drinking and talking about what happened during the week while he was cooped up in the business club room. Ino was the first to arrive, sliding beside him on the couch.

"Sasuke,I found someone great for the dance performance part," said Ino, while she waved down the waiter,"Gin and Tonic, please."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. Ino was never one to pay attention to what he did. It was rare that she would find someone for him.


"She comes highly recommended by my friend, you will meet her at the audition tomorrow, if she shows up," said Ino with a shrug. Sasuke rolled his eyes, it sounded like something that Ino would set up, a no-show. It was then a trio appeared, the female tossed her bag on the couch and fell beside Ino. The two guys took an opposite seat across from them.

Everyone eagerly started to ask about the after party that would be held after the charity ball. There was going to be a huge after party held in renovated warehouse, it was supposed to raise more money for the charity but everyone knew it was just an excuse to throw a party.

"You're gonna need a drink after you spend time with those people," said Naruto as Sasuke listed the people who is going to come to the Charity ball.

"Well, it's that the point for the after party!" cried Ino as she sipped her drink.

"The head of the police is coming right?," asked Neji,toying with his drink. Sasuke nodded, the head of police was Naruto's aunt.

"That old lady is going to come. What a bust. She is going to drag me along for sure."

"Sasuke, please make sure the performers are hot, and it will so fun at the after party."

"Oh, please Naruto. Like they would ever go out with someone like you," said Tenten deadpanned. They all laughed and Sasuke looked at his watch, it was already past twelve. Another busy day ahead.

Hinata was running late. She had woken up in the morning at the kitchen table, her joints were aching. It was then she saw the card and vaguely remembered that Sai said something about audition. It was then she quickly jumped in the shower and grabbed her dance things and rushed out the door.

She was barely going to make it. The auditions were held in the theater of the school. When she got there, the auditorium was dimly lit and it was empty she sighed. She had probably missed it. She stared at the stage, her hand gripped her bag strap.

"What are you doing here?" asked a masculine voice behind her.

She turned around, there stood a guy who was a foot taller than her. His hair and eyes were dark, he looked tired with his shirt collar open and his sleeves were rolled up. On his wrist was an expensive watch, it reminded her something that her father would wear, she took a step back. It was Uchiha Sasuke.

"I- I am here for the dance a-auditon," she stuttered, hoping her faked nervousness would help her gain some sympathy.

"Oh, it just finished."


"What's your name?"asked the guy, crossing his arms, giving her a good look. She could feel his eyes trailing up and down her body.


His eyes narrowed, "your name was not on the list."

"Oh, a friend recommend me," murmured Hinata softly, turning her head downwards, trying to avoid his eyes.

"Oh, you are the girl that comes highly recommended," muttered the man. He was quiet for a moment and decided on something.

"Go ahead, dance something for me."

"Excuses me?" asked Hinata startled at his request. Her eyes flew to his face.

"I am giving you a chance, so go up to the stage and dance" said the man impatient,"you have 10 minutes."

"O-okay," Hinata hurried up and went up to the stage. She took out the C.D from her bag and put it into the C.D player on side of the stage. She couldn't believe her luck, he was still allowing her to audition. She smirked to herself as she picked the track music flowed and echoed in the large theaters She could see him watching her from the middle of the seating. However, halfway through her routine, he had stopped her and said that he saw enough. He said that he had to go and asked her to hurry along. She felt confused, what did he mean that he saw enough? Did he like it?

She looked at him for any sign that he was impressed, but not matter how she looked at him, it seemed that he was simply disinterested in her performance. He looked at his watch as he waited for her to pack up, it was obvious that he was in a hurry. As she followed him out the auditorium, her curiosity got the best of her. She wanted to know why he cut her performance short and more than that to get closer to him. She might not get another a chance like this.

"Wait," she said grabbing his arm suddenly. He turned around his dark eyes focused on her.

"I-I.." her words lost , it was first time she ever wanted to ask someone without her usual authority.

"What?" He took a step forward. She looked at floor, trying not to show her irritation toward his behavior.

"I-I am wondering i-if.."

"Why should I ?" He asked crudely as if he knew what she wanted to ask.

It was the first time in her life that some would act like they are like god. No one dare to ask her for an explanation. It just didn't happen, if only he knew who she was.

"I-I want to see you again."


"L-let's meet again."

"Are you always this straightforward to the men you meet?" he asked taking a step forward. She took a step back until her back hit the door.


"If you want, we can go up to my office now?" leaning forward to whisper into her ear. His body coming too close to her. She could feel his body heat, it made her skin face burned with embarrassment, he actually thought she wanted to use her body to trade for the part. Her hand gripped her skirt, what an asshole. If he wasn't the mark, he would be dead by now. She had to hold herself back from giving him a good kick to knock some sense into phone started to ring at the moment and he pulled away. He was smirking at her.

"Till next time then," he said before taking his phone and walking. Her embarrassment and anger glued her to the spot, watching him walk away. He was the first guy who ever made her feel this way. The worse was she let him make her feel this way. She took a deep breath, she had make sure her emotions were under control. She would be ready the next time they met.

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