Behind Locked Doors.

Rachel and Quinn have an encounter on the first day back of Junior Year, it will change everything. Faberry.


"You're Rachel Berry, you can get through this." She told her reflection as she bit back the tears that had been threatening to spill since it happened. She could feel the mixture trickling down her face, it was red, it smelt disgusting and it was everywhere. She ripped off the white button down shirt she had on, it was ruined and she didn't care for the buttons that scattered across the tiled floor. She looked back at her reflection and almost laughed, she was a mess, her first day of Junior year was not going to plan, Finn didn't pick her up like he promised that morning and instead of walking the hall with her boyfriend she was left to the mercy of the hockey players and Dave Karofsky. She barely had time to process when the door swung open and in walked the last person she wanted to see, back in her Cheerios uniform and her HBIC glare stuck in place was Quinn Fabray.

The blonde stared at her and Rachel did her best to scowl back, but it didn't work too well when red ice was dripping down her face. It was a moment before either of them realized that Rachel was only wearing a bra.

Quinn looked at the naked flesh in front of her and gulped, for years she had avoided being in situations like this with Rachel and now she couldn't seem to take her eyes off her, even though she was covered in a red mix, Rachel looked amazing, her skin was tanned and smooth, her figure was even better than Quinn had imagined from staring at her in those tight sweaters. She gulped and tried to dismiss all the thoughts that were running through her head and ignore the ache that was developing between her thighs, but it was too late, she was trapped and Rachel had probably seen her staring now. She tried to say a prayer, something anything to help, but today god wasn't listening.

Rachel noticed that Quinn's eyes were locked on her breasts, she saw the girl gulp and with that movement her eyes became fixated with the blondes lips. She watched as a pink tongue darted out slightly and wet them and she felt all her blood race between her legs, she clenched her muscles, but it didn't stop her desire pooling.

"Berry." Quinn half snarled as she finally came to her senses, she forced herself to look at the brunettes brown eyes and instantly regretted it. They were like black pools of desire and her aggression was quickly lost as her breath hitched.

"Quinn." Rachel smirked, she'd seen that look before, Finn got it just before he started talking about the mailman. Rachel knew Quinn wanted her, she knew and she liked it.

"What happened?" Quinn asked, her hands motioning towards Rachel's reddened state. She couldn't be aggressive, not when Rachel looked hot. Without realizing her tone had changed to concern and she hated that she was unable to stop herself. Rachel had a power over her and it was nothing short of infuriating.

"Hockey players." Rachel shrugged as she remembered what she was doing in the bathroom in the first place, she broke her fixation on Quinn and began wiping the mixture from her face and shoulders. "Why are you here?"

"I was avoiding Santana, no one uses this restroom usually..." she arched an eyebrow at Rachel, but it went unnoticed. The brunette was now focussing on cleaning her chest and Quinn couldn't help but stare again. Rachel wiped the last remains away from the top of her breast and that was when Quinn moaned, she didn't mean to, but there it was, the noise filled the room.

Rachel's eyes shot up and met hazel ones in the mirror. Quinn was as shocked as her at the sound, but then Rachel took the towel and slowly wiped at her breast again, Quinn's eyes followed the movement and she knew she was done for.

Rachel bit her lip as she watched the reaction on Quinn's face. The blonde had given up reapplying her makeup and was now just blatantly staring. Rachel walked past her and let her arm brush lightly against Quinn's shoulder, the blonde turned to watch as Rachel headed towards the door. She didn't know what Rachel was doing, she couldn't be going out into the hall, she was only wearing a bra.

"You can't." She said quietly, her eyes now firmly focussed on her own feet, her hands gripping the edge of the sink and her knuckles were almost white. She couldn't watch Rachel anymore, she desperately tried to shut the images from her mind, but then she heard a click and her head flicked back up to see Rachel stood with her back to the door, smiling shyly, or was it suggestively at her? Her heart stopped for a second as Rachel moved closer to her. The air was thick and she could hear her own heartbeat racing so fast that she thought it was going to burst out of her chest, she was sure Rachel could hear it too. Quinn was convinced she was about to die, her breathing was becoming labored and her legs felt like they were about to give out as Rachel approached, still only wearing that bra. She could see the shape of her firm breasts and...

"It may be quiet here, but I don't want to be interrupted." Rachel's breath ghosted across Quinn's ear and the blonde wasn't sure how to interpret those words. She didn't say we, she said I, so perhaps she just didn't want anyone else walking in while she wiped the slushy off her breasts? Quinn groaned inwardly at the thought, but turned to see Rachel fiddling with her skirt.

"Rachel." She husked as the ache inside grew.

Rachel couldn't resist any longer, the hunger in Quinn's eyes had made her wet. She'd wanted to be sure and now she was certain.

"Quinn." she said breathily and within a second she was pinned back against the wall. Quinn's lips were attacking her at a frenzied pace, teeth, lips and tongues collided and Rachel couldn't imagine anything better. The kiss slowed as Quinn seemed to calm and Rachel moaned at the new softer kisses, as her lips parted she felt Quinn's tongue slide into her mouth and their tongues danced in slow languid strokes, using her hand to remove the hairband that had Quinn's hair pulled into a high ponytail before tangling her fingers in the soft mane, desperately pulling Quinn as close as possible, realizing she could never get close enough.

Quinn was so far in now that she didn't care, her walls were down and she was kissing Rachel, finally! She'd thought about it for so long and was amazed that the reality was so much better than she could ever have imagined. Rachel lips fitted so well to hers, her skin was soft and her hair, well it was long and smooth and smelled of coconuts, this was definitely better than any of the guys she'd been near, a million times better. Thoughts were becoming impossible as a fuzziness filled her head, her hands were still locked in Rachel's hair as she pulled back and gasped for air, Rachel didn't seem to have the same problem as her mouth was now attached to Quinn's neck, nipping and sucking. She freed her hands and ran her fingers down Rachel's back, her nails dragging against the soft skin, stopping at her waist before bringing them around to Rachel's bare torso. Her fingertips lightly brushing Rachel's skin as she worked a path towards the flimsy material that was covering Rachel's firm breasts. She had been admiring them since she walked in the room and now her knuckles grazed the underside of Rachel's boobs making Rachel moan with pleasure.

"I need you." she said against Quinn's skin and didn't know quite what she meant in that moment because she wanted so many things, but then Quinn's hand was kneading her breast and a thumb rubbed across her hardened nipple, she could feel her panties becoming soaked, it was all too much, she knew she should slow down, that she should stop this before it went any further, she had to stop. Instead she pushed her thigh into Quinn's heat.

"Fuck Rach." Quinn groaned and the sound of her name falling from the other girls lips made Rachel more confident and more desire driven then she'd ever been in her life, this was more than getting that role on stage, more than her first public performance, this was her secret dream, this was kissing Quinn Fabray, touching her. She placed both hands on Quinn's ass and pulled her closer. Quinn moved against Rachel's leg as her own desire grew out of control.

Quinn forced herself to step back, their eyes met and for a moment Rachel thought she saw something other than desire.

"You are beautiful." Quinn whispered before placing a soft kiss on Rachel's mouth, she slowly deepened the kiss, it was tender and less reckless than the first one as she felt her feelings supersede her desire.

Rachel was completely blown away, the look in Quinn's eye and the softness of this kiss were becoming too much, her heart raced and she tried to hold Quinn closer, her fingers were lost in the soft golden hair that fell around her shoulders.

"We have to stop." The words fell from Rachel's mouth even though her actions were saying the opposite.

Quinn stopped kissing her and rested her head on Rachel's shoulder, panting as she tried to control her breathing. She nodded softly before stepping back and meeting Rachel's eye again. "You're right, but..." she couldn't help herself as she placed a tender kiss to Rachel's now swollen lips.

"That was kind of..."

"Yeah." Quinn exhaled. "It really was."

"I've never, you know? With a girl."

"No, I uh. Rachel you can't tell anyone." Quinn suddenly felt the panic take hold of her body. "It's wrong and I can't, we shouldn't."

"Shush." Rachel placed a finger to Quinn's lips, their bodies were still pressed together and it gave her the confidence to know that Quinn still wanted her, still wanted to be close. "I won't say a word. It's our secret."

"Okay." Quinn let out deep breath and felt her body relax. Her hands moved to Rachel's hips as she tried to pull away. "I better go."

"Yeah." Rachel stepped out of Quinn's reach but was suddenly aware of her undressed state as Quinn watched her.

"But maybe we" Quinn moved to her bag and pulled out a track T-shirt passing it to Rachel who gratefully put it on.

"Thank you." She said, the smell of Quinn's perfume was still on the shirt and she had a feeling she wouldn't be in a hurry to return it. "and I'd like to, if you'd like to"

"I thought you were meant to be the eloquent one?"

"So did I." Rachel grinned, her cheeks were still tinged with pink from their heated make out session and Quinn smiled dopily as she thought how pretty the brunette looked.

Quinn broke her gaze and moved toward the door "I have a free after English." She added as she unlocked it.

"I'll be here." Rachel said to the departing figure.

Quinn walked down the hall, trying to hide the smile that played at the corner of her mouth, she couldn't wait until later. She'd kissed Rachel, she'd touched her and she knew she wanted more, she would always want more.


A/N: So thinking this could be a series of encounters between the two, might stick some angst in there.

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