"Rachel, what're you doing?" Quinn managed to separate their lips for a second, she tried to focus but her head fell back against the wall the moment Rachel's lips moved to her neck, nipping and sucking it lightly and making her whole body go weak.

She was still waiting for an answer when Rachel's hands slipped under her dress, unhooking her bra and massaging the bare flesh beneath, taking her nipple and gently squeezing it. Quinn let out a soft moan. Unsure why she was even questioning Rachel right now.

The brunette didn't stop her movements as she finally answered Quinn. "You said Nationals. Nothing more specific, no condition we had to win, or perform, or get through a rehearsal, just nationals and this is nationals." Rachel slipped the straps of Quinn's dress from her shoulders and watched hungrily as it fell to the floor, she looked up for a second before wrapping her lips around Quinn's hardened bud, she'd missed this. The touches, the kisses, the need and the urgency.

"But we're on in like thirty minutes." Quinn tried to gain some control, she'd planned for romance, a great rehearsal followed by a candle lit meal and ultimately mind blowing sex. Except her plans had been scuppered the moment they arrived. Mr Schue was of course unprepared and that meant they were desperately trying to rehearse and write songs when they should have been enjoying the little time they had in the city Rachel loved.

Quinn cuddled into Rachel last night but Mercedes had coughed deliberately whenever things began to get heated. She'd spent the whole of breakfast scowling at the girl. Now they were close to their actual performance. Rachel was meant to be focussed and resting. They'd win, they'd celebrate and after breakfast Quinn had decided enough was enough, she wasn't going to be blocked by Mercedes or anyone else, so she booked a room just for the two of them. Her Mom had given her enough spending money to cover it, but now they were locked away in a back room somewhere near the auditorium and Rachel's lips were wrapped around her nipple and really she couldn't remember what she was complaining about, this is what she wanted. What they both needed.

"It's enough, I wanted you all day yesterday, it's been too long..." Rachel mumbled, pushing herself into Quinn, her thigh lifting between the blondes legs and pressing into her core. Quinn let out a moan at the sensation, riding against Rachel's bare thigh, only her panties acting as a barrier.


Rachel sighed at the pressure, she felt like she was burning up, she needed Quinn so badly. The last few weeks had turned her into a hot mess. Quinn had proven she was the perfect girlfriend. The dates were amazing. Spending time together and openly being a couple had blown her mind, but now she needed the thing she'd been missing, she needed Quinn just as much as she'd always done. Not having any release had been driving her crazy and there was no way she could perform today. All she could think of was sex, sex with Quinn, Quinn's body, her hands, her taste and it was getting ridiculous, she could barely remember the words to the songs.

Swiftly she discarded her own dress and threw it down next to Quinn's, kissing her softly, sighing at the feel of Quinn's toned abs against her skin. Falling to her knees, she lifted Quinn's leg over her shoulder and gently kissed the inside of her thigh. Slowly, teasingly making her way towards Quinn's heat. The blonde bucked into her touch and she smirked a little, but her own desire won out as she finally ran her tongue flatly along Quinn's centre. Looking up to meet hazel eyes, she couldn't miss the flash of longing in them. She took a deep breath and kissed Quinn softly on her clit. "I love you." She pressed a second kiss, flicking out her tongue lightly.

"Rachel." Quinn exhaled, her fingers wrapping in the brunettes hair, desperately trying to pull her closer.

Rachel slowly ran her tongue along Quinn's wet folds, down towards her butt, lingering slightly. Quinn shuddered into her as she moved her tongue, drawing tantalizing circles, finally dipping inside and taking the briefest taste. "please..." Quinn begged from above her.

"Anything you need, everything you want." Rachel smiled as she wrapped her lips around Quinn's clit, gently sucking it, then flicking hard with her tongue. She needed this, she wanted this so much.

Passion engulfed her, her blood pumping fast through her veins, pushing two fingers into Quinn's wetness, sighing at how complete that made her feel. She'd been dreaming about this moment for weeks and now she finally had the chance again. Quinn Fabray was riding her hand as she fucked her, it felt so right, bringing her close to orgasm, the blondes fingers wrapped tightly in her hair, bringing her mouth closer to her clit.

She didn't care that she'd be on stage shortly, her hair was easily fixed and she knew she'd perform better if she wasn't so on edge with sexual frustration. Nationals was a dream, one she knew she'd achieve. Quinn being hers right now was a reality.

"Fuck, Rachel." Quinn cried out as her hips jerked up, her walls clamping around Rachel's fingers as she continued to rock into her, only slowing when the blonde lifted her leg off her shoulder and their eyes locked in an intense stare.


Quinn didn't drop her eyes as she found her feet and quickly recovered her breath, pulling Rachel up to meet her lips.

"Good?" Rachel questioned, a smirk firmly in place.

"Fuck." Quinn slammed Rachel's body back against the wall. "I want you so bad."

"That's what I wanted to hear." Rachel tried to remain playful but her breath was already ragged and Quinn knew it wouldn't take much. She kissed Rachel hungrily, she could never convey how much she needed her in one kiss, but she always tried. Their tongues danced together and she moaned inwardly at the taste of herself on Rachel's lips.

Slowly she pulled out of the kiss, her forehead resting against Rachel's, she wanted to see her come but her eyes closed instinctively the second she ran her fingers against Rachel's wetness. Teasingly only inserting one finger, slowly moving it in and out as she rubbed her thumb in circles around Rachel's clit. The brunette whimpered, reminding Quinn to open her eyes, this she really did want to see. She knew what her girlfriend craved. Adding a second and third finger, stretching Rachel's walls with each push, loving the feeling of her girlfriends tightness and how it coupled perfectly with her desire and ache for more.

"Come for me baby." Her voice husky as she captured Rachel's earlobe in her mouth.

"Fuck me, fuck harder..." Rachel pushed down against her hand and Quinn used all her strength to keep them both upright, pushing in deeper and faster, causing Rachel to cry out her name as she came undone. Slowly she pulled out and kissed her girlfriend softly.

"You ready now?" she quirked an eyebrow and earned the laugh she'd hoped for.

"More than. Lets do this, let's kick some ass!" Rachel quickly redressed, fixing her hair in the mirror and waiting for Quinn to do the same. Before Quinn walked out the door she pulled her into her arms, kissing her tenderly and holding her close. They linked hands and made their way back into the throng of performers. "I feel absolutely fucking amazing!" she beamed as they headed towards the stage.

"Then do this, I love you Rach. This is all yours, just go out there and take it." She planted a kiss on Rachel's forehead and smiled as she watched her take centre stage. This was it, Rachel's moment and as Quinn watched in the wings she'd never felt more proud. Her heart welled the moment Rachel locked eyes with her and sang those lines. She couldn't imagine being more in love, but this was Rachel Berry and with her, anything was possible.


"We did it!" Rachel hadn't let go of the trophy, her knuckles white from where she'd been gripping it so tight.

"You did it." Quinn moved behind her, wrapping her arms around her waist and resting her head on her shoulder, leaving a brief kiss to her neck.

"We!" Rachel corrected, turning to look at Quinn. "All of us, glee club, but mostly you. I couldn't have...well..."

"Sex before a performance works?"

"I think sex after would be helpful too." Rachel purred, turning in Quinn's arms and capturing her lips in a tender kiss.

"You think we can sneak off?"

"Do you think any of them really want to spend the afternoon with me? I'm excited, I scream. There's only one person that can put up with that. Only one person that can make me feel even better than winning a nationals...we won Nationals!" Rachel yelped. It really was taking a while to sink in. Quinn was the only anchor she needed though, she wanted to be with her. To celebrate alone and quite frankly she just wanted to have a lot of sex. She felt like she'd been missing out.

"I plan to make you scream a lot, but maybe you should let go of the trophy?" Quinn was enjoying the embrace, but pieces of metal weren't really what she wanted pressing into her body. "I've got us a room at the hotel. Just us and then perhaps some sightseeing?"

"We can sightsee some other time. Now you're mine." Quinn really was the only thing that would make Rachel leave that trophy behind. She took Quinn's hand and they were gone in a flash.


The second they got inside the hotel room they were locked together. Lips smashing into heavy kisses that were all teeth and tongues. Hands desperately tugging at clothes, discarding them carelessly on their way towards the bed. Quinn fisted Rachel's hair. Walking her backwards until the backs of her knees connected with the bed, causing her to fall back. The blonde didn't let up as she shifted their bodies across the bed, when she was happy Rachel's head was on the pillow she left her lips and placed hot open mouthed kisses down her neck, sucking lightly on her collarbone. Her hands palmed Rachel's breasts. Sighing at how good it felt to be doing this again. She kissed a trail down Rachel's belly, finally reaching her destination.

Rachel's breathing became ragged as Quinn ran her fingers up her thigh, she could feel the heat from Rachel's core as her fingers traced a line along her panties.

"You're so wet."

"Please." Rachel whimpered as Quinn's thumb rubbed against her clit, she arched into the touch, desperate for more pressure.

"You want this?" Quinn teased, her voice deep with desire. "You want me to fuck you?"

"Yes...Quinn...please." Rachel whined, still trying to rock into Quinn's touch.

"Say it." The blonde demanded, pulling her hand away.

Rachel craned her neck off the bed and locked eyes with Quinn, she could see the power was turning the blonde on and the fire in her eyes made Rachel want it even more.

"Fuck me, please. Quinn! Fuck me now." Rachel begged, she was happy to play this little game.

Her reward came instantly and she thought she'd come with it too, Quinn entered one finger. Slowly moving in and out, but it wasn't enough. "More." She panted and was relieved when Quinn obliged. She didn't want the power game to go on any longer. She needed this.

Quinn was in her own world. Moving her body against Rachel's. Fucking her hard with her fingers, thrusting quick and as deep as she could as Rachel bucked and rocked against her.

She could feel Rachel's walls beginning to pulse and rubbed her clit harder, the brunettes head arched back on the pillow as she screamed out Quinn's name, but she didn't pause for breath before looking back up at her girlfriend.

"You're turn." She pushed Quinn down on to the bed and slid down her body. Taking a dusky nipple in her mouth and sucking it lightly while her fingers danced across Quinn's skin as if she was trying to commit every part of her body to memory. This was going to be long and slow and she didn't care how much Quinn whimpered or growled.

Finally she ran her tongue along Quinn's wet folds, drinking in her essence and closing her eyes tight with satisfaction. She wrapped her lips around Quinn's clit, teasing it lightly with her tongue. Quinn was practically squirming beneath her, desperate for more friction.


"You want me to fuck you baby?"

"Fuck, yes!" Quinn cried out and Rachel pushed her tongue inside, delving as deep as she could, curling it up against Quinn's inner walls. She tried to hold Quinn in place with her arm, but the blonde was writhing erratically with each move. Giving into her girlfriends needs she fucked her at a frenzied pace, her thumb rubbing her clit hard and quickly bringing her to a shuddering climax.

"You're beautiful and I love you." Rachel giggled as she moved to Quinn's side.

"You're a tease and I love you." Quinn panted back. "more." She growled, hooking her arm around Rachel and pulling their bodies flush. They spent the next few hours like that. Neither caring about the outside world, they were where they belonged.


"I'm hungry." Rachel laughed as her stomach growled on cue.

"It's 7pm, I skipped lunch and that was pretty intense." Quinn was still catching her breath, her body covered in a light sheen and her cheeks still flush. Rachel was something else and she looked so beautiful lying next to her, barely covered with a white sheet.

"I could eat everything on here." Rachel flicked through the room service menu.

"Or we could take a shower and go out and eat?" Quinn propped herself up on the pillow.

"But then I'd have to put on clothes and not get to spend the whole night wrapped in your arms. I think room service."

"Room service it is." Quinn pulled Rachel on top of her and pushed her fingers inside her girlfriend. Rachel pretended she was still reading the menu for as long as she could before finally discarding it and throwing her head back. Rocking hard against Quinn's hand as she came undone.

"Fuck, I'm ordering it all and you're paying. I need all the energy I can get." Rachel rolled off Quinn and onto her side, grabbing the phone from the bedside table.

"Works for me." Quinn smirked and ran her fingers deftly across Rachel's bare back, watching as the skin pricked and tiny hairs stood on end. Moving closer she placed a soft kiss to the skin and Rachel moaned into the phone, before slapping Quinn's hand away and continuing to order everything she could eat.

Quinn grumbled when it arrived, she'd craved a burger, but Rachel insisted that lips that touched meat were not part of tonights plan, so she stopped moaning and stuffed her face. She couldn't believe how hungry she was, or how strangely romantic it was to eat with just a bed sheet covering her naked body, curled into bed with the girl she loved. When sleep overcame them both, New York was lit up outside their window. They wouldn't see much on this trip, but as they'd eaten they'd talked and promised a future and the chance to explore it all one day and Quinn was as certain as she could be that they'd make good on that promise.


The trip to New York came to an end and the victorious glee club returned to Ohio feeling jubilant. It wasn't quite as big a reception as when the football team won, in fact it wasn't really a reception at all, but there was a banner and some people half smiled at them. Quinn didn't care, she had Rachel. They'd had the most amazing time and an amazing journey. Their junior year was drawing to a close and they had a summer filled with possibilities and they both had dreams and she knew neither of them would ever let them go now.

Everything was how it should be, she'd never forget that first day in the restroom and she was constantly grateful that she'd found the strength to be herself.

She was broken from her reverie by Rick the stick pushing past her.

"What good's a glee trophy?" the other hockey players scoffed as they walked the halls. "No, Hudson, no football."

Quinn happily ignored them, but Rachel was lost in thought. "what you thinking Berry?" she nudged her girlfriend.


"Seriously? Because you better not feel bad that Finn Hudson is no longer at this school."

"No." Rachel stopped walking and turned to Quinn, "No really." Her eyes bulged. "I'm glad he's gone, did anyone really want to put up with his smug face throughout senior year? The guy was a total creep and after what he did, well it's a good job I'll never see him again." She joked, but soothingly stroked Quinn's arm. "they just gave me an idea is all."

"Care to share?"

"You'll see soon enough." Rachel winked at her mischievously and Quinn forgot what they were talking about, like she always did when Rachel looked at her like that.

"I've got to go and see Coach, she's summoned the three of us."

"You don't have to do anything she says." Rachel assured.

"That's what Santana keeps saying, but I don't know. I liked being a Cheerio. I know I used it to fit in before and thought it gave me some kind of status, but I don't care about that stuff now. I just miss..."

"Spelling out words with your arms?"

"Hey." Quinn bumped her hip into Rachel. She knew she was only winding her up.

"You look hot in that uniform, I loved you in that skirt and could quite happily put up with its return, just so long as the quarterback keeps his hands to himself."

"Returning to the cheerios is not me going back in the closet, so don't worry. Totally gay for you remember!"

"Wouldn't have it any other way." Rachel stopped and toyed with her hair. "You wanna go make out before your meeting?"

Quinn didn't answer, just gripped her hand and led her up the stairs and towards the restroom.


Rachel watched the group of cheerios making their way out of the locker room and out of the school. Her heart beating fast with excitement and a little tinge of fear. There was a chance she'd get caught, but this was definitely worth the risk.

The first day of senior year had been pretty subdued. She'd spent the best summer with Quinn and enjoyed every minute of it, now they were back at McKinley and Quinn was back on the Cheerio's as planned. They had a Nationals win to defend and so much ahead of them.

Rachel had a plan to make today as memorable as that first day of junior year turned out to be, she'd been plotting all summer and finally it was time.

"It's all yours." Santana handed her the keys. "I kept her talking and she was last in the shower. Enjoy." Santana winked. "Oh and Berry. You look so hot."

"Don't you start all that again!"

"So over you." Santana blew her a kiss as she made her way down the corridor.

Rachel chuckled to herself, but then she was filled with anticipation. She sucked in a deep breath and walked inside, pausing to lock the door. The shower had stopped and when she turned the corner she saw Quinn wrapped in a towel, her hair still wet, water droplets clinging to her shoulders.

"Hey you." Rachel spoke softly, but the sudden noise still made Quinn jump in surprise. "I thought I'd surprise you."

Quinn was still stunned, staring at her girlfriend, eyes wide. Slowly a smile grew across her face as she stepped closer. "Fuck, you look so sexy." Quinn grabbed Rachel's shirt and pulled her into a searing kiss.

"If my girlfriend is going to be cheering the football team, I figured I should be on it."

"No, really you're going to play football? You could get hurt." Quinn tried to be concerned, but she couldn't take her eyes off Rachel, she'd not seen that uniform since the night she first made love to Rachel. It seemed like an eternity ago now, but she wanted her just as bad and she couldn't imagine that attraction ever fading.

"Puck's been coaching me all summer, it was hard covering those bruises, but yeah I made it."

"I did wonder when Ballet became so brutal." Quinn ran her fingers along the number on Rachel's shirt. She could definitely enjoy cheering her on.

"And I figured it'd be fun." Rachel laughed lightly. "either way I'm going to have to change in here, so we'll get to hang out and..."

"Oh god I'm never going to get through another routine."

Rachel just smirked at her, pulling her into another kiss, but Quinn's hands were already under her shirt, desperately tugging it over her head.

"Wait." Rachel stepped back, her eyes drinking in a still wet Quinn.

"What?" Quinn looked at her pleadingly, she couldn't wait any longer.

"I think..." Rachel paused for a moment, her fingers dancing across Quinn's bare shoulders. "I need a shower!" Rachel winked and skipped off, throwing her shirt as she went.

Quinn heard the water and followed the trail of clothes Rachel had left behind. Discarding her towel as she stepped under the water, her lips quickly connecting with Rachel's as their bodies melded together. Senior year was definitely going to be amazing.


The End.


And that is pretty much how I'd have liked season two to have turned out. I just wanted it to be a bit more fun and a whole load of Faberry. Hope you enjoyed.

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