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It was a Wednesday morning and Arthur Pendragon was running late. After making the mistake of going out for a drink with Gwaine the night before which turned into a few drinks and Arthur had stumbled home, collapsed on his bed and slept until this morning.

Doing all this made him forget to set his alarm which had him running around trying to get everything ready. Shower, breakfast, cup of tea, brush teeth, pick out his suit which had to be one of his best ones. Out of all the days to sleep in why did it have to be the morning he had an important meeting?

Arthur grabbed his notes, stuffed them into his brief case and ran from his flat. He locked the door behind him and turned, bumping into someone, knocking them to the floor.

"I'm sorry." Arthur held his hand out and the tall skinny brunet took his hand with a smile and with Arthur's help, got to his feet. "It's alright. It was probably my fault. I'm always clumsy. I'm Merlin your new neighbour."

"Arthur Pendragon. I will pop round this evening and introduce myself properly. I'm in a bit of a hurry."

"Okay. Nice to meet you Arthur and see you later."

"You too Merlin." Arthur slowly let go of Merlin's hand and with a smile, Arthur turned and rushed down the hall towards the lift.

Arthur collapsed on to his office chair and swivelled it to the window with a smile on his face. He had got to work just in time and he felt that the meeting went well. He father was pleased by the end of it so that's something.

Arthur closed his eyes and leaned his head back, resting his head against the back of the chair. His new neighbour popped into his head. Merlin. Arthur smiled at the thought. He actually had a neighbour that was not only his own age and who looked like he could get on with but he was hot. Arthur started to wonder if Merlin was gay. Hopefully he was. He said he would pop round and introduce himself later.

Arthur had a plan. He would introduce himself proper, they could sit and talk and Arthur could let Merlin know he was gay and hopefully, with a bit of luck, Merlin will say that he is as well.

Arthur was brought out of his planning and thinking by a knock on his office door. He swivelled his chair back round and looked up. "Come in."

Uther walked in with a smile on his face. "They have agreed to sign. Well done my son."

"Thank you father. I'm glad."

"I owe you one son."

"In that case. Can I take the rest of the day off?"

"You have just made our bank balances bigger. Of course you can. But I still owe you one. Get going. I know you are off tomorrow anyway, so I'll see you Friday."

Arthur arrived back at his flat and changed into his jeans that were a little tattered and hung low on his hips along with a white t-shirt that was a little tight, showing his muscles off perfectly. He was bare foot and his hair was a little ruffled and Arthur smiled at his reflection before heading out and going to introduce himself properly to Merlin. He knocked on Merlin's door and only had to wait a few seconds before Merlin opened the door. Merlin seeing it was Arthur grinned and invited him in but Arthur didn't move.

"Arthur are you okay?"

"Have I caught you at a bad time?" he asked when he finally found his voice.

Merlin frowned. "No. Why would you think that."

"You are naked."

"I am aware of that Arthur. I never get tired of peoples faces when they knock on my door for the first time. Yours has to be one of the best. It's how I am Arthur."

"You're a naturist."

"I am. Inside my own home that is. I can't be like this outside otherwise I would get arrested for indecent exposure."

Merlin looked closely at Arthur. "Me being like this won't be a problem for you will it?"

"I think out of both of us you might be the uncomfortable one Merlin."

"Why is that?"

"You standing naked in front of me. Look what you have done to me." Arthur said pointing to his groin.

Merlin looked down and saw Arthur slightly tented jeans and smiled. "I have no problem of you being turned on Arthur. It actually makes me feel good to know that I can make someone who looks like you hard."

Arthur walked in and shut the door behind him as he followed Merlin into his flat, his eyes not moving from Merlin's arse. He didn't even know Merlin had stopped until the arse disappeared from view and his cock started to come into view as Merlin turned.

Arthur looked up to see Merlin smiling at him. "I'm sorry. You have probably guessed by now that I am gay as I very much like what I see. I'll go."

Arthur turned to leave but Merlin reached out and grabbed his arm, pulling him back a little to hard as Arthur turned and bumped right into him. "Arthur. Believe me when I say that someone like you finding me attractive is more than fine."

"You're gay?"


"You single?"


"Want to go on a date with a tall handsome blond?"


"A date where we can kiss goodnight at the door plus a little groping?"

"Yes Arthur."

"Tomorrow at six suit you?"


"Can I have a kiss now?"

Merlin didn't answer, he just smiled and inched his head forward and placed his lips on Arthur's who moaned and took control of the kiss. Thrusting his tongue into Merlin's inviting mouth and placing his hands on Merlin's face as Merlin wrapped his arms around Arthur.

When air was needed, Arthur pulled back and rested his forehead against Merlin's and couldn't help but laugh a little making Merlin laugh as well.

"I think I made the right choice moving here."

"And I will make sure you don't regret it either." Arthur gave Merlin a final kiss. "Until tomorrow at six then."

"Until then." Merlin smiled as he watched Arthur let himself out of his flat.

It was the next morning when Arthur was awoken early. And on his day off as well. By a knocking on the door. Arthur slowly got out of bed and made his way to the door. He opened the door and found Gwaine stood there.

"Gwaine what are you doing here this early?"

"Is your new neighbour in here?"

"Why would he be?"

"Because you introduce yourself and if you like them then you take them to bed."

"Not this one. There is something different about him. I can't quite put my finger on it. He is kind, he makes me laugh. He always has a smile on his face."

Gwaine looked more closely at Arthur. "There's something else. Something you're not telling me. What is it?"

Arthur sighed. He knew Gwaine would find out eventually. "Merlin is...a naturist Gwaine."

"Oh he is one of them that go on walking trips to read up on and learn about birds and forests-"

Arthur burst out laughing before Gwaine could continue. "Gwaine. Naturist. He isn't one of them who like nature and the outdoors."

"What is a naturist then?"

"Another word for it is..." Arthur sighed again. "Nudist."

Arthur stood and watched as the look of confusion and red from embarrassment of getting it wrong slowly disappeared only to be replaced by a look Arthur didn't like. It was a sly smile that only got bigger as Gwaine started to walk backwards to Arthur's door.

"Gwaine. Don't you da-"

But Gwaine was already out of the door and rushing to Merlin's. Arthur ran from his flat in just his boxer briefs and saw Gwaine banging on Merlin's door.

Arthur pushed his way in front of Gwaine. "Merlin it's Arthur. Don't come to the door. My friend Gwaine is here. He is only knocking because he knows what you are. I don't want him to see you. Please Merlin."

Arthur groaned when he heard the unlocking of the door. "Ha. Looks like he isn't going to listen to you Arthur."

Merlin opened the door and saw Arthur smile and the bloke who must be Gwaine, frown. "I thought you was one of them who don't wear clothes?" Gwaine asked.

Merlin smiled. "I am. I never wear clothes. Only when I go out because it's the law. But I heard Arthur through the door so I just slipped these jogging bottoms on. But what a sight to behold in the morning." he continued as he looked Arthur up and down. Arthur smiled and moved forward slightly and kissed Merlin good morning.

"No fun. Spoil sports." Gwaine mumbled as he walked away.

It was later that day when Merlin went to answer the door with a smile on his face. When Arthur left earlier on he said he would be back later but he didn't expect 'later' being so soon.

Merlin opened the door with a smile on his face which faltered a little when he saw Gwaine stood there. "Well hello Merlin."

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