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Arthur unlocked the door to his flat and opened it wide to let Merlin enter. "I thought after a date you are to walk me to my door?"

"The date is not over yet Merlin."

"Oh? And what do you have planned to finish our date off?"


Merlin smiled and did as Arthur said as Arthur stripped himself naked before walking over to his music player and putting a CD in.

"What CD are you putting in Arthur?"

"Olly Murs."

"Oh I like him. He's a good singer. What song are you putting on?"

Arthur walked over to Merlin and held his hand out as the music started to play. "Dance with me tonight."

Merlin laughed and took Arthur's offered and and spun in to his arms.

"My name is Olly, nice to meet you, can I tell you baby,

Look around there's a whole lot of pretty ladies,

But none like you, you shine so bright, yeah."

Arthur Merlin couldn't help but laugh when they made eye contact. Merlin laced his fingers with Arthur's and raised their hands before bringing them back down.

"I was wondering if you and me could spend a minute,

On the floor up and close getting lost in it,

I won't give up without a fight."

Arthur spun Merlin out and brought him back where Merlin ended up with his back flushed against Arthur's front. Merlin feeling Arthur's cock dig in him, ground his arse back and rubbed himself against the blond, smiling when he heard Arthur moan.

"I just wanna, ooh, oh baby,

I just want you to dance with me tonight,

So come on, ooh, oh baby,

I just want you to dance with me tonight."

Merlin let go of Arthur's hands and reached behind him and placed his hands on Arthur hips as he slowly swayed from side to side, slowly crouching before standing up again.

"We're getting sweaty, hot and heavy in the crowd now,

Loosen up and let your hands go down, down,

Go with it girl, yeah just close your eyes, yeah.

I feel the music moving through your body,

Looking at you I can tell you want me,

Don't stop keep going till the morning light, yeah."

Arthur moaned and spun Merlin around to face him and crashed his lips upon his and let his hands slide down Merlin's back. His fingertips doing a dance on the bare back as they moved down.

"When I saw you there,

Sitting all alone in the dark acting like you didn't have a care,

I knew right then, you'd be mine, and we'd be dancing the whole damn night right,

Ooh, oh baby, I just want you to dance with me tonight,

So come on, ooh, oh baby,

I just want you to dance with me tonight."

Arthur reached Merlin's arse and squeezed hard and brought Merlin, if possible, even closer. Merlin moaned and threw his head back and wrapped his arms around Arthur neck as Arthur moved his mouth to the brunets neck to feast on it.

"Break it down now, shake it like that, now bring it all back,

To dance with me tonight,

One more time, one more time, come on now.

Do your thing, everybody sing,

I just want you to dance with me tonight, yeah

I just wanna, ooh, oh baby,

I just want you to dance with me tonight

Everybody, everybody, come on now,"

At this point they were both lost in their own passion and didn't realise that their swaying together became desperate rubbing against the other until they both came on each others stomachs.

"Ooh, just close your eyes, we can dance all through the night

I just want you to dance with me tonight,

And everybody sing, girl just close your eyes

We can dance all through the night

I just want you to dance with me tonight

So come on, just close your eyes,

We can dance all through the night

I just want you to dance with me tonight."

The song finished and the next one started but they just stood there panting, staring at each other as they got their breaths back. "Wow Arthur."

"I know Merlin."

"You do know that I will not be able to listen to that song again without thinking of this night don't you."

Arthur laughed and kissed Merlin. "Bed?

"Yes. Finally." Merlin said and followed Arthur to his room, turning the music off as he went.

Merlin walked into Arthur's bedroom and saw him standing beside his bed. "Are you sure you want to stay the night Merlin?"

"Yes Arthur." Merlin walked over to Arthur and held his hands as he guided them both to sit on the edge of the bed. He let go of Arthur's hands and moved over to straddle him. "Make love to me Arthur."

Arthur smiled and leaned forwards to kiss Merlin. "At least I have a neighbour who won't complain about the noises anymore."

"No Arthur. I can hardly complain when it will be me making them."

Arthur chuckled and leaned over, reaching into the drawer to pull out a tube of lube. Merlin lathered his fingers in it as did Arthur. Merlin moved his head down and glued his lips to Arthur's as his hands went to wrapping themselves around Arthur's cock. Slowly pumping it up and down as Arthur lubed fingers moved round to the back of Merlin and circled his entrance with one finger before slowly pushing one inside of him.

Merlin moaned against Arthur's mouth and kissed him harder as he began to bounce up and down on Arthur's finger. Arthur wrapped his left arm around Merlin to hold him tighter as he pushed two more fingers inside the man on top of him.

Merlin broke their kiss and threw his head back, exposing his long and pale neck to Arthur who latched on with his lips and began to lick and suck and bite.

"Oh gods Arthur. Fuck. Now. I need you in me now." Merlin moaned, squeezing Arthur's cock tight.

Arthur moaned and removed his fingers from Merlin and lifted him up. Merlin held Arthur's cock and lined it up with his entrance before sinking down. Moaning at the feeling of being filled.

"Oh fuck Merlin you're so tight." he gasped out and then surprised Merlin by falling back, taking Merlin with him and rolling them both over so Merlin was under him, holding onto his shoulders as he started to pound into Merlin, getting faster and taking Merlin's cock in hand and pumping it in time with his thrusts as Merlin was crying out, "Yes Arthur...more...harder...faster...please."

Soon Merlin was cumming, screaming out Arthur's name as he spilled all onto their stomachs with Arthur following closely emptying himself inside of Merlin, screaming his name.

Arthur dropped down on to Merlin who held him close. "Our dates get better and better Arthur. You keep treating me like this then you will be stuck with me forever." Merlin panted.

"That's fine with me baby."



Merlin seemed to be thinking about it before he smiled and kissed Arthur. "Okay...sexy."

"Yeah." Arthur agreed. "Too right."


It had been just over a year since Merlin moved next door to Arthur and just over eight months since he moved in with Arthur and since then Arthur had never got tired of the sight of Merlin walking around their flat with nothing on.

Every day except weekends when Arthur would finish work he would be greeted by a naked Merlin. Except that one time when Arthur was still at the office after midnight and Merlin drove to the office and rang him from the car telling him that he was waiting just outside and unless he wanted him to stroll up to his office naked then he would leave right then and go back home with him.

Arthur did admit, the three times after that were on purpose.

Merlin and Arthur were currently slouching back on the settee. Both naked of course, Merlin's way of living was starting to rub off on Arthur as as soon as he gets home, instead of changing out of his suit and putting an old pair of jeans and a t-shirt on he would just strip down to nothing.

"What are we going to do for our one year anniversary then Merlin?"

"We could go away somewhere. Away for a few days."

"That's an idea. Anywhere in particular you want to go?"

"There is somewhere. I used to go somewhere for a few days. I only went a few times but when I was there I enjoyed myself immensely, I could be what I wanted to be whilst there and I enjoyed every second of it because I knew it be different once I got home."

"Well lets go there then. If it's a place that makes you feel like this then we can go there for a week or two."

Merlin sat forwards and turned to face Arthur. "A week or two? I only went for a few days."

"If this place makes you feel more yourself then we can go for two weeks."

"You don't even know where this place is or what it's like. I know for a fact you haven't been here Arthur."


"It's a nudist camp Arthur."

"Nudist camp as in-"

"As in no clothing whatsoever whilst staying there." Merlin started to lightly chew his bottom lip as Arthur started to seriously think about what Merlin had just said.

"Alright. Why not. As long as they don't stare at you."

Merlin laughed and threw himself forward, wrapping his arms around Arthur. "Thank you Arthur. And don't worry, the people there treat you how they want to be treated. They don't like people to stare so neither do they."

"Just as long as they do. I am a bit possessive when it comes to you."

"Don't I know it. Thank you Arthur. How can I thank you?"

"You really want to know?" Arthur asked, holding Merlin's hips and pulling him down so his cock rubbed against his own. Merlin smiled. "I love you Arthur."

"I love you too Merlin." Arthur replied, drawing Merlin in for a kiss. He knew already that he wasn't overly sure about this nudist camp but if it's what Merlin wants then that is what he gets. He still counts himself unbelievably lucky that it was Merlin who moved in next door.

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