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Adventure-Although they didn't know it, their lives were about to become almost more of an adventure then they could handle.

Blood- Although they had both seen blood before, the sight of each other's still made them slightly woozy.

Cute- Although she would never admit it, Kensi could never deny to herself that she actually liked it when Deeks called her 'cute.'

Date- When he had jokingly asked her out on a real date, he had never expected that she would say "Yes."

Elephant- They both knew they had to address the elephant in the room, but neither of them knew how to begin.

Favorite- The day Deeks found out her favorite candy, he made it his mission to make sure some of it was always on hand, just to be on the safe side.

Game- In a way, it was a game they played, seeing who could get the other to crack first.

Hamster- Amazingly, it was a hamster that allowed Deeks to see her without her walls.

If- Sometimes, when the wall their secret puts but between them and the others becomes almost too large to climb, she wonders if it's worth it.

Justice- Even Deeks' wildest dreams could never have done the real thing justice.

Kiss- Kensi craved a lot of things, but most of all she craved his kiss.

Lost- Throughout the many moments that had had during their relationship, the best ones just so happen to occur when they were 'lost.'

Miscarriage- it was truly the most terrifying moment of her life, mainly because she had no clue what was happening to her.

Negative-After their loss, there was a field of negative space surrounding them, breaking their hearts a little bit more every time the other pushed them away.

Open- It wasn't until she completely opened herself up to him that the healing truly began for both of them.

Positive- If there was one thing he was positively sure of, it was that they were screwed.

Question- It was the one question that, without thinking about it, Kensi said 'yes' to.

Reasons- They all had their reasons for the things they did, just some of them made less sense then the rest.

Sing- It wasn't until her life had been threatened that Kensi heard Deeks start singing.

Tradition- They were actually very traditional, just not in the traditional way.

Underwear- The moment she saw her bachelorette gifts, Kensi knew they would soon go to good use.

Venus- In his eyes, not even Venus could compare to Kensi's smile.

Wedding- The day Deeks got to see Kensi walk towards him garbed in white has taken its place as one of the best days of his life.

Xylophone- Although she thought she had known everything about her husband, it truly wasn't a surprise when she found out that he could play the xylophone.

Year- Before either of them knew it, an entire year had gone by in the blink of an eye.

Zebra- Although she was exhausted beyond all belief, Kensi couldn't help but smile when she saw him carrying that stuffed zebra under his arm, his goofy grin wide as he took in the sight of their newborn baby girl.