AN: Part 6 of 26 of the 'ABC's of Life' series.

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Deeks, though he may not seem like it, was very observant.

When Eric's crush on Nell had grown beyond that of simple admiration, he'd been the first to slap the techno geek on the back and tell him to go for it-in his own round-about way, of course. When Sam was worried about a case following him home, thus prompting the man to sleep on the couch in their office instead of risking his (very capable; Deeks was sure Sam was just being overly concerned) wife and children, he'd provoke him into a verbal confrontation, if just to take Sam's mind off of their situation for a few moments. And, when the creases around Hetty's mouth and eyes tightened ever so slightly, he jumped to complete whatever it was the woman wanted done. He'd never seen Hetty act on her anger, but, going off of the stories, he never wanted to.

That woman was terrifying to begin with; he didn't need any more fuel for his nightmares.

So, despite his laid back attitude and fluffy hair, Deeks was very observant. Which meant, within a month of them being partnered, he knew exactly what Kensi's favorite candy was.

It honestly wasn't hard to figure out. Kensi Blye, while an amazing special agent, had something of a hoarding problem. She kept everything; trash, if only because she was too lazy to throw it away when a trashcan wasn't right next to her, was no exception. Not the best for sanitary reasons, but, for Deeks, it had helped make things really easy.

When over half of the piles he'd cleaned up for her after getting tired of having to push them out of his seat consisted of one specific type of candy, it was a pretty save assumption to make that it was her favorite.

So, he stocked up. If someone had asked him why, he wouldn't have been able to say anything other than because he felt like being nice, but once that revelation had been made, he made sure to keep a good stock of it in the bottom drawer of his desk. This way, whenever it became clear that Kensi had run out-usually shown by frantic searching, followed by low cursing as she made due with something else-he could sneak a piece or two into her gym bag.

Really, it was just to see her smile, but it also helped to keep him on her good side, for, although he had no proof, he was pretty sure that she knew.