As you noticed I am slowly writing series about each main human character

in the digimon series (1st & 2nd), well here is the story for Ken... this will be

a good series if I can help it and a crossover with cardcaptors.

Child of kindness and moons

By Firehedgehog

Chapter One - Aru Atarashii Hajime

      A young boy of three coughed as smoke entered his lungs, his eyes

were narrowed to slits as he tried to see. He was a small child with short

blue hair and blue eyes, his name was Ken and he was his parents second


      "Mama... papa.... Sam... where are you!" he called between coughs, tears

fell down his face when he realized that everyone else had already escaped

the fire.

      Suddenly he felt arms pick him up, startled he looked up to see a

strange person. The person had long silvery-blue hair in a ponytail and

silvery-blue cat like eyes, silvery-white wings spread from his back making

him look like an angel.

      "Its okay little one, I'll get you to safety," the creature said, that was

the last thing Ken heard before he passed out from smoke inhalation.


      Yue looked at the small child in his arms who who leaning against

his chest, he hadn't known what in this child had caused him to reveal

himself even before a cardcaptor had released the cards.

      He had seen the parents outside with there older child, he hadn't

known what in this child had caused him to reveal himself, to his shock

they had not been even concerned about this young one it was like they

had forgotten about him.

      "I'll take you to a safe place little one, one where you will be loved,"

he said spreading his wings wider, then he was windborn and the smoke

from the fire hid him as he flew away from it.


      Yue landed in a small area just outside Tokyo known as reedington,

the lights of the area made him feel a warm glow.

      "Maby we will meet again," he said as he placed the child on the steps

of a church, he knealed down and placed a hand on the boys forehead. He

then whispered a spell that erased most of the boys memories, all that he

would remember was his first name and the skills he had learned so far in

his life.

      Unnoticed by the moon guardian of the clow cards a small jolt of silver

energy hit the child when the spell ended and also himself, now done he

nodded to himself and flew off ready to take his human cover again.

      What he had done was a kindness, looking into the childs parents

hearts he had seen that the child was mostly ignored and there love was all

directed at the older child.


      Ken coughed and opened his eyes, looking around he found himself on

a small cot an elderly priest sitting on a chair next to him.

      "Ah good, your awake child," the priest said noticing he was awake,

Ken blinked and looked at the old man.

      "I guess, where am I?" he asked, he then blinked when he realized

that something was missing... his entire memory. "I can't... can't... remember

anything but my name," he cried (Kinda lame, my sugar rush just ended

okay), the priest hugged him and told him that everything was okay.

      "Ken, my name is Ken," the three year old cried out between his tears,

he cried until finally he fell asleep in the elderly priests arms.


      "Poor child, he remembers nothing but his name... and with such

strange eyes it will probably be hard to find him a home," the priest said

tucking the boy in, he shook his head and went to tell the police what he had

found out about the child found last week.


      "Ken, where are you child," the elderly priest called, Ken giggled from

where he hid under one of the pew seats. "Come on now, a friend of mine has

brought her daughter over for you to play with," he called, this got the childs

attention and he crawled out of his hiding place.

      "Hai, where are they," Ken called happily, since he lived at the church

with the priest he had no time yet to meet other children.

      "In the visitors room in our little home, hurry now or they will think

were rude," the priest chided, Ken giggled and ran as fast as his small legs

could carry him.

      "Wait up child, I'm not as fast as you," he called, Ken stopped running

and waited for the priest to arrive.

      "Gomen naisai," Ken apologized, the priest gave him a gentle smile.


      Daidijou Tomoyo sighed, she was bored but her okasan said she was

visiting a old friend here and as soon as he arrived she would be meeting a

new friend.

      "Daidijou-san, good to see you again," an elderly voice said, startled

Tomoyo looked up to see an elderly priest and she then noticed a small child

behind him.

      "Rido-san good to see you agin also, this is my daughter Tomoyo... now

are you going to introduce the young one behind you?" her okasan said with

a smile, the priest laughed.

      "This is Ken a ward of mine, Ken say hello," the priest said, the boy hid

behind the old man shyly and she didn't get to see his face.

      "Konnichi wa," a soft voice said, the priest then gently pushed the boy

in front of him. The boy was her own age, he had short dark blue hair and

was slim. What interested her was his strange eyes, they were a silvery-blue


      "Hi, want to play?" she asked the other three year old, he blinked and

a small smile appeared on his face.

      "Hai, he said and they giggled, then before the adults could say

anything they ran out of the room to play.


Rido- lead

okasan- mother/mama

Konnichi wa- hello

san- put this at the end of a name, a way of respect.

Well here is another chapter so enjoy, the chapter name translates to

Tomoya's friend comes to school.

Child of kindness and moons

By Firehedgehog

Chapter Two - Tomoya's tomadachi tsuku ni gakko

      Ken nervously adjusted his new school uniform, he was a very intelligent child and had gone to a private school for years... after years of begging Rido-san had agreed to put him into a public school.

      "You look fine Ken, but you need to brush your hair," a voice pointed

out, Ken grined and looked at wormmon his digimon partner.

      "Hai I do wormmon, I don't know what I'd do without you," he said

picking up his brush, he then brushed his shoulder length hair. Over the

years his hair had become lighter in color, it was now a pale blue.

      He had met wormmon his first time in the digital world a few years

ago, the two had never been apart since then and didn't want it any other

way. After he finished with his hair he slipped his D-3 into his bookbag, a

month ago it had changed shape and was now a silvery-blue color.

      "Are you going to introduce me to your friend today, the letters she

wrote to you were so interesting?" the green digimon asked, Ken smiled and

gave a cheerful laugh.

      "I saw her yesterday when you were asleep when she came to visit

Rido-san, she wants to meet you and promises not to tell anyone about you,"

Ken said, Wormmon smiled at the human in front of him.

      There was something special about his partner, no matter how long he

stayed in the real world he never lost energy like he heard other digimon

did. Then there was the fact that he could digivolve for long periods of time

without being exausted when he became wormmon again.

      What worried him was that Ken seemed to be slowly changing over

the years, it was like he was becoming something more... something else. He

couldn't explain it really, but he wouldn't worry too much because Ken was

still the same in every other way.

      "Is she coming here after school?" he asked, Ken nodded.

      "Hai wormmon, your going to like her," Ken said, they then heard


      "Ken, the bus will be here in two minutes," Rido-san called.

      "Coming," Ken called, he hugged his digimon and grabbing his book bag

rushed for the bus stop.


      Tomoya was excited, her best friend from her childhood was coming to

her school and was going to be in her class. It was strange though, he had

changed over the years but he reminded her of someone but she couldn't

place it.

      She smiled at Sakura, Li and Meilin, the two chinease children had just

returned from Hong kong in time for this term of school.

      'The whole gang is here, I wonder what they'll think of Ken' she

thought, finally the school bell rang and the teacher stepped inside and

followed by someone she had been waiting for.

      "Class we have a new student, say hello to Ken who just transfered

from another school," the teacher said, Ken looked at the students and

Tomoya was relieved to see that he had worn his bangs in a way that people

couldn't see his eyes.

      "Hello, I hope to make friends with everyone," Ken said with a shy

smile, he moved his head slightly but his eyes remained hidden.

      "Konnichi wa," the class welcomed, Ken smiled.

      "Ken, you can sit next to Tomoya," the teacher said, Tomoya smiled as

Ken spotted her and she stood up.

      "Hi Ken-chan, its been along time," she said with a smile, he grinned at

her and for a few seconds saw his eyes through his bangs.

      "Hi Tomo-chan, this is going to be fun," Ken said, then with a smile Ken

sat down in the empty seat next to her and she herself sat down.

      "The silver duo is back together again," she whispered to him, he gave

her a big grin as he settled more into his seat and took out his school books.

      "But since were older, lets try to stay out of trouble," he whispered

back, she gave a small giggle not noticing the strange looks her other friends

were giving her.


      Sakura looked at her best friend, she blinked at what she had just

heard. Tomoya somehow knew the new student, she would have to ask her

during recess.

      There was also something else that bothered her, there seemed to be

some strange energy around the boy... and it also seemed familliar. She

looked at the chinease boy behind her and he nodded, she knew that he had

felt it to.

      'If Tomoya knows maby we can clear this mystery up, and if she

doesn't know we either have to ask Keros help or corner the new kid' Sakura

thought, she sighed and wondered if some big magical event was about to

happen in her life.

      'Expect the unexpected, thats what Kero always says.... that has to be

his motto' Sakura thought and she grinned at the last thought, the sun

guardian of her cards did say it quite alot.


      On the other side of town Yukito frowned, inside of him he knew that

Yue his alter ego had felt something.

      (What is it Yue-san?) he asked his counterpart with his thoughts, Yue

was silent for a few seconds.

      I do not know Yukito but we must see Sakura as soon as her school

lets out, I feel that something will happen very soon Yue asked, Yukito felt a

shiver go down his spine and he felt fear for a few minutes.

      While Yue the moon guardian and himself were one person they had

totally different personalities, when Yue took over and they took there real

form Yuki would go unconcious in there mind and wake up when Yue gave

up control. He was relieved now that he knew what was going on and didn't

think he was crazy when he woke up in strange places, but it was still


      (Yes we better see her, and Touya will be there) Yuki thought, he

smiled and continued to the place where he was heading.


      Miles away in Odaiba a cartain digidestined had once again gotten

detention, Daisuke sighed as he sat in class.

      'I wish I had a friend that didn't see me as an idiot like the others, its

been worse since we defeated Osamu in the digital world... and he took his

own life' Daisuke thought sadly, he had never expected the older teen to take

his own life.

      'He was the digidestined of earth... what a weird thing that was, I

wonder what made him that way... and if there are other digidestined with

crests or digieggs' Daisuke thought, he shook his head and also wondered if

he would ever find love.

      'Hikari has Takeru, Yamato has Taichi, Sora is dating Jyou, Miyako is

dating Koushiro and Iori isn't interested in anyone' Daisuki thought 'I'm all

alone' he thought sadly.


If you noticed I'm using the Japanease names for humans if i know them, for

the digimon I'll use the dubbed names and attacks since it takes too much

time to research there real names. If you noticed I'n leading up to a m/m

relationship.... come on you can guess who they are.

The Translation of the chapter name is Tires of Death.

Child of kindness and moons

By Firehedgehog

Chapter Three - Taiya no shi

      Ken sat on a bench outside the school, it was recess and he was

waiting for Tomoyo to come out. As a child she had been his only friend, she

was like a sister to him. There was also another reason why he was going to

this school, her mother had decided to adopt him... soon he would have a real


      Sure he loved Rido-san like a grandfather, but he wanted to be loved

as a son and have a mother and sister.

      'Soon I will have what I most wanted.. except one thing, a past to

remember' Ken thought with a sigh, it still bugged him after all these years

that he could not not remember his life before he woke up in the church.

      "Ken-chan," a happy voice called, the blue haired boy looked up and

smiled seeing Tomoyo running towards him.

      "Tomo-chan," he greeted her happily, since no one else but her were

about he pushed his hair out of his eyes. Soon she sat down beside him a

video camera in her hands, seeing it he raised an eyebrown slightly.

      "Whats with the camera," Ken asked her, she giggled and turned it on.

      "I like to record things, so I can always remember things better," she

said, he groaned and rolled his silvery-blue eyes.

      "Your going to tape wormmon, aren't you," he whispered softly to her,

she giggled again.

      "Hai, your dejitaru tomo sounds so kawaii," she whispered back, Ken

looked at her and wondered if she thought all bugs were cute.

      "You have a strange definition of Kawaii Tomo-chan," he said, she

giggled and he wondered if he had been this weird as a child.

      It was then that a terrible squealing sound filled the air and the sound

of a car hitting something, both there eyes opened wide as they heard

someone scream.

      "We better see whats wrong," Tomoyo said worry evident in her voice,

Ken nodded and the two of them ran to where the commotion was taking


      Ken gasped when he saw what had happened, a car had gone out of

control and hit a poor teenagr who had been on the sidewalk. They both ran

to where the victim had landed, they were the first people here and from

here they could see the driver of the car passed out against the wheel of his


      "No, its Touya," Tomoyo called in a horrified voice, Ken realized that

she must know the person hurt. A second later they were at the teens side,

Ken winced knowing that from injuries like this no one could survive.

      "Tomoyo, he won't make it," Ken said softly, in a brotherly way he

hugged her and she cried into his chest.

      "Sakura... " a voice suddenly whispered, Kens eyes widened seeing that

the teen was still awake and sane through his pain.

      "Hold on, the ambulance will be here soon," Ken said to the older teen,

he took one of his hands and held the teens hands giving him comfort.

      "They won't make it in time, will they?" the boy asked him his brown

eyes filled with pain, Ken shook his head sadly knowing that he couldn't lie

to someone who was about to die.

      "Iie, they won't make it in time," he said, the teen sighed and looked at

Ken his eyes unfocused.

      "You remind me of someone... but I can't remember who, but please

look after my little sister for me," the teen asked, Ken blinked but knew that

dieing requests were always important.

      "Hai, I promise... who is your sister?" Ken asked, the teen smiled his

eyes closing.... his breathing was becomining less and less now.

      "Her name is Sakura," the boy said breathing his last, in Kens hand his

hand slipped to the ground... the boy was dead now.

      "I promise, and I always keep my promices," Ken whispered ignoring

the growing crowd, a second later the ambulance drove up... but they were

too late.

      "Sakura is one of my best friends," Tomoyo sniffed sadly, Ken nodded

knowing that his life was about to change... he just didn't know how or when



      Because of the accident the teachers sent all the students home as

soon as recess was over, the students were glad they were out of school for

the day... yet saddened by the fact that someone had lost there life. The first

thing Ken and Tomoyo did was catch a ride to Kens place where they picked

up wormmon, then they went to Tomoyas home.

      "Ken, this room is huge," Wormmon said when they got to Tomoyos

room, the green insect type digimon looked around with wide eyes.

      "You should see the room my mother is planning to give to ken when

she adopts him, its just as big," Tomoya said with a giggle, as soon as the two

ha met a comfy friendship had formed.

      There personalities got along with each other and they both liked alot

of the same things, the worm digimon couldn't wait till Ken was adopted so

he could see Tomoyo more often.

      "Does your mother know when the adoption papers will be done?" Ken

asked, Tomoyo nodded happily.

      "Hai, she said that by next friday you will be my brother and able to

live with us," Tomoyo said happily, Wormmons attena curled slightly in his

happiness... he knew that Ken had always wanted a family.

      "A real family, something I've always wanted," Ken said happily, he

hugged Tomoya and his digimon tears of joy falling down his face.



Dejitaru- digital

Tomo- comrade

Kawaii- cute

Iie- no

Hi again people, I know the chapter doesn't have much info in it but I was on

a short scedual between school projects. Also the reason for Kens phsical

changes will be explained soon, also hopefully the chapters will be longer.

Ja Ne.