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Child of kindness and moons

By Firehedgehog

Chapter Seven- Mayonaka ni asa

      Ken stared at the dark tower with narrowed eyes. He shivered at the yami

he felt coming off it. It was evil. It felt as if it wasn't suppose to be in

this dimension.

      "Stingmon, we have to hurry," Ken told his partner, the digimon nodded

and dodged an attack digimon were sending his way.

      "Were almost there," Stingmon told him, the insectoid digimon pulled

back his arm and readied him self to attack.

      "Hold on," he told ken, Ken tightened the grip on his partner as

Stingmon flew amazing speeds towards the tower.

      "Now!" Ken called, at that moment Stingmon was at the tower and hit it

with his attack. He watched in satisfaction as it cracked and crumbled to the

ground. Soon it was just a pile of rubble and the feeling of evil dissipated.

      "Now, it time for those digimon to go back to the digital world," Ken

said, he sighed knowing that this would be along night.


      Sakura gasped in shock as the creature known as Stingmon destroyed the

tower. It was unbelievable that anything could have that kind of power.

      Looking at Tomoya she sighed, it seemed that her friend was obsessed at

video taping Ken as she was towards Sakura.

      "This is great, that was a great shot," the girl said, Sakura rolled her

eyes and once again looked at Yue who was watching Ken silently.

      She knew that something was going on, she had known this as soon as Yue

had reacted to Ken.

      "He's doing good," KeroBeros said, Yue nodded his face showing none of

his emotions... which was normal as far as she was concerned.

      "Yes, he is," Yue said simply, Sakura sighed having the feeling that

there was nothing she could do against the digimon. Sure she had her magic but

she found it had no effect on them, it was pretty annoying.

      'Kuso, this just isn't my day' she thought sadly, it was more like not

her year because her brother had been killed in that car crash.

      "Touya, rest in peace," she whispered, a single tear fell down her face.


      It was very late at night by the time Ken and Stingmon had rounded up

all the digimon, by the time the digiport had been opened and closed he was

half asleep and leaning against his partner.

      With sleep filled eyes he watched the Gennai look alike walk away, he

blinked tiredly when the man vanished... how he didn't know. Also he didn't

care, he was too tired to care.


      "Let's get you ie," Stingmon said, Ken nodded and yawned. He smiled

softly as his partner picked him up and flew into the air, by the time

Stingmon got to there home Ken was fast asleep.

      "Sleep well Ken," his partner whispered, once again wormmon he climbed

into bed and cuddled next to Ken. He smiled when he felt Ken hug him in his

sleep, he was glad that he had a caring and loving partner like Ken.


      Yue sat on Sakura's homes roof, his long silver blue bangs fluttered in

the night breeze, sadly he looked at the full moon in the sky.

      'When Clow-sama created me so long ago he told me of this, I just

forgot... its so strange that all of this is happening now' he thought, he

closed his eyes letting the cool night air fill him.

      "Don't get so depressed Yue, Sakura's already depressed about her

oniisan's death... don't make it worse," a familiar voice complained, opening

his eyes he found himself looking into the familiar golden eyes of the sun


      "You don't have the same problem as I KeroBeros, I only have a few

months," Yue snarled, the lion like creature next to him blinked and then

rolled his intelligent eyes.

      "Oh please not the all high and mighty act, palease. I can't have that

problem because of how I was created, but don't forget that your existence

won't just end there... Clow-sama explained that you will just be changed,"

KeroBeros growled, Yue sighed and his face fell for once showing the

depression he felt.

      "But it won't be the same, it just won't be the same," Yue whispered,

Keroberos remained silent and together they stayed on the roof all night till

the sun rose.


      ~BZZZZZZ~ an alarm clock broke the silence in a messy room, a tanned hand

reached out from the covers of the bed and turned it off.

      Daisuke yawned as he crawled out of bed, his hair was a total mess and

looked as if a bird had nesting in it. Muttering to himself about alarm clocks

he walked (more like stumbled) to the bathroom, there he took care of certain

things and washed up.

      "Hi Daisuke," Veemon chirped as he exited the washroom, Daisuke glared

at the blue dragon digimon. He wondered how he had been stuck with a digimon

that was a morning person.

      "Moningu-koru Veemon," he yawned, the blue dragon giggled and jumped

into his partners arms.

      " Daisuke!" he heard his onesan suddenly called, wondering what she

wanted he walked into the living room.

      "What?" he asked still half asleep. Quickly she pointed at the

television, blinking he turned to look at it.

      "Nani," he said now wide awake, on the television the news was showing

footage of black towers that were apairing all over Japan and monsters...


      'Digimon, there in the real world' he thought, he ran to his room intent

on changing and calling the other destined.


Mayonaka= Midnight

Asa= Morning

Yami= Darkness

Ie= home (residence)

Oniisan= older brother

Moningu-koru= Good Morning

Onesan= older sister

Nani= What

Woah look at all the translations. Oh well, onto the next chapter.

Child of kindness and moons

By Firehedgehog

Chapter Eight= Deai ano chimu

      'More of those towers have appeared' Ken thought sadly, when he had

woken up that morning he had turned on his terebi.

To his shock the news was broadcasting that towers had sprung up all around

Japan and other place, thankfully there were no more towers in Readington.

      "You want to knock those towers down too, don't you?" Wormmon asked, Ken

nodded for he didn't want people to get hurt by the rogue digimon in the real


      "Yeah, we better contact Gaido to see if there is anything we can do,"

Ken said, Wormmon nodded and watched as Ken pulled out a laptop computer from

under his bed.

      "Hey, this is cool... I have a email from Gennai," Ken said, quickly he

opened it and they both listened to the message which was also a sound file.

      "Hello Ken, as you can see the real world is in a bit of trouble. An

evil put the towers all around the world and let violent digimon into the real

world, I need your help but to help your going to have to join up with the

other Japanese sadamerarete-iru. I know you don't like it but they'll really

need your help, at the bottom of the email I've left an address where you'll

meet up with them," The chibi gennai (like on the show when Gennai emails

Izzy) on the screen said, Ken sighed as the message ended.

      "Well, are you going to join them?" Wormmon asked his partner, ken

sighed and looked at the address left on the screen.

      "Lets go, we have digimon buts to kick back to there own dimension," he

said grinning, Wormmon grinned.

      "Yeah, I finally get to meet more friendly digimon," Wormmon cheered,

Ken gave a bell like laugh and started pulling on clean clothing.

In the end he wore form fitting blue jeans, a pale blue t-shirt and gray

sneakers. He also wore silvery-gray bracers, last of all he clipped his

silvery-blue D-3 to his pants.

      "Lets go," Ken said, he picked up his partner and ran to catch the bus

to Odaiba.


A few hours later:

      Daisuke sighed and leaned back against a tree, after contacting the

other sadamerarete-iru they had been contacted by Gennai. He had told them he

would meet them here as soon as he could, he would also be bringing someone

else with him.

      'Who could he be bringing here, we know there are sadamerarete-iru

around the world but none other in Japan. And anyway, how are we going to get

around the world to get to all the towers when none of our digimon can fly

fast enough to get around the world' he thought, and worst of all it was

Christmas eve and tomorrow at Christmas they would probably still be fighting

digimon in the real world.

      "I've never seen a glummer bunch of people," a soft voice said, startled

the destined jumped up from wherever they rested and spun to face the owner of

the voice.

      A slim boy his own age stood there with a heart shaped face, chin length

pale blue hair with a slight silvery shine to it. He wore simple clothing but

they made him look great, he reminded Daisuke of a tenshi.

      Daisuke felt a blush come to his face, the person standing there was

very beautiful. He had never seen this person before yet he felt familiar,

maybe he had met a family member of this person before.

      "Um... hi, can we help you?" Davis asked, thankfully the digimon were out

of sight so this person hadn't seen them.

      "Actually I'm here to help you, Gennai asked me to come here," the boy

said grinning, at this everyone blinked shocked.

      "Yeah, were here to help," another voice said, it was then that the

destined noticed the insect digimon in the blue haired bots arms.

      "Hey, you have a digimon partner... I didn't realize there were more

sadamerarete-iru in Japan," Daisuke said, The boy smiled at them and it was

then that Daisuke finally noticed the silvery-blue D-3 the boy wore.

      "Well, I've known about your group but I've never worked in a group

before," the boy said softly, Daisuke smiled at the other boy and decided to

introduce everyone.

      "I'm Daisuke and my partner veemon is taking a nap (in the tree veemon

blows a snot bubble in his sleep that pops), its nice to meet cha," he sad

truthfully, the other boy smiled and looked at him with strange silvery-blue

eyes that seemed beautiful to the goggled teen.

      "My name is Ken, this is my Partner Wormmon," The other boy said,

Daisuke nodded and motioned for the other boy to join him.

      "So where do you live, can't be Odaiba or we'd of met before?" he asked,

the boy frowned slightly.

      "Readington," he said simply, Daisuke whistled knowing how far away that

place was.

      "Cool, I wonder when Gennai will get here to explain how we can get

around the world before rouge digimon destroys all the cities," Daisuke

sighed, Ken nodded and Daisuke blushed again at how close the other teen was

to him.

      "That would be now," a new voice said, Ken smiled and they all turned to

see Gennai standing there with a strange blue orb in his hands (Azulongmons

orb, remember he brought it to the real world in the show).

      "Hi Gennai, been awhile," Ken said, Daisuke frowned at Ken and started

to wonder why Gennai had never told them about Ken before... it would of helped

when they fought against Osamu in the digital world.

      "Yes it has young one, but I wish our deai didn't have to be in such a

time," Gennai said, Ken said nothing.


Deai= meeting

Ano= the

Chimu= team

Terebi= television

sadamerarete-iru= destined

Tenshi= Angel

Child of kindness and moons

By Firehedgehog

Chapter nine- Kurisumasu

      "As you all know control spires appeared all over the world, and I'm

here to give you all something to help you against them and get around the

world quite fast," Gennai said, Ken frowned.

He knew that he could get around quite fast when Wormmon digivolved into

Stingmon, but he didn't think his partner could carry more then one.

      "That's good news, how are we going to get around the world before even

worse things begin?" he asked, the robed man smiled and Ken hoped Gennai

wouldn't start talking weird or anything... that was why he usually avoided


      "With this orb that contains some of Azulongmons power the originals can

digivolve to higher levels again.... It will also give at least one DNA

digivolved digimon the ability to go mega," the robed man said, Ken blinked

and wondered what in the world DNA digivolution was.

      "DNA what?" he asked confused, Gennai smiled.

      "Two digimon digivoving into one digimon combining the best aspects of

both digimon," a short red haired teen explained, Ken blinked at the

explanation... and wondered what DNA digivolving had to do with him.

      "How does this concern wormmon?" he asked the brown haired robed man,

Gennai became serious.

      All the younger destined have DNS partners... that is except yourself and

Daisuke, if your partners digivolve together I will give them the ability to

become Mega. Their setsugo-ten mega form has the ability to travel at amazing

speeds and bring you all with him, that is how you'll get around the world,"

Gennai said, Ken frowned at this.

      He looked at the boy Daisuke and noticed a serious look on his face

also, it seemed to ken that the goggled teen wasn't often like this... more of a

fun person to be around.

      "What do you think Wormmon?" he asked, after all it was mainly his

partners decision.

      "Sasete kudasau it," Wormmon said, Kan nodded and looked at Daisuke

who's partner (who had woken up when Gennai arrived) had also agreed, both

teens nodded.

      "How do we do this?" both boys asked at once, looking at each they

blushed slightly... Ken blinked and wondered why he had blushed.

      'I'll figure it out later, but Daisuke sure is cute' he thought with a 

smile, Gennai smiled that mysterious smile of his and there world tour began.

      We'll just skip writing the tour, it goes the same as in the TV show.


      With a tired sigh Ken flopped onto his bed, it had been a long day but

at least he had made a few new friends.

      "Ken, I think even though today was tough it was a good day," his

partner whispered with a yawn, Ken smiled and could only agree.

      "I know... and I'm really glad to have met Daisuke," he whispered with a 

yawn, he then fell asleep thinking of next day when it would be Christmas


For some reason though he dreamed of a certain gogglehead he had met

that day, and my what interesting dreams they were.


      Daisuke smiled as he climbed into bed, his thoughts were entirely on the

destined boy he had met today... Ken.

      It had been so strange for his partner to DNA digivolve, during that

digivolution he had heard his heart and Kens beat at the same time.

      "Daisuke," Veemon said suddenly, startled he looked at the small rookie

dragon digimon.

      "Yeah?" he asked, the digimon smiled reddish-brown eyes dancing.

      "You liked ken, didn't cha?" the digimon asked, Daisuke smiled an image

of the blue haired youth in his minds eye.

      "Yeah, we will probably be really good friends," Daisuke said, it was at

that moment his partner gave an evil smile and one could just imagine little

demon horns on his head (Hmmm... someone draw that for me please).

      "No, I mean really like," Veemon said, Daisuke felt his face go very


      "Veemon, I'm going to kill you," he yelled, he then proceded to tickle

his partner till they both grew exausted and fell asleep.

      In his sleep he smiled, for he liked Ken very much... he just wouldn't

admit it when he had just discovered these feelings.

      'For an tenshi' he thought in his sleep.


      In the morning Ken headed to Tomoyos house, it was his first Christmas

there but he knew it wouldn't be his last.

      In just a few days this would be his family, and Tomo-chan and his future mother was making sure it was one he would remember.

      "Wow," he said as he opened them, they were great... better the ones he

had gotten previous Christmas's. But they had all been filled with love and

great to him, these also was filled with love.

      "This is for you Tomo-chan," Ken said, he passed her a small box of a

gift he had saved all his money to buy.

      "Ken, its beautiful," she whispered tears in her dark eyes, in her hands

was a small angel figurine she had wanted for years... but it was so hard to


      It had taken him months to track down, he had gotten hold of it and just

finished last month with its payments.

      "I'm glad you like it Tomo-chan, after all my imoto should have the

best," he said with a smile, the next thing he knew Tomoyo was crying in his

arms happily.

      Unknown to him he had just given her another gift, he had just

called her sister for the first time.


Kurisumasu= Christmas

setsugo-ten= joint

Sasete kudasau= let us do

Imoto= little sister

As you noticed the last chapter was my Christmas chapter, hope you weren't

disappointed but I hope you liked the chapter.

Ja Ne