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It had been almost two weeks since Metro Man left town, and Megamind was bored. He sat dejectedly in his favorite chair with his big head propped on his fist, thinking.

The gigantic, muscle clad mountain of a man had arranged to meet his foe one afternoon to inform the villain that he was going away for an extended, and much needed vacation with his adopted parents to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.

Being the most ridiculously wealthy family in Metro City, the Scotts spared no expense and opted for a leisurely European vacation; complete with a leased house on the Mediterranean, a yacht in which to cruise the blue waters, lavish parties to attend, and wads of cash to spend at the drop of a hat.

When Megamind first found out that Metro Man planned on leaving town for a whole month, he was elated. Just imagining all the mayhem he could create in that span of time made the blue bad boy positively giddy with excitement, not to mention the delightful prospect of ruining the hero's holiday by forcing him back with yet another wicked scheme.

But his anticipation of the free for all he was about to experience was quickly dashed away from him when Mr. Goody Two Shoes informed him, in no uncertain terms, that there was no way he would cut his vacation short. If Megamind planned on executing a fantastically maniacal plan, he was going to have to do it all by himself, because there would be no beefy champion to show up and rescue the damsel or play the game this time.

The realization that his opponent just didn't want to play instantly took all the fun out of it, so Megamind reluctantly agreed to hold off his plans until Metro Man's return.

With a condescending sneer, he had circled the man in white as they stood in the center of the "lair", which was nothing more than the real abandoned observatory. Megamind had used this place more than once as the backdrop for his mind boggling schemes, and for all Metro Man knew, it was the villain's true hide out.

"Skipping town in an attempt to avoid my fearsome wrath is a step beneath the behavior I would expect of you, Metro Mahn. I must admit, I'm truly disappointed to see my esteemed adversary exhibiting his weaknesses in such a blatant way."

"This has nothing to do with skipping town, and everything to do with my parent's anniversary. They've been planning this trip for over a year, and I'm not going to miss it. End of story."

Megamind stopped short and spun to face his rival as his cape swirled around him fluidly. He worked up his best arrogant smirk, pointed his leather clad finger, and with raised brow responded, "Ah, NOT end of story, this is only the beginning! Regardless of whether or not you choose to turn tail and run like a timid rabbit, e-vil never rests… never runs… never hides. While you're off enjoying your little howliday… "

"Holiday." corrected the hero.

"That's what I said! Howliday. While you're off enjoying yourself and shirking your responsibilities, the future dreadful Overlord of Metrocity will be creating a plan so maniacal, the soft headed slaves of my impending empire will suffer nightmares for generations to come. The hour of your return will be marked the hour of your doom, Metro Mahn."

As the blue devil monologued, Metro Man watched him with a blasé expression. He had battled against this wily character for so many years, he knew his predictable routine like the back of his hand.

Right now he was about to move into the "guilt trip" portion of his speech, where he would typically appeal to his compassion for the random citizens in an attempt to entice him to go above and beyond in the struggle of good verses e-vil. He usually pulled that one out when he felt that Metro Man just wasn't putting his heart into the game, which seemed to be happening more often than not lately.

At one time, the champion would have grabbed at the bait without a second thought, but at the moment his mind was already more than half way on vacation. Nothing that this little blue twerp could say to him would get him to change his mind.

"It saddens my black heart to know that the protector of this city would be so callous as to turn from it's citizens… "

"Yeah, yeah I know… "In their hour of need"." he mimicked dramatically. "It's not going to work, Megamind. I'm going on this trip, and I'll see you in a month." With that, he turned and gathered himself up to take flight.

Megamind's smirk fell, and he assumed a sulky pout. The villain's shoulders slumped and his arms fell loosely at his sides, and he asked, "So, this isn't a joke; you're really going to go?"

"Yep, I'm really going to go," answered Metro Man without a backward glance.

"And you're not cutting it short? What if I decide to dangle Miss Ritchi precariously above a boiling vat of acid on a fraying rope?" Hmmm, that's actually a good idea. Note to self, formulate a plan that includes boiling acid.

"I think that Metro City's finest will be able to handle it just fine."

Megamind looked slightly perplexed. Well, that's an odd response. I'd expect he'd be here in a flash to rescue his Lady Fair. But his sharp mind was running at full speed, and in moments he had already moved on to respond to the blatant brush off. He frowned and said, "Metrocity's finest? They're simpletons, pathetic morons. And they're no fun!"

"Then just hold off until I get back."

"Well then, what am I supposed to do for a whole month?"

"How would I know? Just… do what you already said you were going to do. Dream up some evil contraption to annihilate me the moment I set foot on the streets of Metro City again."

Megamind looked incredibly disappointed, but he crossed his arms and snapped, "Fine! You know, I almost feel sorry for you. The chances of your survival are slim to none when you return, Metro Mahn."

"Uhuh, ok little buddy… "

"DON'T call me that!"

Metro Man turned to his long time adversary, and said with a grin, "No worries old friend. I'll be back to pick up right where we left off. In the meantime, you should enjoy the time off. You could probably use a vacation yourself."

"No, as a matter of fact I don't need a vie-cayshun. E-vil never rests."

"I know, you already said that. See you in a month!"

In an instant, the dashing hero with the perfect hair was gone, leaving the shocked villain standing slightly slack jawed in his wake.

Minion, who had been standing back observing the surprising turn of events, clunked up behind his friend. "Well, I didn't see that coming."

"I know! Can you believe the irresponsibility? He has a duty to perform, and he's shirking it to idle his time away for the sake of a whirlwind trip."

"Sir, I don't think you can really consider this a whirlwind trip. You heard him; it's been planned for a year for his parents' anniversary. And besides, I've been noticing Metro Man hasn't really been on his game lately. I think the time away will do him good. He'll be a much more challenging adversary for you when he gets back."

Megamind looked at the fish with an exasperated expression. "Well he'd better be! The invulnerable Defender of Metrocity needs a vie-cayshun? Ridiculous! You know, he just doesn't seem to be taking this seriously."

He stood brooding, but as he did, his bright green eyes began to take on a crafty gleam, and his blue lips cracked into a wicked smirk. He tented his long fingers, and began pacing the floor of the observatory. When Minion saw this, he nervously began to wonder what shenanigans his boss was currently cooking up in that enormous brain of his. Oh boy, here we go.

"Which isn't exactly a bad thing. We can use his lack of concentration to our advantage. Minion! We are going to devise the most cunning, devious, terrifying plan the world has ever seen, and Metro Mahn will rue the day he ever let his guard down!"

Before he had finished his oath of destruction for his arch nemesis, he had already turned on his heel with a swish of his cape. He strode resolutely, with Minion following behind, toward the lift that would bring them down to the invisible car where it waited to take the duo back to their real lair, so they could begin to plan their e-vil plan of action.

Within days of Metro Man's announcement to his rival that he was heading out of town, he was gone. Before he left, he met with key city officials, as well as the MCPD, to inform them of his plans.

It was decided that it would be in the city's best interest to keep his departure quiet, for fear that a crime spree would soon erupt if the bad guys in town knew that there was no hero around to keep things in check.

Of course, also on his list of people to inform of his plan to leave town was Roxanne, who didn't seem to be concerned in the least, much to the hero's disappointment.

As a matter of fact, once she found out that Megamind had agreed to hold off on any kidnappings or evil plans until he returned, she was actually looking forward to the peace and quiet that she would no doubt finally get. After all, it had been ten years, without a break no less, of being recruited bi weekly against her will to "assist" the brainy alien in the "cause for evil."

Nearly two whole weeks after Metro Man's departure, Megamind was so bored he had even begun to lose interest in his grand and glorious scheme, his opus, the plan that would live on in infamy.

As he sat with his oversized head propped in his hand, he sighed deeply. He had come to his lab earlier that morning to once again tackle his list of ideas with Minion. They had a nice grouping of concepts and designs laid out, but he just couldn't decide on which one to pick. For this plan, he needed something that was strong and terrifying, but elegant and refined. Something that bespoke Megamind, in all his perfection.

The longer they had been at it, the more frustrated the blue alien became. From there he proceeded to become increasingly cranky, until finally, Minion just couldn't take it anymore. He stomped off in a huff, his enormous simian feet clunking loudly across the concrete floor, to leave the grumpy villain to stew all by himself.

Part of Megamind's frustration was his continuing surprise at Metro Man's decision to just up and leave for an entire month. But even more surprising to him was the fact that rather than missing the glorious battles and witty banter with his opponent, he found himself missing the company of the sassy and acerbic Miss Ritchi, who was so essential to the execution of all his plans.

Yes, even though she was the most nosy, aggravating, and sarcastic person he had ever known, she was also smart, and kind, and beautiful. Including her in his schemes was the best idea he had ever had, and more than anything else, he looked forward each time to seeing… Quit that! True villains never have a soft spot for their captives. They're cold and heartless, and I just happen to be the most vile villain the world has ever seen!

Megamind heaved another forlorn sigh. Oh, who was he fooling? He plopped his forehead down on the console of his computer monitors with a thunk. The last couple of weeks had been awful, and the next two were going to be torture without being able to pick a fight with Metro Man, but especially without hearing Roxanne's snarky comments, or looking into those impossibly blue eyes.

Despite himself, he began thinking of possible ways he could arrange things so he could see her without actually kidnapping her, even if only for a few minutes. Abducting her would be a huge tip off that he had more in mind than just the usual call out for his foe, seeing as how the empty headed hero wouldn't be showing up.

He did have his Holo-watch, but… no. She was so smart, it was a pretty good chance she'd see through the charade; the only way she'd miss that trick would be if she was already too distracted to notice, or, and this was far less likely, if she actually had feelings for him, and those hidden feelings lead her to possibly… Stop it! Why are you doing this to yourself?

He decided it would be best to shut down that line of thinking right now, before it got him into trouble, so he sat up in an attempt at new enthusiasm, and crossed his lab to the work table. He slid the list of possible devises of destruction to him and began to pour over it with gusto. Hmmm, which one to pick? They were all so fabulous, if he did say so himself. Maybe the satellite? The one that harnesses the full, concentrated power of the sun?

Several days later, Roxanne stood in line at Metro Savings and Loan, texting a friend to solidify her plans for the evening. She was meeting a friend from high school whom she had kept in touch with over the years for dinner and possibly a movie. But before she headed off for her fun evening, she needed to make a deposit, and take out a little cash. And she was running a bit late.

Being the busy career woman that she was, as well as being the victim of choice for one villainous blue alien, she rarely had time for such excursions. The idea of a night out with a friend to just kick back and enjoy herself, without taking the risk of making her friends uncomfortable due to her frequent abductions, was almost unknown to her. She had been looking forward to an evening with her old friend immensely all week long, and could hardly wait to get started.

Wrapping up her text, she stood a little impatiently, waiting for her turn at the window. With nothing else to do as she stood there, her mind began to wander, and she found herself thinking about Wayne, and his sudden announcement that he was leaving for a month.

Over the past couple of weeks, she had begun to feel incredibly irritated with him for skipping town like this. She understood that being his parent's anniversary, it was a special occasion. And of course, even the hero deserved some time off. Now that she thought about it, he had seemed a bit of out of it lately. She wanted to cut him a break, but really? A whole month?

She couldn't help but feel that leaving for such an extended period of time was very irresponsible of him. There was a whole city full of people who depended on him, and yet he had made it quite clear that he wasn't coming back, no matter what, until he was good and ready.

But as much as she hated to admit it, there was another reason for her irritation. Though at first she was delighted at the prospect of some much needed time off from all those silly battles that she was always forced to participate in, she quickly began to understand how bored she was going to be.

She hadn't realized just how much she enjoyed watching those two big kids play their silly game, squabbling like children on the playground. Not to mention that her little part to play was at times immensely enjoyable. Those little sessions of witty banter with her captor was really just too much fun.

Kidnappings had become such a big part of her life, she was shocked to find that she had actually missed it that first week when Minion hadn't shown up apologetically with knock out spray and smelly bag in hand, ready for another round of villain versus hero.

She had begun to watch the clock by mid afternoon that day, thinking that maybe, just maybe, he might show up after all. By the time bedtime rolled around and there was still no sign of the funny little fish, she was disappointed, and actually went to bed feeling a little put out.

Things hadn't improved over the following week when she found herself looking at her calendar, mentally checking off the days until Wayne's return. Two weeks down, two more weeks to go. And these were going to be a very long two weeks, if the last two were any indication of how things were going to go.

Not that she really missed Wayne; he was a nice guy and had always been there for her when she needed him, but he was rather shallow and empty headed. No, she was starting to realize that, despite all her attempts at denying it, she actually kind of missed Megamind.

Over the past several days, she had found her mind straying toward him. Distracting little images of him kept popping unbidden into her mind. Things like the adorable way he excitedly bit his lip while he prepared for his newest plan; and of course, that manic grin he was so good at. Oh, and that wickedly evil thing he did with that one eyebrow…

Roxanne was interrupted from her thoughts as the teller at the window finally informed her that it was her turn. Although no one could possibly know what she had been thinking, she felt strangely sheepish that thoughts like that had even dared to appear in her head to begin with. I hope I'm not blushing!

As she rummaged through her purse to pull out her check and deposit slip, she noticed out of the corner of her eye a man in the line next to hers. He seemed… off, somehow. She got the impression that he was slightly nervous, and his eyes seemed a bit shifty as he glanced around. Well, he's probably late for something. I don't blame him for being impatient with a line like this!

Walking up to the teller, she smiled congenially, and handing the girl her documents she began the usual round of friendly small talk.

"Welcome to Metro… wait, you're Roxanne Ritchie!"

Oh, here we go. "Yep, that's me." she responded with another friendly smile.

"Wow! I can't believe it! It's so nice to meet you." gushed the excited teller.

"Oh, thank you…. What was your name?"

The young and slightly flighty teller responded, "I'm Tiffany. I love your work, Miss Ritchie. I watch you all the time… I'm a big fan."

Although flattered, Roxanne heard this often. She wished that maybe, just once, she could run an errand without someone recognizing who she was, and fawning all over her.

"Well thank you, Tiffany. You know, I'm sorry, but I'm in a bit of a hurry. I'm supposed to be meeting someone… "

At the mention of Metro City's top reporter meeting someone, Tiffany's eyes lit up. "Oh, are you going out with Metro Man tonight?"

It took an amazing amount of self control for Roxanne to stop herself from rolling her eyes. "No, just meeting an old friend from school. Could we…. ?"

The young teller blushed slightly, and answered. "Oh, sorry! Sure. I'll get you taken care of and out the door right away."

As Tiffany worked the transaction, she continued to prattle on. She was so nosy and filled with questions, Roxanne found herself thinking for a moment, "She'd make a good reporter."

"So, things have been pretty quiet around here lately. Some of the people we get in here are a bit nervous about what Megamind is cooking up, but I'm really enjoying the peace and quiet. What about you, what do you think?"

Quiet? Yeah, way too quiet. I wish Wayne would hurry up and get back so we can get on with things.

Roxanne had to remind herself that Wayne's trip was supposed to be hush hush, so she simply responded, "Hmm, I don't know. He can be unpredictable at times, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see." Unpredictable? Where did that come from?

Tiffany continued to chit chat with her as she wrapped up her transaction, despite the fact that Roxanne was continuously checking her watch in plain sight of the talkative teller. Finally, she handed Roxanne her receipt, and cheerfully bid the pretty reporter a good evening.

As Roxanne turned and walked toward the door, thankful to finally be on her way, she was suddenly startled by a gasp coming from a woman standing next to her. Instantly, several more arose from the bank patrons, as well as a few panicked screams.

She spun around in time to see the same man that had caught her attention moments earlier, holding a gun in his hand, and waving it around erratically.

"Everyone down!" he shouted, and everyone in the bank dropped to the floor in an instant, including Roxanne. Luckily, the particular spot in which she happened to be positioned was next to a half wall, positioned at an angle which hid her from the view of the thief.

Although her heart pounded furiously, her unquenchable curiosity got the better of her, and she slipped quietly forward to peek around the edge of the wall so she could observe the goings on. From opposite corners of the building, she watched as two more men stepped forward. She hadn't seen them earlier, and assumed they must have been tucked away somewhere, biding their time and waiting for their cue to come out of hiding and participate in the heist.

These two were just as shady looking as the first. They pulled out guns of their own and stepped to the middle of the room, pointing them at anyone and everyone in the bank. Immediately, they began echoing the sentiments of their counterpart, "Everyone down! Don't even think about moving, or I'll blow your head off."

Roxanne pulled herself back and leaned against the half wall as she sat on the floor, breathing deeply to stay calm so she could think clearly. She closed her eyes tightly, and as she did, two thoughts popped into her head simultaneously. Well, there goes my evening out with Kerrie, and Erghhhh, Wayne! You have the WORST timing! Why did you have pick right now to go on vacation?

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