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The second the invisible car rounded the corner and was out of the line of sight of the horde of cops that were milling around in front of the bank and along the street, Megamind threw the door open and was off like a shot with De-gun at the ready, not even waiting for Minion to pull the car to a stop. He left the stunned fish alone in the car, his fang filled mouth gaping open as he watched his boss go.

Megamind's first instinct had been to rip the thugs apart with his bare hands, and as he tore through the alley to the door, he was enjoying the mental image of his fist smacking satisfyingly into the face of one of the hoodlums. Hmmm, how much damage should he do… a bloody nose? No, at the very least it had to be broken. Definitely a couple of severely blackened eyes, and toss in a broken arm to go along with that broken nose; oh make it two, why not? In fact, to do this right, he should just go ahead and make sure they all ended up spending at least the next few weeks in traction…

But as he approached the security door, his incredibly sharp alien ears began to pick up on voices coming from inside. At first they were just a murmur of distressed sounds, but the closer he came to his goal, the indistinct noises began to gain clarity, and when he finally stood on the threshold outside the door, he could hear clearly every word that was being said inside the bank, and he waited quietly for a moment as he listened to an alarming situation beginning to unfold.

The first voice he heard clearly had a weak tone, and sounded like it belonged to an older man; "She's Metro Man's girlfriend! Aren't you from around here? Everyone within at least a hundred mile radius; everyone in the whole state knows who he is. If you know what's good for you you'll… "

He was interrupted by another man, presumably one of the criminals, who said, "No, we're not from around here; we're just passing through on our way from our last… ". Wow, what an idiot.

Suddenly, from another location in the room, a different voice broke in, obviously seething in anger at the ridiculous slip of his counterpart, "Be quiet you moron! Shut him down, NOW… permanently!" This is getting out of control. Oh God, where's Roxanne?

Megamindrealized with some disappointment that despite his fantasies of tearing the limbs off the thugs that dared to capture his precious victim, things had progressed to such a precarious state inside the building that it wouldn't be prudent to take his time and leisurely make their lives a living hell. For Roxanne's safety, he needed to get in there and take them down as quickly and efficiently as possible.

After checking one last time to make sure his De-gun was set to destroy, he aimed and fired the beam at the sturdy metal security door, watching as the metal began to pock and warp, and tiny tracers of lightning-like energy laced its way around the only thing that stood between himself, and the one woman he cared about more than anything else in the world.

As he trained the beam on the rapidly weakening door, he continued to listen to the situation inside, hoping to catch a hint of the condition and whereabouts of the reporter. Straining his ears to listen past the buzzing crackle of the gun and groaning of the protesting metal, he again heard the angry voice say in a sickeningly perverse tone, "I'm going to enjoy this."

When he heard that, his heart leapt into his throat. After having spent most of his life in prison around some of the lowest scum imaginable, he had seen and heard enough to have a strong suspicion of what the criminal was talking about, and the implications of this made his blood run cold.

Finally, the security door had taken as much abuse as it could handle, and with a bang that shook the building to its foundation, it burst from its hinges and blasted its way inside, filling the opening that was left behind with an acrid smelling smoke. The moment before the door shuddered for the last time and gave way, he heard the voice he had been longing to hear since this whole ordeal began, but the words she uttered nearly stopped his heart, "Get your hands OFF me you bastard!"

A cold panic gripped the villain as he quickly stepped through the roiling cloud of smoke into the darkened lobby. When his eyes adjusted to the dimness of the room he began to scan the area for the thugs, and searched for Roxanne among the huddle of frightened looking hostages that were grouped together in the middle of the lobby so as to make sure that she wouldn't be injured in the slightest when all hell broke loose.

Directly in front of him stood a tall, lanky man with limp hair and shabby clothes. He stood above the huddle of hostages, his gun drawn and pointing in the direction of a very tired and frightened looking old man, but his shocked attention was focused on the security door and the ruckus that had just interrupted him in the midst of his dark task.

Across the lobby at a desk, a second man, obviously another thug, was frozen with the phone to his ear, his eyes wide in shock at the strange visitor that had burst in through the emergency door that no one seemed to have even noticed.

In a split second, Megamind adjusted the setting on his De-gun and fired, reducing them both to blue cubes that fell to the floor with a clatter and lay glowing with a strangely pulsing light. The instant their cubes hit the floor, his eyes frantically combed the remainder of the room and studied more closely the face of each terrified captive as he searched for Roxanne.

In the shadowy confines of the darkened space, he was at first unable to find her, and his heart raced with anxiety faster every second that passed by without seeing her. After a few agonizing moments, he finally saw two figures far across the room, one sitting in a chair, and one standing nearby, grasping the captive's hair with one hand, and with other he seemed to be pulling at something… NO!

A white hot surge of anger like he had never known suddenly coursed through him when he realized what he was seeing. The person sitting in the chair was Roxanne, and the one standing there next to her was one of the detestable criminals, who in his astonishment at the sight of this blue man that just blasted his way inside the bank, had frozen with his hand still gripping onto the front of her shirt in the act of pulling at it with the intent of tearing it away from her.

Something inside him snapped, and without regard for his own safety he surged forward, crossing the lobby in mere seconds, placing his gun back in it's holster as he went.

"Don't you TOUCH her!" he raged ferociously to the frightened criminal who, in his horrified astonishment at seeing a blue alien closing in on him with murder in his glowing green eyes, let go of Roxanne and began to stumble away with his hands in the air, his expression filled with terror.

When the blue villain approached, he drew back a gloved arm and with all his strength threw his fist forward, hitting the stunned thug with a sickening thud square on the cheekbone. As the hooligan reeled, Megamind quickly followed through with the other fist beneath his chin, relishing in the sound of his teeth loudly clacking together at the incredible force of the blow, and causing the thug to stagger back across the room.

Moments after the first series of poundings, the man was down for the count. He collapsed to the floor near the emergency exit with a crash, but despite this, Megamind wasn't through with him. With the fluid motion of a predator moving in for the kill, he descended on the criminal, pinning him to the ground with a knee to the chest and began pummeling him with blow after crushing blow to the face and head.

He would have happily continued on all day with this pleasant activity of venting his hatred with his fists for the man who dared to even think about touching his Miss Ritchi, but he was pulled from his absorbing task by a lovely voice.

"Megamind?" she called out softly, and this time rather than sounding frightened and outraged, her voice was a mixture of relief and concern, a bit shaky from the stress and fear of the situation she had just been through.

At the sound of her calling his name, he was instantly snapped out of his trance-like mindset of re-vange. He stood and turned to her, leaving the unconscious man in a broken, bloodied heap, and crossing the room again to kneel down in front of her, he gazed into the blue eyes he was so afraid he might never see again.

"You came for me." she said, her voice close to a whisper as she searched his face and took in every detail of the man she had been hoping beyond hope to see.

"Of course I did. Are you alright? Did they hurt you?" he asked, but just as the words left his lips, his eyes settled on the swollen bruise that marred her once smooth, pink cheek.

Megamind felt as though he himself had been struck when he caught sight of the wicked looking wound. His brows furrowed deeply and his eyes narrowed as he reached up to place his hand gently to the side of her injured cheek, and despite his gentleness, she winced when he touched her.

Seeing her pain reignited the still smoldering fire of hatred in his black heart, and in a single movement he stood and spun on his heel as he drew his De-gun and changed it's setting from dehydrate back to destroy. Springing forward, he brought the gun up and leveled it at the form laying motionless on the floor and began to press his finger to the trigger.

"Megamind, wait! No… you don't have to do that, I'm ok." Roxanne intervened, shocked at the strength of his reaction to her situation.

He turned his head to look at her, but kept his gun trained on the thug as he did so. "Why not?"

"You may be a villain, but you're not really evil. Not enough to kill someone in cold blood; you're better than that."

Her words took him by surprise, and lowering his gun, he turned to her and asked, "Why in the world would you say that? Of course I'm e-vil. What about all the times I've kidnapped you, and tried to kill Metro Mahn?"

"Killing him in cold blood like that would make you no better than he is; that's what he was going to do to me if you hadn't come when you did."

His heart was wrenched at the thought of her being harmed by anyone, and the matter of fact way she spoke of the criminal's plans for her if he had come too late froze his blood. Hearing her compare the actions of this despicable man with his desire to kill him for trying to harm her was more than her could bear; no matter how e-vil he might be, he never wanted Roxanne to think of him in that way.

With a sigh he strapped his De-gun to his thigh and walked back over to the reporter who was surprisingly still sitting in her chair and looking incredibly uncomfortable. In the dimness of the room and his preoccupation with pummeling her attacker, he had missed several important details about her situation when he had first come to see if she was alright. One of those facts was that she was tied to the chair, the other was that her shirt had been pulled so hard by the thugs in the process of her abuse, several of her buttons had popped off, and she sat rather embarrassingly exposed.

Now to Megamind, being tied to a chair was not necessarily a problem in and of itself, after all, he routinely did this during her kidnappings with great success. It was a method he swore by. But he was horrified to find that rather than being gently tied with a soft and flexible nylon rope like the one he used, her hands had been bound cruelly with plastic zip ties.

"Just a minute Roxanne, I'll get you out of this," he said, his voice thick with concern for her.

Fighting back another urge to turn and blast her abuser to a charred, smoldering pile of ashes, he tore off his gloves to allow for more dexterity, and drew out a pocket knife that he kept tucked along with a multitude of other multi purpose tools in the pockets that Minion had so cleverly hidden on his belt. Withdrawing the small blade, he knelt down again and carefully began cutting through the plastic straps that held her. He started with her ankles and then moved to her wrists, making sure not to nick her skin as he did so.

Leaning in this close to her as he worked at the plastic ties, Megamind struggled with a mixture of longing and incredible embarrassment, as the process required that his face hover uncomfortably… tantalizingly close to those perfect breasts that he had caught himself imagining many times. His blood boiled at the thought of what she had gone through, and he wanted now more than ever to blast the psychotic pervert to a crisp.

The second the last of the zip ties fell away, his train of thought was pleasantly and shockingly interrupted when she threw her arms around him, burying her face in his warm neck, clinging to him tightly.

"Thank you." she murmured, her voice trembling as she fought to keep control over her emotions.

It took a moment for the reality to sink in that the woman he had been in love with for years was holding him the way he had sappily daydreamed about countless times. But when it did, he wrapped his arms around her protectively and held her, burying his face in her hair and taking in every detail of the way she felt against him, committing her to memory so he could replay this moment in his heart another day. This was a once in a lifetime moment, and he'd be damned if he was about to let it go to waste.

When she felt him embrace her in return, all the stress and fear of the past several hours suddenly let loose, and despite her attempts to hold it back, tears began to flow. Not a dam breaking flood of tears but a soft, slow release of pent up emotion. She knew this wasn't like her at all, she had never been the weepy type, and she also knew that later when this was all over and she had to face him again at her next kidnapping, she would be horribly embarrassed at showing weakness in front of him like this, but right now, she didn't care.

This had been the worst situation she had ever gone through, and that was saying a lot for someone who endured weekly kidnappings and seemingly life threatening situations at the hands of Metro City's most feared villain. But this had been different. She had always known that Megamind wouldn't hurt her, and had suspected deep down that he actually cared about her as much as she reluctantly had to admit to herself that she cared about him. These guys, however, were truly evil to the core, and they had no qualms whatsoever about taking her life.

Being held right now by the man she knew deep down that she had feelings for and thought she would never see again crumbled the last vestiges of will power she had been holding onto to stay strong, obstinate, and courageous to the end. Rather than fight it, she decided to just let the tears flow for a moment. Besides, his arms wrapped around her like that felt so good; she had imagined him holding her many times. Not knowing if a moment like this would ever come again, she wasn't ready to let him go just yet…

As he held her, he heard her sniff softly, and could feel the wetness of tears as they spilled onto his neck. His heart ached for her, and he wished he could have arrived sooner to save her from so much more of what she had endured that day. She was so strong; the strongest and smartest person he knew, and despite all the things he had seen her go through in the years that they had known each other; all the things he himself had put her through, he had never seen her cry like this.

"It's ok… you're ok now," he said softly as he continued to hold her soothingly until she was ready to pull away, running his fingers through her hair and breathing in her scent, his eyes closed as he savored every second of this fleeting moment.

Just then, Minion came running through the still smoky doorway in a panic, scanning the room for his best friend, and the spunky reporter they had come to rescue. "Sir? Are you ok? Oh my God, you shouldn't just go charging… "

When his worried eyes rested on the very people he had rushed in to find, locked in a longing embrace and holding each other as though they were the only two people in the world, he stopped mid sentence, his mouth once again hanging open and eyes wide with shock. He stood there watching, too stunned to say another word or tear his eyes away from the scene as it unfolded.

When Roxanne finally did pull back, she allowed her arms to remain wrapped around his shoulders to keep him close, being careful of the spikes that adorned his cape. She wasn't quite ready to be separated from him yet. She looked up at him and said, "Why? Why did you come? Villains don't rescue the girl."

She thought she already knew the answer, but she wanted to gage his reaction, hoping that he would say or do something that would confirm her suspicions.

When he heard this, he smiled at her and said, "Oh, this wasn't a rescue. They simply made too many mistakes, and had to pay for their fatal lapse in judgment. You see, I've already laid claim on you as my exclusive victim, and villains aren't very good at sharing. In case you didn't know, being my victim comes with certain perks, Roxanne. No one will ever lay a hand on you as long as I'm around, I promise."

With that, he lifted his hand again to her cheek, wiping away the remaining tears that glistened on her lovely skin, being incredibly gentle so as not to hurt her when he came near the wicked looking bruise on the side of her face.

The feeling of his skin against her face made her heart flutter, and she looked deeply into the gloriously green eyes she had been longing to see, drinking him in. How could she ever believe that he was truly evil? She couldn't, not when he had shown her so many times in a thousand different tiny ways that he cared for her, and especially when he was as gentle with her as he was now, and looked at her like this…

Her train of thought was interrupted by a painful throbbing in her wrists and ankles as the blood began to flow freely again in the spots that the criminals had tied her so cruelly with the zip ties. Reluctantly, she broke his gaze and took her arms from his shoulders so she could inspect the damage.

When she pulled away and looked down, he followed her gaze, and was horrified to see deep bruises beginning to form on her wrists where the ties had bound her; the skin red, broken and bleeding in spots where the sharp plastic had cut into her. He bent down and moved the cuff of her jeans aside to reveal more of the same on her ankles, and his blood began to boil again.

"Oh my God, look what they did to you… those savages!" he ground out. Losing his personal battle to keep control of his temper and restrain himself from frying them alive with his De-gun, he stood and began to turn away from her, his hand on the butt of his gun, but as he did so, he felt her grab hold of his arm.

When he turned back to her, he saw her looking up at him worriedly, and she said, "Megamind, don't. Please. You've done more than enough for me already."

Something in the way she looked at him seemed to quell his need for vengeance, and though he was incredibly disappointed, he relaxed a bit. He wasn't about to blow the thugs sky high if she didn't want him to, he would do anything she asked… anything for her.

As he looked down at her, he noticed once again that she was embarrassingly exposed, and a sudden and overwhelming surge of protectiveness overtook him. Seeing that it was nearly impossible for her to cover herself with her damaged shirt and having nothing else to give her, he unclasped his cape and threw it over her shoulders, bringing the folds of fabric forward to make sure she had enough to cover herself properly.

When she saw what he as doing, she smiled for the first time since her ordeal had begun, and with a tiny giggle she said, "Hey, for a villain you're being pretty heroic. You'd better watch out, you might wake up one of these mornings and find out that you've suddenly switched sides; become the good guy."

"I'm not a hero, Roxanne." he said a trifle indignantly, though something deep in his heart stirred at the idea, especially when he thought he saw a tiny glimmer of hope hidden inside those beautiful blue eyes that smiled up at him.

At his response, her smile grew a bit wider, and she pulled his wrist, bringing him down level with her until he was kneeling in front of her, their faces close as they gazed at each other.

"You are today, Megamind." she whispered to him, and leaning forward, she placed a soft kiss on his lips, lingering for just a moment as she filled it with every ounce of the thankfulness and affection that was stirring so strongly in her heart.

It was such a tiny, innocent kiss, but so filled with emotion, it nearly knocked the blue villain off his feet. The electricity that crackled between them was staggering, and when they parted, they both sat for a moment, eyes still closed as they savored the memory of the way each other's lips felt against their own.

Just then, their private reflections were interrupted by the sound of a familiar voice. Minion had been watching the entire exchange, and was utterly shocked by their public display of affection toward one another. He had always suspected that there was more to the feelings that his boss had for his captive, but this? And Miss Ritchi too? And in front of all these people! How was this going to look for Sir's evil reputation when word got out that he was smooching up a storm with his victim?

"Uhhh, Sir? I hate to interrupt, but… " Minion began, and when Megamind turned to look at him, the fish flicked his eyes in the direction of the huddle of curious captives, who seemed just as shocked as Minion was to see their favorite reporter kissing the villain that terrorized both her and the city as a whole on a weekly basis.

Suddenly, it dawned on Megamind just how this must look to the onlookers. He deeply regretted pulling away from Roxanne, but a villain's job was never done. He stood in an instant and in a sharp voice commanded, "Minion! The forget me stick! And when you're done, attend to Miss Ritchi with the rope."

"You got it, Sir." Minion responded, immediately producing the stick and approaching the crowd of increasingly nervous hostages.

As Minion attended to the first part of his task, Megamind turned back to Roxanne and said in a voice that bespoke his usual evil persona, "Heroic, you say? Well, just in case you happen to entertain thoughts that I suffer from heroic tendencies, this little demonstration is to remind you that I'm truly e-vil to the core."

With that, he marched across the lobby with De-gun set to dehydrate, and shot the mounded pile of money, reducing it to a glowing blue cube that matched the two belonging to the thugs that still lay on the floor where they fell.

Megamind picked up the treasure between his thumb and forefinger, and theatrically he turned on his heel, crossing the lobby once again just as Minion was beginning to tie the soft rope around Roxanne's wrists and waist, making sure of course to be as gentle as he could so as not to aggravate her wounds.

"You see this?" he said with a purr, his green eyes lidded as he leaned in and held the cube up for her inspection. "This is proof positive that I have nary a heroic bone in my body. Ponder this, Miss Ritchi, lest you forget."

Before he turned to go, the two gazed deeply into each other's eyes one more time, a silent exchange that was not lost on Minion as he uncomfortably stood and waited for his boss to leave. Oh God, this has got to be one of the weirdest days of my life.

Finally, Megamind turned and stalked away, leaving Roxanne loosely tied to the chair, knowing that within seconds she would be released by the cops whom he could see had at last found their nerve, and stood outside the door, preparing to break their way inside.

"Farewell Miss Ritchi. We'll meet again soon, much to your misfortune." He called out, and when he did he glanced back at her one more time to see her watching him go, looking at him with that familiar and irresistibly crooked smirk.

"Yeah…" she called back, "in two weeks, as soon as Wayne gets back. Don't be late!"

Megamind chuckled and answered, "Oh, no fear of that, my dear."

As he approached the door, he looked down to see the detestable criminal that had abused Roxanne so harshly beginning to stir awake again, rolling around on the floor and groaning in the pain of the severe bruises and broken bones that were his reward for laying hands on another villain's victim.

Anger again welled up inside the blue man's chest, and as he passed by, he gave the bloodied thug a sharp kick in the side of the head, knocking him out cold once again, and producing a quiet giggle from Roxanne, who couldn't hold it back despite herself.

As Megamind stepped through the exit into the brightness of the alley and approached the car, he was amazed at how good he felt… better than he had in, oh… what, two weeks? He had pummeled the thug that hurt Roxanne to a pulp, gotten to see the girl of his dreams again and been kissed by her, gazed into her beautiful blue eyes without being interrupted by Mr. Goody Two Shoes, and he had even made her laugh… twice; one of the most beautiful sounds in the world.

This time, when he got into the car, he didn't even bother to get in on the driver's side, he wanted to just sit and think about everything that had happened.

Minion sat in the driver's seat for a moment and observed his boss as he sat there with the sappiest smile on his face he had ever seen, his green eyes vacantly staring straight ahead at nothing as he obviously replayed the final moments with Roxanne in his mind. Finally, with a roll of his brown eyes and a shake of his body inside his dome, he huffed and turned toward the road to drive back to the lair.

As he did so, he noticed out of the corner of his eye a streak descending from the sky, heading straight for the bank. Oh, darn it!

"Sir… Metro Man approaching. Looks like it's too late for his welcome home present." Minion said sulkily with a pout.

"Huh? Oh! No, Minion, it's never too late… all this does is postpone it a bit. Actually, this is perfect; now we can get back to routine; resume the kidnappings... pick things up where we left off. You know, the Death Ray is so close to being ready, all we need is a decoy plot to buy us a little time and throw him off track, lull him into a false sense of security while we finish the awesome weapon that's sure to be his demise!

"I was thinking something that incorporates all of my best schemes, you know, sort of a recap of my greatest hits, so to speak. Yes… that would be the perfect segue! A fitting send off to Metrocity's beloved hero, and glorious welcome for their new Overlord… "

As Megamind went on, Minion could see all of his friend's old manic excitement returning, and he felt a sense of relief that things seemed to be about to return to normal, permanently… he hoped. Still, the little fish couldn't help but wonder about Miss Ritchi and the scene he had just witnessed. Now what could that possible mean for them in the weeks ahead?

As Roxanne watched her unlikely blue hero go, she smiled at the memory of his gentleness and the way he showed so much concern for her. She should never have doubted him and should have known that he would come for her. She would never doubt that he would come for her again, no matter what. After all, he did just promise that as long as he was around, he'd never let anyone harm her.

Her thoughts began to stray to his assertion that he would be back for her in two weeks; as soon as Wayne came home. At the thought of waiting so long, she began to get a bit peeved at the great big brawny hero for making her wait so long… Oh, God; two more weeks!

Just as these thoughts were running through her mind, there was a loud crash from the roof above her, and to her complete shock, the Hero in White himself was standing in front of her, poised in his gleaming suit and perfect hair, ready to come to her aid.

"Don't worry Roxie, I'm here! Where are they?" he announced theatrically, his voice rife with ego.

Roxanne rolled her eyes at his 'prompt' entrance. Oh nice, he even stopped at home to change his clothes and fix his hair before heading over here to save me.

"Yeah, well you're late. You missed the whole thing." she responded, her voice thick with the sassiness that she usually reserved for Megamind.

He was slightly startled by her tone, and when he turned to look at her, he was nearly floored by what he saw. She sat loosely tied to her chair… loose wasn't even the right word, this was almost a joke… why did the culprit even bother? And why was she wearing Megamind's cape?

He began to look around, taking in the scene with ever increasing confusion; bruises on Roxanne's cheek and wrists, the bank vaults empty, a group of random citizens unconscious on the floor, two glowing blue cubes, and a thug he had never seen before, beaten to within an inch of his life… not to mention the rather smitten look that she had on her face when he first broke through the ceiling that was immediately replaced with an irate glare when she saw him arrive to help her. Not exactly the welcome he had been expecting.

"What's going on here?" He asked, dropping his striking rescue pose and standing there with a perplexed look on his face and his hands in the air.


"Did Megamind do this?" he pressed further, motioning to the whole of the room and the mess it contained.


"But he was here."


"Roxanne, will you just fill me in on what the heck is going on? I'm feeling pretty out of the loop here."

"Guess that's what happens when you decide to go on vacation and put everyone else's lives on hold." she shot at him acerbically, giving him a scathing glare for good measure.

"Ok, well… will you at least tell me why you're wearing his cape?"

She sat there watching him growing more uncomfortable as he pondered the possibilities. Oh, now this is fun. "Because, I'm not decent underneath."

"Come again?"

"I'm not… properly… clothed! Exposed, you know? Practically naked." she said, punctuating that last word with a suggestive whisper. Of course, this was a bit of a stretch, but he deserved it. She had to hold back a laugh at the look of shock that passed through his eyes.

"So you're not properly clothed, and you're wearing his cape? You want to explain that one to me, Roxie?"

"No. Come on, let's go let the cops in, they seem to be having a hard time figuring out how to get through the lock on the door." And with that, she stood up, clutching the cape close to her, and stepped out of the ropes that had been 'tied' around her, and walked away as they dropped to the floor.

As she turned her back on the dumbfounded hero and headed for the door to let the cops in, she giggled quietly to herself, trying as hard as she could not to let him see or hear. Oh, she'd tell him what really happened later when she was good and ready, at least part of it. Some of the things that took place she'd keep to herself, pulling the memory out from time to time, hoping that some day she may have another chance to kiss those blue lips; maybe many more chances…

For now though, she was too mad at Wayne to tell him anything, and it was fun to watch him squirm as his mind wandered into some very awkward territory. She couldn't allow herself to stay mad for too long though, after all, he did end up coming back early, despite his declaration that nothing could drag him away from his vacation.

Now that he was back, she realized excitedly, she wouldn't have to wait those two weeks to see… Oh, uh… I mean, now it's back to the same old grind, kidnapping after kidnapping. Hmmm, I wonder when he'll be showing up to get me?

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