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June 11, 2012


She straddled his thighs, arching her back wantonly as her breasts were pushed forward and into his waiting hands. The burnt orange glow of the streetlights outside shone through the horizontal slats of the twisted blinds. Her profile, spine arched and head thrown back, cast an iconic scene against them. He had a breast in each palm, cupping them preciously, gently stroking his thumbs and forefingers in time with her down stroke as she rode him hard. She sighed as each pull of her skin brought on one sensation after another.

The sheet that had been covering them both had slid down to rest around the swell of her round posterior, staying precariously close against her body, curving around the taught skin of her thighs and calves in gentle waves to lay against the bed. Her hands splayed across his chest as she lifted and lowered herself on top of his hard body, her nails digging sharply into his pectorals. He groaned and shot up, his hands moving from her breasts to wrap his arms around her back as he hungrily kissed her. Teeth gnashed together, tongues slid into the other's mouth as groans and cries of excitement filled the night air.

Suddenly he flipped them, rolling her onto her back as the crisp, white sheet moved with them, now barely covering his backside as his hips dipped and swayed against hers.

Propping himself up on his hands next to her chest, he thrust forward quickly. She gasped at the eagerness now filling the air, the change in position striking something deep inside of her. Her long hair fanned around her on the pillow below, her lips parted and panting, her eyes closed as the sensations gripped and rolled through her body.

He reared back, watching her lips as she whispered her true passion to him.


He grunted as he pushed forward, her back once again arching sharply as their hips met forcefully. She whimpered, her hands roaming ceaselessly along the planes of his body. Her fingers ran through his hair, scratching down his back, moving lower to grab hold of the sheet barely covering his ass to push him harder against her with each of his now frenzied thrusts.

Her long, tanned legs wrapped around his torso, needing to be closer to him. He moved his hand down towards her hip, anchoring her to the bed as they neared the end.

"I love you," she said softly, eyes now open and watching his face closely.

He kissed her quickly, passionately, before bringing his head back to look at her. His eyes locked onto hers in the strange aura of the streetlights as he whispered, "I love you, too".


June 11, 2012


She twirled the ring around her finger absently; gazing blankly at it as the light caught the small, square sapphire nestled against the silver band.

He should be home by now. If they were running late, he would've called, she thought.

He'd been working all day while she kept her nose buried at her job in the bookstore.

The last few months had passed by in a blur; she only remembered vague snippets of the brief conversations that they'd had together. He needed to fly here; he had a meeting to go to there. She'd stay home and tend to the things that needed tending to, as usual, while he was away.

She'd gotten used to it, being alone in the house that they shared together as man and wife. She fixed meals for the both of them, leaving his portion to chill in the fridge as she ate hers in silence in front of the fireplace while reading a book.

She'd had other thoughts on her mind to keep her preoccupied. Her mother, for one thing, had gotten sick. That entire process weighed heavily on her heart, the fact that there wasn't anything she could've done for the older woman.

Though her mother had left her and her father at an early age, she still had feelings for the only maternal figure she knew; feelings that called out to care and protect the female that had given her life. That was just part of her nature. She thought she was a nurturer and provider because of her father, the Chief of Police of the small town in which she'd grown up. She'd seen his soft, caring side as he counseled grieving parents, his compassion as he pleaded with others to get the type of help they so desperately needed, and his stern attitude when people had to be dealt with in uncomfortable situations.

But her father couldn't help her now; she had to do this on her own.

It was warm in the house. Even at nine o'clock in the evening, the humidity still hadn't worn away completely. She wasn't used to the weather. Still, after living in the same place for three years, she was not accustomed to the dry, sweltering heat that threatened to burn away all of the liquids inside of her body. When they'd first moved here, she never knew how much a person could actually sweat. It amazed her, how often she'd have to go into their room and take a quick, cool shower and change into something light. Then she'd rush back out, intent on not missing out on any of her duties, her obligations.

Ten thirty. Where did the hour and a half go, she puzzled.

Memories did that to people. Took them away from the conscious and brought them to the land of in-between while minutes ticked away.

While life ticked away.

She stood up, went to the fridge, poured herself a cup of raspberry lemonade, and waited for her husband to come home.


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