A note from the author.

As you know I haven't exactly been posting often the past five months and the the reason for this is my job. I have a physically demanding job and though I sleep soundly because of it, it also drains my creativity. No no creativity means no writing.

1½ months ago I got news that I was supposed to be laid off September 28th. Not great news financially of course but on the positive side a less arduous occupation would mean more time and more energy for my creativity which in theory would lead to me writing again.

Events have now taken a new turn and it seems I will not be among those leaving prematurely after all. How long I'll still have this job I don't know, but for now it stretches well in to October, and if I'm really lucky I may even get employment over winter. What this means for my writing I think you can imagine. Right now I definitely can't write because things are in the balance.

At this point all I can say is that I'm sorry. I haven't stopped writing these missing scenes though so when I can find time and hook up with my imagination I will write. And that's a promise.