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I'll be there

Chapter 5

By green goddess

Tokiya was surprised.

He didn't like reminiscing about the past…

When his sister was still alive…

"I'm not answering that question."

"Why not?" Fuuko questioned him. "It's just a simple questio--!"

"Why do _you_ want to know anyway?"

"Why? It's just a simple question you could answer with a simple yes or no."

"Fine. Yes."

Tokiya ended that quarrel with his answer. He wanted her to stop making him remember what happened before…

But she didn't.

She still had more questions.

"Did you have…well…any best friend…?"

Tokiya looked at Fuuko. She seemed to hesitate asking that certain question.

She didn't look in his eyes…

Probably feeling uneasy.

Tokiya debated whether he should answer her question or not, but decided to, considering her question quite harmless.

"Well?" Fuuko asked him.

"Uh…yeah, I guess so…" Tokiya said slowly.

Fuuko's eyes had widened…as if she was waiting for something more…but turned back to normal as she asked for more details…

"Your best friend probably was a boy, right…not a girl…"

"No…no…I think that friend was a girl…"

"Really?! I-I mean, really? Well, what was she…like?"

"I can't remember…"

Tokiya closed his eyes…as if trying to remember something from the past…

1 Soft hair…

Blue eyes…that were well-lit with liveliness…

A voice that was angelic and so melodic whenever he heard her say his name…

Smooth hands…that he always clasped whenever they ran together…

A smile that always made his problems go away…

"All I know is that she was the most wonderful person in the whole world aside from my sister."

Tokiya smiled and looked up at the sky.

"I loved her very, very much."

Fuuko looked at him with shock written on her face. But he didn't see this.

"What happened to her?"

Tokiya looked at Fuuko.

"She moved away. But we made a promise to each other."

"What kind of promise?"

"That we'd always be there for each other."

"Did you keep it?"

There was a moment of silence.

"Yes…but…she…broke it."

*How? You were the one broke it.*

"She wasn't there when my sister died."

*You weren't there when my mom died.*

"I hated her for that."

*I hated you for that.*

"But now…when I think about it…I think it's senseless…she didn't know about it…so I forgave her…"

*I've forgiven you already…even before…*

"I wish she was still here with me…I wish she was here comforting me…I wish she was here sitting beside me…"

"But she is here…sitting beside you…Tokiya-chan…"

Fuuko smiled.

Tokiya's eyes widened.


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