The Robin and the Raven

Cry little robin as your precious home burns,

The tides in your pampered life have finally turned,

Even now, the wolves close in as embers fall from the sky,

Overhead, the black raven circles as he flies.

Little robin, make your choice, will you call upon a dark savior?

Will you die an innocent soul, or be bound to him forever more?

The raven smirks as he hears the call,

The decision is made, now be prepared to give him all,

Dear little robin, brace yourself for when you wake.

There will be no wolves, only the raven with a deal to make,

The coldhearted raven offers his service for a seemingly simple role,

All he wants in return is the robin, body and soul.

He will care for and guard with impossible perfection,

But sweet robin, sing not of your past in reflection,

The great black raven gazes out from his perch,

He watches the robin shudder and lurch.

Now cruel raven put on a smile and dispel the nightmares,

But he does not see the spider in the web, looking at the robin fair,

The clever raven must beware, for now another wants his prize.

The calculating spider bides his time for the perfect time to act and rise,

He follows them with jealousy and desire,

All the while the raven begins to feel the spark before the fire.

And now the spider takes his chance,

Hoping the little robin flits into his hands,

For today the raven looks on with horror and despair,

His robin has been caught in the web and ripped from his care

Poor little robin, come cry your laments,

As the angered raven pursues; his will is hell bent.

The spider keeps running with the terrified robin,

While not far behind, the raven's temper runs thin.

But what the spider does not know or could ever measure,

Is that it is never wise to steal a raven's greatest treasure.

Now the spider turns to the raven, who comes to a stop,

The scared little robin cries before the fight gets hot,

They struggle and lash, each for the same reason,

Now forsake your god, sweet robin, and throw your faith for treason.

Gaze out and look to them with your next move in hand,

Fall to the ground in sudden pain, going along with your master plan,

Watch through blurred vision as the raven gives the final blow,

It was growing very late, as the raven should know.

He drew his long talons from the stilled spider's heart,

Then hopped to the robin, knowing his part,

Black raven eternal, now bound forever; never dead,

In the robin, flashes of black among the homely browns and reds.

But the raven finds that he doesn't really mind,

Now being stuck with the robin for all time,

He gathers the robin within his sharp and bloodied claws,

As the raven flies away, leaving behind all flaws,

The two move quickly to the raven's nest,

Secluded and rocky, hidden in a cliff's cleft.

It will be the perfect place,

Blessed by the most unnatural grace,

An odd pair to be mates,

But still happy with each other in any case.

To spend an eternity with no end,

To live an eternity with no end.

-Elizabeth McClurkin