Into The Fold

I am a 'sucker' for Vampire!Dean...LOL... and this idea just popped into my head. In a nutshell, the alpha vampire isn't going to let one of his children just walk away. Set in 6x07. Oh, and Sammy has his soul back.

It's a bit dark and disturbing because hey, sometime that's me too ;) Probably quite a few chapters, and they will be fairly short.

The brothers stand and stare through the bars of his cell, their eyes taking in the alpha vampire as he smirks, seemingly unaffected by the sessions of torture he has endured since his capture.

His low voice filters outward as his gaze lands directly on the older sibling.

"You were one of my children and in my care for a time, isn't that true Dean?"

Sam turns to face his brother and sees him close his eyes as he relives the memory of his time as a vampire.

"I think you should come back to the fold, my son."

Dean shuffles nervously as he remembers with crystal clarity the surge of raw power that had flowed through him as his body and desires were changed. He was strong, shit, he felt invincible. He would never admit it to Sam or Samuel or even God himself, but the darkest part of him, the part he had hidden deep into the recesses of his soul enjoyed the way it made him feel.

"C'mon man, don't listen to this shit. We need to find Samuel and get the hell out of here."

The alpha's head swivels to take in the sight of Dean's brother and a deep, resonating cackle is released from his throat as his nail continues its constant grating against the material of his chair.

"Samuel. What a pathetic and foolish creature. He thinks he can hold me here. Me?"

Eyes flicker to the older sibling and the alpha smiles. The human looks weak; vulnerable. Perfect.

"You of all people know these bars won't hold me Dean. Oh, the pleasure I am going to have in killing your grandfather."

Defiance and rage crackle within the hunter's frame as he fights to hold his temper in check, unwilling to give the vampire the satisfaction of the power his words hold through the threat he just voiced.

But the father of the vampires cannot be fooled by this archaic display. He can sense Dean's turmoil; the battle that rages just beneath the surface; whether he wants to save his grandfather, or kill him for what he is doing.

Another cackle and two sets of Winchester eyes peer at the thing in the cage.

"Boys, I have a much better idea. I think I will make, or rather, I will let you kill him..."

He eyes the older brother.


The oldest sibling swallows and the vampire can hear the tempo of his heart speed up and the rapid increase of breath as the words sink in. The alpha closes his eyes and sighs deeply at the influx of sensory overload he feels ooze out from the man who stands just beyond his reach.

"Yessssss, that will be enough poetic justice to chew on for centuries. Ironic isn't it? The man who corrupted you, turned you back into a mere mortal will have his life taken and his fluids expunged from his body by the same person he worked so hard to save. OOooooo, it is almost too delicious. You will be mine Dean."

TBC... So, worth continuing? I do have way toooo many stories on the go right now so I cannot guarantee how fast I will be able to update. FYI... ;)