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Sam hisses at the razor blades that have taken root in his head, their sharpened edges cutting a swatch of agony deep into his brain. What the fuck?

There is an incessant buzzing in his ears and he breathes deeply to control the sudden panic that grips him, unable to discern where he is or what the hell happened.

Clouded eyes take their first tentative step towards assessing the surroundings, their owner riddled with disorientation and the overhwhelming sense of something amiss, only to retreat quickly as eyelids slam shut on instinct against the onslaught of piercing pain.

A hand reaches back to touch the epicenter of the storm, a groan emitted from the hunter's throat as fingers graze the tender area of his wounded, throbbing skull.

Sam doesn't need the proverbial set of eyes on the back of his head to know what the wetness now coating his fingers is.


Okay, so that would explain why he can't think straight and the reason there is an ever present nauseousness coursing through him, but the how remains foggy and off in the distance; it rides along with the pervasive intuition that something around him is totally fucked up.

The frustration at lack of answers builds so he takes stock of what he does know; of what he can deciper, at least until the cobwebs decide to back the fuck off.

He is on his back on what feels like concrete, and his eyes' first, albeit short foray had revealed he is inside; it's a dark space. Well that's genius, suffering from a concussion in a dark space? Fucking brilliant.

Shit, he didn't just appear in this situation... He needs to think. Come on, even just a hint would be nice.

Wait. He wouldn't be here without back up, right? Dean. Yeah, big brother must have been with him. Yes, he's sure of it, Dean was here.

Alright, keep going Sammy. So, they were hunting? But...what? ... wait... he...Dean... His thoughts drift off to a more disturbing scenario; one more troubling than his current, dazed state. Dean was with him, he knows he was, but he doesn't hear his brother's voice; no muffled words, no touch on his shoulder; no indication at all of Dean trying to coax him back into the waking world.

Hairs on his neck seem to levitate at that; definitely not good.

"Fuck. Dean? Dean, where are you man?"

Another pang of panic invades his chest, his heart and the thumping in his head increasing in tandem; the continuing silence that meets his soft yet urgent inquiry the trigger that fires a myriad of bad vibes to run rampant through his brain.

Get a grip Sam and figure this shit out. Dean. If Dean isn't here then something's wrong, he wouldn't leave you vulnerable like this. You have to find him, he needs you to save him. You know he's in trouble.

His eyebrows knit at that and his already queasy stomach lurches; he knows intuitively his brother is in worse shape than him. Shit.

Christ... what were they...they were...damn it, think!

Hunters...right...Samuel...something about checking what he was...yeah, Samuel was there but...something else...

He shivers. Something evil...

He punches the ground in annoyance, the fragmented pieces of the puzzle floating around without connection making him feel desperate.

He wills calmness to claim his ragged breathing and tries again.

Right, Samuel was there...and a cage...he was...they were...Samuel...cage...interrogating the... Alpha...

Dean! It flashes through his memory, his last conscious vision; his brother's face now prominent in his brain, the state of Dean's mind and body making his breath quicken and his eyes to fly open.


It's ripped from his raw throat, an explosion igniting in his head where the fucking alpha crashed it unmercifully into the cement floor while Dean lay whimpering and bleeding only feet away. Allowing himself to climatize to his physical state and slowly get his bearings flies out the fucking window in a heartbeat; the sight of that vampire bastard hovering greedily over his distressed sibling twisting his stomach into a tight knot.

Exactly how they got into this current fucking mess is still cloudy but Sam knows one thing; the vamp is on a definite mission; he has his sights set on and his teeth ready to sink into his brother; the fucker wants to bring Dean into the fold with other monsters the brothers have spent their entire lives ridding the world of. Well, that ain't going to fucking happen while he's still breathing.

Dean will not become one of you, you fucking bastard, I'll make sure of that.

Teeth clenched and head on fire, Sam moves. It's slower than he would like, his patience now non-existent, but passing out would be even worse and not an option. He clenches his hands into fists to stop himself from launching up off they floor to find his brother; the brother he hopes is still right there in that room.

He shifts to his side when he hears it; it's faint but trying hard to infiltrate the buzz still present in his head. He ceases all movement and even holds his breath to concentrate and home in on that small sound.

"S...S'mm? m'here...pl...please..h...help...h..."

Samuel staggers as he is pulled roughly from his getaway vehicle and dragged across the yard by the vice grip of the vampire's hold.

He basks in the terror that mounts with each step; at the human's realization that he has begun his one way march into the gallows; where he will take his last breath and cease to exist in this world.

A calculated whisper makes its way through ragged, panicked breaths to nestle in the man's ears.

"I have to thank you Samuel. Who would have thought that you would be the one. You will serve a very important purpose in the cementing of Dean's destiny; the catalyst that will start the chain reaction that will make him mine for eternity."

The hunter sags in his arms and makes his lips curl into a gleeful smile. He stops their momentum to enjoy the impact of his words.

"You will provide the final step on his journey and how exciting it will be when he finally realizes what his life can be. He, and I, we will owe his transformation, all of it, to you. You should feel pride at your role as you watch; as your grandson turns right in front of you."

Samuel cannot control the weight of his words and the alpha sees his throat clench just before he leans over and dispels the contents of his stomach to paint the earth below. It doesn't disgust him but rather it is a delight; it tells the tale of horror as it seeps and spreads throughout the human's body, mind and soul.

The hunter gasps in air and retches again, a string of bile indicating there is nothing left to expunge. The alpha grabs him by the chin and tilts his head upward, making sure he looks straight into the man's red-rimmed eyes.

"Who would have anticipated this turn of events hunter; you came after me to destroy what I have built yet it is you who will strengthen my hold. Ironic, isn't it?"

"Fuck you..dracula...that's a bet...a bet you'll lose...he won't...he can't...kill me...Dean...that boy...he is...he's all about family."

Eyes go wide as an inhuman cackle drifts out into the evening air.

"Yes my dear Samuel, I know. And that is exactly what I am counting on. Don't you see? Has your narrow mind not yet grasped the pure beauty of it? You see, when the moment comes, and it will, who do you believe Dean Winchester will choose? Hmm? The grandfather he never really knew; the one that abandoned him, with a vampire no less, or the brother with whom he obviously shares an inexplicable connection with?"

Whatever light that had been present in the hunter's eyes dims then; the realization reaching him without filter. The grandfather has also witnessed the bond of the brothers and it is the one that has sealed the human's fate.

Samuel seems to retreat into his mind then; the vacant look that invades his features testiment to that.

"Yessss, now you understand Samuel. Dean will have only one option, and one he will be unable to refuse. Now, shall we?"

Discussion over, the alpha renews his hold and guides the now silent, compliant human through the door and towards his fate.