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"I'm waiting."

For fuck's sake, that makes two of us.

Sam shakes his head slowly to test the waters; the deposit he left on the floor of their current luxury accommodations, combined with the slight decrease in pressure on his wrist seeming to have lessened the all around 'something the cat dragged in, mauled, ate and puked out' feeling that has plagued him since his arrival back to the waking world.

"Nothing to say, Sammy?"

He wishes Dean would shut the fuck up and let him think. The smirk on his brother's face makes his skin crawl; the longer he stares dumbfounded at Dean's features the more convinced he becomes that his brother is starting to regard him more as a slab of meat housing what his poisoned body is starting to crave than having any semblance to the brother he has gone to Hell and back for.

Un-fucking-believable. They do not have time for this shit.

His eyes scan the door and he can practically hear each precious second tick away; their chance to get the hell out of here quickly vanishing, time edging closer and closer to the moment when the bastard comes back to lay claim on his brother's life.

No. Fucking. Way.

Time for Plan B.

"Hope you enjoyed the fresh air, Samuel, it will be your last."

The hunter flinches as the outside door is closed. The vampire's gaze follows the enticing droplets of dried blood along the floor, steps slow and deliberate; the allure of rubbing the human's nose in it making him giddy.

"Ah, this must bring back memories."

He crouches to the floor with the human and turns the hunter's head forcefully until Samuel's pained eyes clearly see the same thing his own eyes currently devour.

A long, inhuman fingernail outlines the red-tinged surface.

"Mmmm... Tell me, how did it feel..."

Eyes close, the memory of how the splotches of blood began their journey; how they came to be a spattering on the floor causing a shudder of delight to ripple through the vampire's frame.

"... when the bullet pierced your flesh? How did it feel when you gazed upon Dean; the one you are so sure won't submit to temptation, as he leered through hungered eyes; as he salivated without thought at the blood oozing from your veins? Hmm?"

The hunter does not speak but flails fruitlessly to try and squirm his way to freedom; to try and stall the certainty of his demise.

Lost in the moment of Dean's obedience, to him, the alpha thrums a deep throated groan as he inches ever closer to the petrified human; to reiterate the futility of his illusion.

"Are you still so sure of his humanity; so sure those are the actions of someone who will stand and defy me to save your selfish skin?"

He laughs heartedly at the whimper he hears exit the hunter. Pure, uncensored fear wafts out of Samuel and the Alpha basks in its beauty.

Eyes harden onto those of his brother as Sam prepares himself, not quite sure whether this is the best play, considering how he's pretty damn sure Dean is one molecule away from going vampire-shit on him, but forced to concede it's a chance he has to take. Anything is better than being forced to watch Dean lose himself more and more while they are engaged in some messed up pissing contest.

He'll do what he has to in order to snap Dean out of the fog; it'll hurt like hell but he won't lose him, not like this.

A deep breath in.

"And just what the fuck are you waiting for exactly, Dean? Huh? You want me to tell you you're right? Okay, damn it, the great Dean Winchester is right, just like every other fucking time. Does that make you feel better? Does it stroke your ego to know that yup, you caught me, in what you perceive as a lie. Once again big brother knows it all."

Dean blinks at him, all he does is fucking blink and it's like a neon sign lighting up the night and guiding his way; telling him he's on the right 's the first waver, the first indication he's had that his brother is still in there and right now it's the most beautiful thing he's ever seen and all Sam needs to continue his charge.

"Sure, I'm bleeding... but what the hell does it matter in the scheme of whatever the fuck is going on here? But no, good on you man, really, you figured it out."

Sam eyes the door, his heartbeat starting to ramp up, knowing it won't be long until the fang gets back and they have a major fucking problem to contend with.

It pisses him off, how he has to stop and play dirty; has to talk his out of his gourd brother down and make sure he's back in the game so he doesn't need to worry that any minute he couldn't fucking turn on him; all because some piece of shit monster decided Dean would make a nice addition to his goddamn playroom.

Anger and ire bubble up and he can't help the feeling he gets; that they probably wouldn't even be in this fucking mess in the first place if Dean and grandpa dearest had been honest about how their last meeting with vampires went; Sam would have made damn sure neither of them set foot in this house of fucking horrors. Jesus. Secrets never work out Dean, you of all people should know that.

"Christ, it's just a stupid concussion, we've... No, check that, I've gone through a lot worse than this; hell, it doesn't even show up on the Richter scale of crap I've had to deal with."

Come on, Dean. I need a sign, dude. We do not have time to waste here and I'm starting to lose my cool.

I don't want to do this, please, don't make me go there.

Fuck, nothing but more blinking. Shit.

His breaths come out heavy and tempered, his patience with this nightmare wearing him thin.

There is a slight softening in the bore of the eyes that gaze at him and any trepidation Sam held for following along this path is gone. Dean's cottage cheese mind is trying to process his words through whatever sludge is in there trying to consume and strip him away, piece by piece.

There's an opening there and damn if Sam isn't going to break out the big guns and let big brother have it; to play the card that always brings Dean around to his side.


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