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Previously on Into the Fold:

He rounds the corner dragging the hunter along the floor, his listless body having no impact on the speed in which the vampire travels. Moments later he stands in front of the door, relishing the erratic beats of the hearts on the other side. He smiles, licks his lips and patiently waits, knowing the click of the door is only moments away.

The brothers stagger towards the exit, the urgency present within Dean's uncoordinated movements and Sam's attempts to keep his wrist and head from making him spew again giving their break for freedom the odd quality of a badly choreographed dance.

Dean hesitates slightly as they reach the threshold, but Sam doesn't stop, he can't; they are so close now to getting the fuck out.

Sam grips the handle.

The alpha sees the doorknob start to turn.

Dean grabs feebly at Sam's arm just as he starts to pull the door open.

The vampire smiles.

Yes, I am here, my child.

Sam turns back to look at his brother, the panic he had seen no longer just skimming the surface of his face, it is now full blown; it breaches the waves of his features in earnest, telling Sam without the need for words there is a deadly storm directly in their path.

Heat begins to flush through his body; desire, want, need and hunger starting to take its toll. The vampire grabs the wounded hunter's shoulder and squeezes, a ribbon of blood meandering its way through the damaged flesh to snake warmly along his hand. He delights in the knowledge that it was not he who brought the human to this state. No, it was not him; his child inflicted this upon Samuel Campbell. Dean did this.

You wear my mark upon your skin; have been chosen by me to walk by my side and lead my family towards our rightful place; as the dominant species of this world. Accept it; what you desire and want you are destined to be, and start your life anew.

Sam looks on as Dean starts to sag; as he lifts a hand to his neck and slowly shakes his head, the presence of tears standing out in his eyes. Christ.

You have already proven what I already knew; what an asset you will be.

Samuel. His blood is warm, Dean. It radiates with heat and life against my skin. The moisture; the sensation of it is pure bliss. You did this, son. You brought him to this. You have provided me, your father, the sustenance I need as I wait for you.

A painful groan skims along the surface of the stilled air and Samuel is released to slither bonelessly to the floor. The vampire doesn't acknowledge the sound or cast him a glance; too busy, too lost in the sight of crimson that stains his skin.

But Sam heard it. Shit, what the fuck was that? But the question is unnecessary; the answer is already known and it rings out loudly in his mind. The alpha is here.

Greedily he licks the liquid from his palm.

Mmmm... sooooooo delicious. I cannot wait for you to taste it Dean, to feel it; the ecstasy, as the liquid coats your mouth, your tongue, your teeth, your throat; providing the cure to the hunger that I know still stirs deep within you. It is right here and it is yours for the taking.

Dean unconsciously licks his lips and he swallows, his eyes seeking out Sam's in what his brother sees as despair...

Give in to the craving; extinguish the fire that burns through your veins.

... his eyes close and Sam feels a wash of helplessness lap over him like a tidal wave.

"Dean? Please."

His brother mumbles defeated words.

"Too late...too late... too late..."

Sam pivots back to their only escape route and his eyes go wide, his heart clammers in his chest and the incessant pounding in his head increases ten fold.


"Hello, Sam. Can Dean come out to play?"

It's futile, he knows, but the instinct to protect his brother from the thing that lurks just inches away has Sam pushing against the metal with all his strength, his wrist throbbing and his brain beating on his skull.

Eyes flicker to the inhuman ones on the other side and Sam feels sick; the creepy smile adorning the fucking thing's face churning his stomach. He finds his grandfather then; the limpness, the blood soaked, stillness of the figure on the floor doing nothing to calm his heartbeat or the clamminess that has gathered on his skin.

He doesn't move, just puts his his foot against the door and takes in Sam's appearance through the narrow space. He looks... desperate, and he is more than pleased. The vampire concentrates on him; the pulsing of his blood as it surges through his veins; the irregular beat of his heart as it tries to compensate for the amount of blood flow his body currently demands. He sighs in delight. Exquisite.

Sam stares at the bastard and knows he is sizing him up, but the smugness displayed on the fucker's face tells him it's just a game; the alpha is playing, is toying with him.

He keeps pushing on the door and the fucker keeps smiling at him.

He keeps pushing until his wrist gives out and a groan is uttered from his lips.

He keeps pushing, now with his shoulder instead, until he hears the faintest chuckle echo out from the vampire's mouth.

"Are we having fun yet?"

He keeps pushing, his eyes roaming and his breath ragged in his ears. He glances down and lets out a gutteral noise; a frustrated gust of air follows as he sees the door is being held in place by nothing more than the creature's foot. His gaze drifts over to where Samuel lies and he's almost blinded by the rage; the hate oozing out from every fibre of his being. Samuel, what the hell have you done to us.

Sam's hatred doesn't go unnoticed, the vampire sees it; it speaks loud and clear through the fury embedded in the man's eyes. Samuel has led his own grandchildren here; kept them in the dark while he sought information that no human should possess. Perfect. It shouldn't take too much to convince Dean to end his grandfather's pathetic, selfish life.

"Not happy to see your grandfather, Sam?"

Shut the fuck up.

"Would you like to know where I found him?"

Come closer Dean. This is something you must hear.

Sam hasn't noticed yet but the alpha has; the way Dean starts to edge his way closer to the door; closer to him, his gaze focused on his father and what he has to say.

That's right, my child. Closer.

"I caught Samuel trying to escape; busily preparing to flee without a second thought; perfectly happy to leave you and your brother at my mercy."

Sam growls, the anger towards his grandfather ramping up several notches as he envisions the scene that the vampire just described. Samuel deserves to fucking die and hell, if they somehow manage to escape the vamp's clutches he will be only too happy to take it upon himself to kill him.

The vampire tilts his head slightly and seems to speak to the air beside him; Sam only now realizing the proximity of his brother; within mere inches of the fucking thing. The alpha's eyes peer hungrily into the confines of the room to land on his brother, and a shudder rolls through Sam's frame.

"I brought him here for you, Dean. He deserves to die for what he has done to you, and to Sam. I promise his death will make things so much better; will provide a clarity which you have never known before."

Sam watches, dumbfounded as Dean follows the movements of the alpha until Samuel is picked up; as if his weight is akin to that of a feather.

A feral smile.

Sam swallows in fear. This is it. He grabs for his brother, shakes him hard and screams directly into his face.


Rapid blinks and Dean's focus comes back to his brother.

Sam whispers.

"We need to fight, Dean. The Winchester brothers don't give up, ever. Right?"

A nod.

"We're in this together, whatever happens."

Another nod.

The brothers stand together, shoulder to shoulder; two humans about to wage battle against the father of the vampire race.

His patience now gone, his hand grips the handle, a surge of adrenaline pulsing through him as he homes in on his prize. At last.

The door flies open and Sam struggles to keep hold of his brother as Samuel is thrown into the room, his arrival on the concrete floor accentuated by a sickening thud.

Sam is shoved to the side roughly and his head starts to spin. Fuck, not now. He knows that touch all too well and knows it was not the alpha, it was Dean, pushing him out of the way in a desperate attempt to save him, like he has done time and time again. Sam hears his brother's voice and seeks it out, his gaze landing on Dean as he fights to stand straight and tall against the foreboding presence of the vampire.

"C'mon, you f...fucker, here I am...c..come and get me."

Dean's eyes find his brother's and Sam can see a myriad of emotions swirl within them; pain, fear, sorrow, shame... and love.

He gulps in response to the view he sees.

"Sammy! Run!"

The usual bravado in Dean's voice is absent, his voice is shaky and Sam can hear the terror laced within the vibrations of the sound. Damn it Dean, not this time. I am not leaving you here. We do this together.

The vampire laughs, amused by his child's attempt to save a man whom he will soon not care one iota about.

"Oh Dean, you are such a delight! I'm afraid your brother isn't going anywhere, but I do have every intention of 'coming to get you.' Shall we begin?"

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