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I bring you a series of one-shots inspired by song lyrics! No, not song fics per say but one-shots that were inspired by a few lines of a song that really struck me.

By no means do you have to have heard the songs I use. Often times, these won't even follow the whole song and just the lines stated before.

These will vary greatly in genre and pairings (but will always be about Adventure or 02 characters), so I decided to list all of that stuff before each one. Nothing will carry over into another chapter unless otherwise stated.

Without further ado…

Genre: Romance, little bit of humor

Characters (ages): Tai (18), Sora (18), some little kids (6 to 8)

Warnings: Taiora

Song: The Man Who Can't Be Moved by The Script

Notes: The things written like this are by the voice in the back of your head that says what you won't outright think or say. It's your conscience or an afterthought.

"'Cause If one day you wake up and find that you're missing me And your heart starts to wonder where on this earth I could be Thinking maybe you'll come back here to the place that we'd meet"

The Man Who Can't Be Moved

The red-headed teen let out a groan as the loud, insufferable alarm on her clock penetrated the still and silent morning. She shoved her face down into the pillow and pulled the covers farther up over her head. She did not want to get up today nor did she have to, so why she had her clock automatically set to go off on Saturday morning was beyond her.

You know why.

She let out another groan but this one laced with much more emotion. She inched the covers away from her eyes so she could catch sight of the time. It was nine o'clock, exactly one hour before she should be at Odaiba Park's soccer field to help coach the little kids' team with Tai.


Last night, Tai and Sora had been having a typical date: he picked her up a little late but made up for it with a nice dinner, they discussed everything from yesterday's pro soccer game to Monday's only half completed school assignment, they went to the movies and unanimously decided on seeing an action movie and… kept busy during the slower scenes. Everything had been going great, not without a few bumps but nothing to throw them off course.

That is until their opposing viewpoints turned into arguing which turned to fighting then to yelling and finally to Sora leaving in a cab. Now (and possibly it was due to the early morning grogginess) she couldn't even recall what the fight was about just that it couldn't have been that important.

What really left her distraught was how things ended. She and Tai argued all the time, but it was never to intentionally hurt one another. This time they'd been practically biting each other's heads off, and Sora didn't know where they stood.

Liar, you said goodbye.

Yes, but she didn't mean it.

She groaned again in protest while slowly lifting herself out of bed. She dragged her slouching, weary form over to her closet to try and find her coach's jersey. After shuffling mindlessly through her many t-shirts, she realized she'd skipped over the bright red jersey that read "Odaiba Junior League" several times. She took it out, all the while thinking about how Tai had the exact same jersey.

Sora laid the shirt on the edge of her bed and was going to go retrieve some pants before catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror.

She was wearing Tai's ancient, torn The Script t-shirt.

"Ugh!... Stupid Tai!" she cried out in frustration turning away from the mirror. Why did everything remind her of him? She was mad at him; she was furious. She didn't want to see him ever again!

But then why did her chest hurt? She couldn't remember anything happening to it, but she was filled with some sort of anxiety that was overwhelming her and manifesting into a constant, dull pain.

It was less like being punched and more like the feelings that come with it, of disappointment, of failure, of just knowing you're hurt.

She would've rather been hit. That way she wouldn't feel so alone too.

Sora did her best to push all of those thoughts to the back of her mind. She was going to coach practice, and she was going to be mad at Tai… no matter what.

Grabbing a banana on the way out, Sora headed to the local park hoping with all her might to survive the next few hours.

Tai sat, cross-legged, face in his hands, soaked to the bone, hair crazier than ever, in the dead center of Odaiba Park's very own soccer field.

"Hey, Mister Kammy!"

Tai removed his hands but only lifted his head slightly. His brown eyes were glazed over, and he looked exhausted.

"Kamiya," He corrected the young child, a black-haired boy no older than seven, who had just called for him. He wore a bright, red jersey to match the rest of his black and red uniform. He was clad the same as the rest of the surrounding kids who had come to see their coach.

The kid nodded several times more like he was bobbing up and down than confirming he'd heard Tai. "Yeah, my daddy said to give you this."

Tai stared in disbelief at the quarter that had been shoved under his nose. "Your dad knows I'm your coach and not some hobo, right?"

"Kammy, why do you look like a hobo?" squeaked a girl in the back of the mob that was the soccer team.

Tai let out a loud sigh. Not wanting to answer the question, he fell back and lay down in the dew-filled grass. He tried to focus his attention on the clouds that after a night of pouring rain were beginning to lighten up, but his mind kept straying to the night before.

Things had been going great until he made some off-handed comment about… girls or flowers or something that made Sora mad which made him defensive which led to his pride ruining everything.

He let out a pained groan as yet again the image ran through his mind of Sora climbing into a cab alone.

Slowly and to the disheveled teenager's surprise, the kids sat down around him, talking amongst themselves or watching him curiously. He didn't know if their presence was annoying or comforting, but he couldn't do anything about it. He was their coach after all.

"Tai, get off of their and let them practice!"

Tai's and all of the kid's heads snapped over in the direction of the stern voice. Sora was striding up the field with a less than amused look. Tai sat up cautiously.

She began lecturing, anger fueled from the night before as she pushed down the forces telling her to just make up with him, "What are you doing? They should have already started practicing! And where's your coaching jersey...? Why are you wearing your clothes from the night before?"

He looked down bewildered as though he had just noticed his jeans and dark blue polo. He then looked up and spoke sincerely, "I didn't come here to coach. I came here for you."

She stopped in her tracks. The kids had stepped aside, and she stood right in front of Tai, looking down on him. "What are you talking about?"

He let out another sigh and scratched the side of his head. His brown bush was still wet and full of snippets of grass. "About twenty minutes after you left last night, I couldn't take it anymore, so I came here to wait for you."

Sora placed her hands on her hips in an attempt to still seem angry, but her true feelings were leaking through. He felt as alone as she did, but she wasn't ready to let him know that. Curiously she asked, "Why did you come here?"

"We met here," he explained as if it was obvious. "Remember, our first soccer practice, you sprained my ankle?" A mischievous grin appeared, and his whole demeanor instantly brightened.

She scoffed but then an involuntary smile broke out that matched his own. "It's not my fault you can't pass the ball."

"You mean couldn't?"

"No, I mean can't." His mouth opened like he was about to protest before he caught sight of her winking.

He closed his mouth and chuckled lightly. "So will you take me back? Because if not, they're never gonna make it to the championships, and you'll feel guilty when I'm still sitting here in the snow."

She paused remembering how angry she was.

Just do it already!

"I wanna go to the shampie-chips!" A six-year-old boy missing both front teeth piped.

She spoke to the child, but her eyes never left Tai. "Then I guess I'll have to take him back."

A few of the kids cheered, some only because everyone else was. During the mini-celebration, Tai's smirk grew wider. "Problem: I've been here awhile. I don't think I can move."

The redhead raised an eyebrow with a devious look. "You can't get up?"

"I might need help." He held out his hands, but instead of grabbing them, Sora pushed them aside as she lightly tackled his chest until she lay on top of him.

She felt his soaked form dampening her, but she merely whispered, "You really waited here all night in the rain?"

He leaned in whispering directly into her ear, "Come on, Sor, how could I have been here on time if I didn't spend the night?" He then turned and pecked the side of her cheek before attempting to get up.

She lightly pressed on his chest indicating him to stop before pressing her face into his grass-stained, soaking wet shirt. She looked up to meet his expectant eyes for a moment before firmly pulling him forward and pressing her lips to his.

And blending in with the background, a chorus of high pitched squeals could be heard.


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