POOR SHIFTY DINGO! *sniff* Jeromy is EVIL!

Eventually, Jeromy arrived at the base of the woods and took Shifty out of the trunk. The terrified dingo watched as the kangaroo pulled some chains out of his car and ripped the gag off Shifty.

"W-W-W-What are you gonna d-d-do to m-me?" Shifty stuttered, hot tears dripping down his face like waterfalls.

"I told you, we're going to have such a fun time together!" Jeromy laughed sadistically. He then cut the ropes from Shifty's body and pointed his gun to Shifty's head, "If you try to run, I'm gonna blow your brains out, got it?" Jeromy said. Shifty nodded, sobbing uncontrollably.

And with that, Jeromy seized Shifty by his throat and pinned him to a tree. The little dingo was completely petrified as he tied him to the tree with the chains, "You see, Shifty. I'm in a rather playful mood."

"How do you know my name?" Shifty whimpered, blinking back the salty burning tears.

"A friend told me about you. He told me what a little bitch you were." Jeromy grinned.

Shifty sniffled, completely terrified, "S-so why are you h-h-hurting me? I never did a-anything t-to you."

Jeromy just laughed and pulled out a book of matches. It was the largest book of matches Shifty had ever seen. "See these matches? There are two dozen in this box. Do you know how much two dozen is?"

"T-twenty four?" Shifty whimpered timidly, salty tears trickling down his muzzle. The tears fell off Shifty's muzzle, dripping onto the chains that secured him to the tree.

"What a smart little boy you are, 24 is the correct answer. And you know what that means?" Jeromy asked him mockingly.

"N-no" The poor dingo stuttered.

"24 absolutely beautiful screams coming from your mouth." Jeromy chuckled evilly. And with that, Jeromy struck the first match against the tree and put it out on Shifty. The little dingo howled in unimaginable pain, his tears falling like rain. One by one, Jeromy lit the matches and used them to burn Shifty. The poor little dingo begged and pleaded with the kangaroo to stop but he kept going until there was only one match left.

"Stick out your tongue, boy." Jeromy snarled. Shifty shook his head and Jeromy pointed his gun and pressed it against Shifty's forehead. "DO IT OR I'LL SHOOT!" He screamed at the dingo.

The traumatized dingo stuck his tongue out and Jeromy stuck the final lit match on it. Shifty howled in pain, tears rolling down his cheeks from the extreme level of pain.

"Awww...all out of matches. I can't make any more beautiful music." Jeromy whined, wiping away an imaginary tear. Suddenly he grinned evilly and pulled out a switchblade, "Or can I?"

Shifty whimpered softly and gulped. He knew he was about to be in a world of hurt. Jeromy took Shifty's chains off and grabbed the little dingo by his throat, slamming him face-first into the ground. The kangaroo sat on top of Shifty and began sharpening his blade, "I wonder what your blood tastes like, I guess I'll soon find out."

Jeromy grabbed Shifty by his tail with one hand and used his other hand to slash the base of Shifty's tail. Shifty let out a howl of pain and Jeromy casually ran his tongue along the blade of the knife, tasting Shifty's blood, "Oh, so delicious. Wanna have a taste?" the kangaroo said, waving the blade in front of Shifty's face. Shifty whined. "Not hungry, eh? Suit yourself, more for me!" Jeromy laughed.

"So, do you have any dreams growing up?" Jeromy asked Shifty as he grinned evilly.

"Well, I've always wanted to be a magician. B-but I'm no good with magic." Shifty sobbed.

"A magician, huh? You know what my dream is?" Jeromy said. Shifty shook his head, a terrified look in his eyes.

Jeromy leaned forward and whispered in Shifty's ear, "Complete and total genocide of the dingo race." And with that, Jeromy slashed Shifty's tail again and Shifty screamed, tears falling onto the forest floor.

"I'd bet you'd love to hear about what I did to other dingoes I met, don't you?" Jeromy asked Shifty. Shifty shook his head no and Jeromy grinned, "Too bad cause its story time!"

Jeromy began, "Once upon a time there was a little dingo girl. She had the most beautiful blue eyes and the most precious smile. She could light up a room wherever she went. Wanna know what I did to her?" Shifty shook his head.

"I grabbed as many rocks as I possibly could and rammed then down her throat. She begged for me to stop as she coughed up blood. I just licked her delicious blood and told her that I was cleansing the earth of dingo scum like her. She died so slowly and painfully, just thinking about it makes me feel all tingly and warm inside. I also raped her really good!" Jeromy laughed sadistically.

And with that, Jeromy slashed Shifty's tail once more. at this point, Shifty's tail was halfway severed and Jeromy stuck the whole blade into his mouth, savoring the rusty taste of Shifty's blood, "So sweet and delicious." He murmured to himself coldly.

Shifty was just crying uncontrallably now. He couldn't stop the tears of pain from pouring out of his eyes. "Wanna hear another story?" Jeromy asked the dingo. Shifty was sobbing so hard he couldn't respond.

"I'll take that as a yes." Jeromy grinned. "Once upon a time, there was a family of four dingoes: a mom, a dad, a son and a daughter. They would do everything together and loved each other. One day, I poured antifreeze in their water supply to poison them. The thought of watching them slowly die one by one, it really makes me smile. It's a thought I'll cherish forever."

"Why do you hate dingoes so much?" Shifty whimpered softly.

Jeromy grinned at him, "I had a girlfriend who was a dingo. She dumped me, so I kidnapped her baby brother and set him on fire. You shoulda seen him burn."

Shifty just sniffled and Jeromy slashed his tail once more. The poor little dingo let out a bloodcurdling shreik of agony. "Oh, this is so tragic. How are you gonna wag your tail anymore when you lose it? Oh well, it's not my problem now, is it?" Jeromy said mockingly, ripping the rest of Shifty's tail off with his bare hands. Blood began spurting from Shifty's tailstump as he let out a horrific scream. Jeromy just laughed uncontrollably and wrapped Shifty's severed tail around his neck and began to pull. Shifty started gagging as he was being strangled by his own severed tail. A fresh batch of tears rolled down Shifty's cheeks as the panicked little dingo gasped for air. Jeromy laughed as he pulled the tail tighter and tighter. Eventually, Shifty blacked out and fell on the ground.

Jeromy peered down on Shifty's lifeless, bloody body and spit on it, "Say goodnight, you mangy little freak." the kangaroo grinned. And with that, Jeromy got into his red convertible and drove out of the forest.

By chance, Wombo had heard Shifty's final scream before the poor little dingo collapsed in a puddle of his own blood. The old wombat raced towards Shifty's body and knelt down beside it, tears filling his eyes. "Shifty? Who did this to you? Who could be so evil?"

Wombo scooped Shifty's limp body in his arms. He could feel a pulse so he knew the dingo was still alive. "Everything will be okay, Shifty. I'll get you to the hospital." With Shifty Dingo's body in his arms, he ran as fast as his old legs could carry him.

As he was carrying Shifty, the dingo opened his eyes a little and he looked at Wombo with a pleading expression in his eyes. "Wombo, please...am I gonna die?"

Wombo had to choke back the tears at the fear in Shifty's voice, "Everything will be all right, I'm taking you to the hospital."

"Thank you...Wombo...thank you so..." before Shifty could finish his sentence, he went unconcious. Wombo began to cry as he ran out of the forest, screaming at the top of his lungs for help.

Meanwhile, it was lunch time at Miss Magpie's class. Both Nutsy and Splodge were worried sick over the fact that Shifty hadn't arrived to class yet. "I sure hope nothing bad happened to him." Nutsy looked over to Splodge and she watched a tear run down the kangaroo's muzzle.

"Splodge?" Nutsy asked, "are you okay?"

Splodge suddenly burst into tears, "It's all my fault! I told my cousin about Shifty. And...and...now Shifty might be..." the kangaroo wailed uncontrollably.

"What seems to be the matter, Splodge?" Miss Magpie asked.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door and Miss Magpie opened it. It was Mayor Pelican and he stood before the class, "Children, I have very bad news about Shifty Dingo, something terrible happened to him. He was found with his tail cut off and it was wrapped around his neck. He's in the hospital and he is currently in a coma. I am sorry."

Miss Magpie looked on in complete shock, "Class dismissed" she said. But for once, those words didn't bring any joy to the children. Some were crying, others were in complete shock, Splodge himself literally vomited all over his desk at the thought of his evil cousin killing Shifty. Nutsy was in complete and total shock, almost as if she were frozen still in time. She was absolutely speechless, wishing to herself that this was all a horrible nightmare and that she would wake up from it any second.

Eventually, Marcia broke the silence, "I'm going to go see if he's okay." The mouse dashed out of the classroom.

"Shifty may be a crybaby, but he's still our friend. I'm going too." Flap said.

"You can count me in as well." Splodge added.

"I...I don't know if I can do this...I don't know if I could see Shifty like that. What if I freak out? What if I cry? What if I vomit? What if I faint? What if..." Nutsy worried.

"You need to be strong, Nutsy." Splodge interrupted, "I don't think Shifty would like to see you like this."

Nutsy sighed, "You're right, Splodge. I'll first go get Blinky. Hopefully, this will open his eyes a little."