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Here it is; the sequel to "Harry's had Enough". Enjoy.

Damn Wizards

Chapter One: The New Prime Minister

The new Muggle Prime Minister kissed his beautiful wife goodnight, then allowed himself the pleasure of ogling her perfect backside as she made her way upstairs. Once she was up, he wandered into his office, the office of Number 10, Downing Street. He could hardly believe it; after a mere seven years in politics he had done it; he had become the Prime Minister of Britain. Also, at the age of thirty, he was one of the youngest to have ever done so, especially in recent years.

No one knew, really, about who they had voted for, about what they had voted for. All aspects of the government were corrupt in some way. It was just a side effect of politics. But it would not be for much longer.

The new Prime Minister went over to his desk and pulled out that special folder, containing all those little files and documents, all signed by the correct people, all nice and legal like. Well, legal by governing standards anyway. A few quiet words here, a drink or two there and bada-bing-bada-boom he had both the government and the general public right where he wanted them. And he would help those who needed it, whilst crushing those who deserved it. Things were already in motion, things that would not, could not and should not be undone.

Many would moan and groan about it, but there was nothing any of them could do. All these pretty little signatures saw to that. Of course, he would start with the government first, but the prisons would be next. Within a year, most will have forgotten what they were complaining about. What he was going to do was the right thing. It would just take time for everyone to see it his way.

Carefully he replaced the folder into its draw before closing it.

Just before he left the room, he heard the sound of someone clearing their throat. He paused at the doorway and allowed his eyes to scan the room. There was no one. Not a soul. The only faces in the room belonged to the people in the portraits that adorned the walls.

Deciding that he was just hearing things (it had been a long and tiring campaign, after all) he turned to leave, though not before noticing a portrait of a frog-like little man in a silver wig scratch its chin.

He froze, staring back at it in disbelief. It just couldn't be. Not here, in his new home, his office of all places. Surely not.

Please God no!

The man in the portrait merely blinked at him twice before clearing his throat again and then saying "To the new Prime Minister of Muggles; a request for a meeting. Please respond. Sincerely, Minister for Magic Rufus Scrimgeour and Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot and Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards Albus Dumbledore."

"Shit." cursed the new Prime Minister, under his breath. He should have known that something like this would happen. He should have guessed that they would want to inform any Prime Minister of their world and the state it was in.

Was he ready for such an occurrence? No, he wasn't.

Did he have any option? Knowing Dumbledore and Ministry bureaucrats, probably not.

He sighed heavily before responding "If they can make it quick."

The man in the portrait simply got to his feet and walked out of the frame. He returned a moment later, but said nothing. In that time the Prime Minister had seated himself behind his desk.

A few seconds passed before the fireplace roared into life with green flames and a woman, with short, spiky pink hair emerged, looking as though this was an everyday occurrence. She held a piece of wood in her hand and grasped it as though intending to stab someone with it. As two more similarly dressed people came out of the flames, one of these being a large black man, her eyes began scanning the room, though they stopped when they came to look upon the new Prime Minister and her jaw dropped in astonishment. Two red-headed men came through next. Their robes were not colour-specific, but they each held similar pieces of wood in the same way and their eyes scanned the room in the same way as well. By now the other blue robed people had joined the pink haired woman in staring at the new Prime Minister in shock, and the new arrivals were quick to join them.

Next from the flames came a rather gnarled-looking man carrying some kind of eloquently designed walking stick. He had a fake eye which was electric blue, and seemed to be whirling around of its own accord. He was followed by two people who held nothing, one woman, dressed in dark green with a pointed witch's hat, and one man, dressed all in black. Then came a woman wearing a monocle, a woman dressed completely in pink save for a black bow in her hair, and a man in a green suit, with a green bowler hat. Finally there came a man who reminded the Prime Minister somewhat of an old lion, and then a man who seemed to embody the very stereotypical look of an ancient wizard, complete with a long white beard.

The last two arrivals seemed to be confused as to why all their companions were standing still with surprised looks on their faces. They pushed their way to the front of the group, and then froze in place, their facial expressions quickly matching those of the rest of their group.

The new Prime Minister grinned broadly at the group before making them all jump by simply saying "Boo!"

Upstairs the wife of the new Prime Minister heard the bedroom door open with a creek. For a moment she suspected that it was her husband coming to bed, and hoping that the pair of them could have a little victory celebration of their own. However the footsteps that signalled the person coming towards the bed were much too light for her husband. Her husband was big and strong, this person was little. The new arrival crawled into bed and cuddled up to her side before asking "Mummy?"

She smiled and turned over to face her eight year old daughter, who was also the eldest of her children "Yes sweetie?"

"When can we go home? This place is too old and smells funny."

"This is our home now, honey."

"But I wanna go back to our other house." pouted the little girl.

"We're supposed to live here now honey. It's part of Daddy's new job."

"Then make Daddy quit."

The girl's mother laughed "Oh, sweetie. Daddy's not going to quit. He only just got the job."

The little girl pouted some more before asking "Where is Daddy, anyway?"

"He said he was going to look around his office once more before coming to bed. But that was nearly ten minutes ago."

"Should we go check? He might've fallen asleep at his desk again."

The little girl's words were said with all innocence, but they were so true. He had been working so hard on his campaign lately that it was common to find him sleeping at his desk in the early hours of the morning. Whilst she knew it was a necessary evil in the long run, no loving wife liked seeing their husband working like that.

She nodded to her daughter "Let's go check."

The black robed man, who was pale-skinned with greasy black hair and a hooked nose robes was first to regain use of his voice "Potter! What on earth are you doing here?"

The thirty year old Harry James Potter sat back in his seat as his emerald green eyes surveyed the group "Take a guess, Severus."

"Potter" came the silky, girlish voice to the woman in pink "We are here for a very important meeting with the new Muggle Prime Minister. Stop wasting our time with games and tell us where he is."

Harry raised an eyebrow and his smirk grew "I take it you don't read the Muggle newspapers much, do you Dolores?"

Without waiting for an answer, he quickly rummaged through a pile of newspapers on his desk before finally pulling out one called The Times. He unfolded it and placed it on the desk for all to see, and two other newspapers were quick to follow.

The Times' headline read 'Landslide Victory for Potter.'

The Guardian read 'Potter Obliterates Opposition!'

The Independent read 'Potter leads Party to Victory.'

Underneath each headline were various pictures of Harry and his fellow Party members being told of their victory.

The man with the long white beard gaped "You're the new Prime Minister?"

"Indeed I am, Dumbledore." replied Harry "Surprised?"

Dumbledore eyes Harry curiously. He had been searching for this young man for fourteen years. It was a shock to find him now, in such a high position of authority. He had a distinct aura of authority as well. They would have to tread carefully here.

One of the two red-headed men had opened one of the papers and had found a picture of Harry kissing a woman with long, curling brown hair "Hey, isn't that..." he began, but was cut off as the door opened and two people entered.

All those in the room turned to the door, several pointing their bits of wood at the newcomers. Going on instinct, mother grabbed daughter and pulled her to the ground, using her own body to protect the child.

Harry became very angry very quickly "I'll thank you not to come into my house and scare the lives out of my wife and child!"

The sticks were lowered immediately, some unconcerned, others having the good grace to look slightly ashamed.

Harry rounded the room and helped his wife and daughter up.

"Hermione?" came the questioning voice of the red-head who had picked up the paper.

Hermione Potter regarded her one-time friend "Ronald." she replied, though she seemed irritated about having to acknowledge him.

"Daddy, who are these people?" asked the girl.

Harry smiled and picked up his daughter "Well, that there is Albus Dumbledore, and he is Rufus Scrimgeour. Over there we have Minerva McGonagall and Severus Snape. That's Cornelius Fudge and standing next to him is Dolores Umbridge. That's Amelia Bones, with Alastor Moody. There we have Ron Weasley and Bill Weasley. And then there are Nymphadora Tonks, Kingsley Shacklebolt, John Dawlish. They're the ones in the blue robes."

"Oh." replied the little girl, who obviously would not remember all those names tomorrow morning "Why are they here?"

"Just a quick meeting." replied Harry, placing her back on the floor "Now, why don't you hurry on up to bed? I'll come and tuck you in once I'm done here."

"Promise?" asked the little girl.

"I promise Jess." replied Harry.

She beamed up at him, hugged him and scampered from the room.

Hermione closed the door behind her, an action that caused Dumbledore to speak up "Actually Miss Granger, we were hoping to talk with Harry in private."

"I think you'll find that it is Mrs Potter now." replied Hermione "And it has been for the past ten years."

Ron worked it out in his head "You and Harry have been married for ten years?"

Hermione rolled her eyes "Brilliant deduction, genius. There's probably an empty seat in an accountancy office with your name written on it."

"How come you didn't tell me?" asked Ron.

"Why do you think?" asked Hermione, who was starting to get irritable.

Ron had the good grace to shut up.

Harry wrapped his arms around his wife to comfort her before addressing the group "Was there a reason for this visit, or are you just here to annoy us."

"Now see here Potter..." began Scrimgeour, before being cut off by Dumbledore "Minister, Harry has obviously had a long and trying day. It is clear that he just wants to see to his family and then rest. I say we let him. We can contact him in the morning."

"I have an important cabinet meeting starting at seven tomorrow and it is likely to take until at least nine in the evening." said Harry.

"Then we shall call the day after." said Dumbledore "How does ten-thirty sound."

"I have a meeting with a foreign diplomat at that time." said Harry.

"That can be rearranged." said Scrimgeour.

Harry understood the hidden intentions, and his anger quickly rose "You will do no such thing. If you wish to speak with me, then make an appointment like everybody else. No making people forget to visit and no more of this arrival by fireplace. Is that understood?"

Scrimgeour scowled at him "Understood."

"Good." said Harry "Now leave."

No one argued. As they were leaving, though, Harry had a feeling that something was trying to get into his mind. His metal shields slammed up, forcing the attacker out. The attacker only flinched slightly, but it was enough for Harry to know who they were. In a flash he had drawn his own stick from his pocket and with a flick and a cry of Stupefy, a flash of red light shot through the air and struck the attacker.

Severus Snape crumpled to the ground.

Dumbledore, Scrimgeour and several others stared at the man, horrified.

"The next one of your lot to try to use magic on me will end up in prison." said Harry, who, by now, was absolutely furious.

The group continued to leave. Umbridge scowled loathingly at him. Ron and Bill gave him looks of curiosity, McGonagall looked sad, and Fudge flat-out refused to look at him. Harry smirked at that. The stupid bastard had obviously lost his job as Minister to Scrimgeour.

The last to leave was Nymphadora Tonks, who looked at Harry and Hermione with sad eyes before she too vanished into the flames.

Harry and Hermione left the office and saw Jess and their other kids sat on the stairs. Hermione put her hands on her hips in a very motherly fashion "Jess, Ryan, Jack, Calvin and Emily, you five had better get upstairs and into your beds right now!"

All five kids scrambled back up the stairs and into their rooms.

Harry stood behind Hermione and wound his arms around her waist before kissing her neck.

Hermione could not help but grin at her husband's antics "Harry!"

"What?" he asked, before finding that spot just near her jaw which never failed to get his wife in the mood.

Hermione felt tingles of pleasure shoot through her body, but she steeled her resolve "You have to tuck the kids in."

"But I'm on a promise." said Harry as he nibbled her earlobe.

"And you promised Jess that you'd tuck her in. Now go while I get ready."

Harry kissed his wife and darted up the stairs to tuck the kids in. It took longer than he anticipated as he wound up having to mediate an argument between Ryan and Jack, praise Emily on the picture she drew, and then tell Jess a story. Of course, after realising that Jess got a story, the others wanted one too, so in the end it was nearly another hour before Harry got to his bedroom.

He was quick to strip down to his boxer shorts and then hop into bed. He wrapped his arms around Hermione and went back to kissing her neck. Only then did he realise that she was sound asleep.

Harry sighed, rolled onto his back and cursed under his breath "Damn kids."

He closed his eyes to let sleep come, only to find his mind filled with memories of some of the worst experiences of his life.

Harry opened his eyes again and cursed aloud "Damn Wizards!"

He had so much to sort out, and there were so few hours in the day. Hopefully he would not have to get too deeply involved with the issues of the Magical world.

A/N: Well there it is; the start of this little story. As you can see, it takes place about a decade after the events of "Harry's had Enough". I am well aware that it raises many questions, three key ones being; how did Hermione find Harry, where did Harry get his new wand and how the hell is he Prime Minister at the age of twenty six? Well, if you want the answer to those questions, you'll have to read the next chapter. This will not be a long story, I can assure you. The next chapter will detail most of the back story, after that the story will focus on Harry dealing with being the Prime Minister and dealing with the wizards who want his help. I'm thinking six chapters tops.

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