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Damn Wizards


Luna Thomas stepped into the room and looked around. This room had barely changed since her days working as the Prime Minister's personal assistant. She had enjoyed the job thoroughly, and she had worked hard at it for ten years. However, she could not avoid her true calling in life forever. Now owned by Magicorps, a major business organisation that was dedicated to utilising magical and muggle methods to better not only mankind but the planet as a whole, The Quibbler, of which Luna was now senior reporter and editor-in-chief, was now one of the United Kingdom's most widely circulating newspapers, as well as having its own television news channel QuibblerTV. And it was for that reason that she had been invited here today. For today, after twelve years of running the country, Harry Potter was stepping down from the role, and this would be his historic final interview as Prime Minister. Luna would write it up for the paper, and a recorded version would appear on the channel


She turned and saw Hermione Potter coming towards her. The pair embraced like the old friends that they were and then pulled apart to get a good look at each other. In the past twelve years, the both of them had most certainly aged a little bit, but their magic prolonged the process, leaving them looking little more than thirty five, rather than their respective forty one and forty two.

They chatted good-naturedly as old friends are inclined to do until the door to the room opened again and Harry came in.

Luna beamed at him and gave him a hug. Unlike the two women in the room, Harry's aging was a bit more noticeable; a few worry lines and some flecks of silver in his otherwise black hair were all side effects of having the stressful job of running the country.

"Sorry to be a bit late, Luna," he said "Lilith's a bit panicky about taking over the top job tomorrow.

"That's alright," said Luna in her usual chipper tone "Though I think that her fears might be unfounded. I doubt that any other new Prime Minister in the history of these fair isles has ever stepped foot into the office for the first time with the country in such a good state."

They shared a laugh, before Hermione excused herself "You two do your thing, I'll go and see to Lilith."

She left the room.

"Got all your gear?" asked Harry.

"Oh yes, everything I could possibly need and probably more." replied Luna, setting her briefcase onto the desk. Obviously it was magically expanded on the inside.

Luna opened it and took out a muggle notebook as a dict-a-quill which would take all her notes for her without the sickening additions that a quick-quotes-quill would throw in.

Next was a collection of seven crystal-ball sized spheres. They floated in the air and would actually serve as cameras for the interview. At the moment they resembled nothing more than clear glass orbs, but they would gradually fill with what looked like mist as they recorded events, eventually if they were left to record long enough the mist would collect to form a sort of white fog that would gradually get darker and darker as time wore on. Once the orbs appeared to be pitch black, they were no longer capable of "recording" anything more. The amount that they could store up was around three and a half hours' worth of information, and they were one of the many inventions of Magicorps.

Luna took her wand and tapped it once on each of the orbs. Gently they floated into the air and bobbed away from each other until each came to a stop, situated at different points around the room, this would allow for different angles when the final interview was put together for television.

Luna tucked her briefcase away and took her seat. Harry had already sat in his.

"Okay," said Luna "here we go."

The dict-a-quill stood poised atop the notepad, ready to begin writing. It was time.

Luna smiled and said "So, Prime Minister, twelve years at the top, widely praised throughout the country, approval ratings through the roof: the question on everybody's lips is "What made you decide to step down now?"

Harry leaned back in his chair, considering the question "Well, you have to understand that there was no solitary reason that made me decide to step down, there were a number of contributing factors. Not least of which is that I have seen exactly what happens to those who are in power for too long: they lose touch, and it becomes all too easy for their personal concepts to cloud their judgement, often resulting in the decline of what they hoped to improve. I decided to step down before I got the chance to become like a certain bumbling fool of old."

Luna nodded "You are, of course, talking about more than one person there, if we are honest, but I sense that you are in fact referring to the late Albus Dumbledore, are you not?"

"Indeed I am." answered Harry.

"Let us discuss him for a moment," said Luna "because, let us face the truth, it was your relationship, if I might call it that, with him that was perhaps one of the greatest influences you had with regards to how you have run your office."

"True enough, but not in the way that some people might think. To put it simply, Dumbledore's influence on my running of things was pretty much a step-by-step guide as to what not to do. As anyone who has ever worked in politics will tell you, honesty is a tricky thing to deal with. Reveal too much or too little and your opponents will use it against you. Many a politician will keep things quiet when the really should not, but no man ever did so more than Albus Dumbledore. Anyone in the military will tell you that the one of biggest causes of death in a war-time situation in lack of information. The Wizarding world, as it was then, was at war, and Dumbledore had much in the way of information that he, in his infinite wisdom, decided to keep quiet until it was far too late. In fact, it was this attitude that was one of the major driving forces behind my deciding to do what I did with regards to the magical society."

Luna gave another nod "Yes, and speaking of which, the revelation of the existence of magic; some people did not go too much on that, did they?"

Harry smiled ruefully "No they did not. The key amongst them were, rather predictably, the religious groups. To them I was the devil himself, for a time. How many of the assassination attempts were down to them in the end?"

"Seven, I believe." replied Luna "And the eighth by the pureblood movement. But more on that last one later, what was it that finally got the religious groups to back off?"

"Rather surprisingly it was not a healing potion, but the truth serum." answered Harry "For some reason they rather liked the sound of there never being another innocent person sent to prison far more than they liked the oculus potion's ability to restore one's eyesight."

Luna shook her head and refrained from commenting "Well, let's leave the subject of religion behind us and talk about that one particular assassination attempt. Your thoughts?"

Harry chuckled and said "Actually it turned out to be a blessing in disguise when we caught the culprits."

"Yes, Cornelius Fudge and Dolores Umbridge as the brains behind it all with John Dawlish as the one to actually take the shot, as it were."

"Exactly. Once the muggle public realised that people like Fudge and Umbridge had been running the magical side of things and people like Dawlish were to be found within the ranks of those charged with the defence of the people, well they were certainly able to see exactly why we had to step in and take back control of the situation."

"I think even the majority of the wizards were convinced to change their minds following that incident." commented Luna "But we should acknowledge, nothing bridged the gaps between the two societies more effectively than the medical advances."

"Yes, definitely. The muggles simply couldn't believe the results of the blood-replenishing potion, the burn-heal salve and, of course, the pepperup potion. And then the wizards saw the benefits of muggle medical practices, such as organ transplants and, of course, assisted reproductive technologies."

"Yes, well the pure-blood elite certainly needed the assistance of that last one after marrying their cousins for so many generations." remarked Luna.

"Quite." replied Harry with a smirk on his face.

"Now, having mentioned the pure-blood elite, I think it important to discuss their former leader, Tom Riddle, or as he styled himself, Lord Voldemort."

Harry nodded thoughtfully "Yes, it was an interesting thing, what happened to him, wasn't it?"

"It certainly was," answered Luna "but just to clarify for our readers…?"

"Alright. Well, to put it simply when Voldemort returned to physical form, the body he used was a magical construct. It was made by magic and held together using his own innate magic. When we slapped those magic-suppressors onto his arms we were robbing him of not only his ability to utilise his magic to further his reign of terror, but also to hold his body together. Of course, with this being Dark Magic, no one besides him knew much about it. We had no idea that what did happen could happen, and he was discovered as a pile of goo in his holding cell before he could face a full and proper trial for his actions."

"So his body reverted back to the potions ingredients from which he came?" asked Luna.

"Exactly," replied Harry "and without his magic, he was unable to continue his existence in the form of a wraith as he had done before."

Luna nodded to that. Both knew that there was more to it, but the existence and subsequent destructions of the various Horcruxes would forever more be kept quiet. It would not do to give people ideas.

"So, as you step down from your post, do you have any final thoughts to give to the people of your country?"

Harry sat in thoughtful silence for a few moments before answering "Over the past twelve years I have seen not only our country, but the world as a whole change for the better because two separate societies were brought together. Each has utilised the best that the other had to offer, and each has since combined their methods to contribute greatly to the new single society. We were all able to work together, no matter who we are, to make the world better for everyone. It is my hope that that will continue for years and, perhaps, centuries to come, because it is only by being together that the best can be achieved for everyone"

"Well, Mister Prime Minister, it has been a pleasure to talk to you." said Luna, by way of wrapping up the interview.

"The pleasure was mine." said Harry "Thank you."

Luna gave a swish of her wand and the spheres stopped recording and the quill stopped taking notes.

"You soppy git, how long have you had that last line planned?" she asked, the grin on her face and laughter in her eyes took out any sting that her words could potentially have had.

Harry gave her a mock affronted look "I thought it was a very good line."

Luna rolled her eyes playfully as she began to pack up.

"You still on for the Three Broomsticks tomorrow?" asked Harry as she was leaving.

"Dean and I can hardly wait." answered Luna.

That night, in their new home, Harry walked into his new bedroom and crawled into bed with his loving wife of many years and cuddled up to her.

She was already asleep.


As he lay there, listening to the sound of his wife sleeping, Harry thought back over the last twelve years. In particular he was thinking about all the things that did not come up in his interview with Luna.

The leader of the opposition party had, shortly after Harry had revealed the truth about everything, tried to lobby support by insinuating that Harry had used magic to rig the election. Some listened to him and grumbled their discontent, but for the most part it all fell in deaf ears. Harry was giving them a cure for blindness. Harry was giving them methods to heal broken bones in a heartbeat. Harry was giving fire fighters a way to enter a burning building without being incinerated. Harry had located a source of gold that he promptly pumped into Education, public transport, amenities, the army and the NHS. And what was there for the leader of the opposition to give them? The usual empty promises at election time followed by cuts, cuts and more cuts once he was in office, that's what he had to offer.

Following the revealing of the Wizarding World Harry had been contacted by plenty of old acquaintances. Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Nymphadora (don't call me that) Tonks arranged to meet up with Harry one afternoon, and when they did they brought a few other Order members with them, including Kingsley Shacklebolt, Minerva McGonagall and Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody. After they all sat down and had a long talk, they all agreed that Harry's was the best course of action. Harry's argument had been simple: After the first fall of Voldemort, how easy had it been for him to regain a foothold upon society? Too bloody easy had been the answer. And that was because after Voldemort's first fall, nothing within the Wizarding society had changed. Just as nothing had changed following the war against Gellert Grindelwald. The society had not changed because it was corrupt, and the only solution available to Harry had been to break it down and rebuild it as a part of the muggle world, where they could be held to the same standards as everyone else.

Sirius did something really unexpected and actually wrote a book. In it he discussed his wrongful imprisonment in Azkaban and the suffering he endured there, and his life on the run after breaking out to try and ensure Harry's safety. Not only was it therapeutic for him to write it, but it also brought in quite a nice bit of money for him due to it staying at the top of several bestseller lists for quite a while. So many muggles were complete suckers for tragic true life stories. QuibblerTV was, in fact, looking into making a film version of Sirius' book and, if the rumours were true, the notable actor Gary Oldman was in talks to play Sirius.

Remus now made a living promoting the plight of Werewolves in the muggle world. Once they understood they were very sympathetic, and the world for the werewolf was a much better one, and more than a few muggle companies took the forward step of actually employing these people, whom Harry made sure all had access to the Wolfsbane potion when needed.

Following the disbanding of the Aurors, Tonks had been stuck for something to do with her life, until Luna had suggested she try out for the presenting job for QuibblerTV's Children's Time, which would occur every weekday afternoon from two-thirty to four p.m. and every Saturday morning from six to ten thirty. Her bubbly personality, along with her metamorphmagus abilities had won over the producers and she had been an instant hit with her target audience.

Kingsley had been in a similar situation to Tonks, until McGonagall had roped him into taking the Defence Against the Dark Arts job at Hogwarts. That he had been there for more than a decade now proved that the curse on the position had died with Voldemort.

The changes at Hogwarts had been momentous. First of all, Muggle Studies was now taught by a Muggleborn. History of Magic was now someone who had received a qualification within the last two centuries and who did not have a fixation of Goblin Rebellions. With the fall of so many traditionally dark families coinciding with the fall of Lord Voldemort, there were not many students left within Slytherin House, as few of them could afford to be schooled at Hogwarts. Slytherin House was dissolved and those students who remained were resorted. After all, what was the point of having a house for the cunning when it spat out gits like Tom Riddle, Severus Snape and the Malfoys? The former Slytherins who could no longer afford to go to Hogwarts were transferred to the far cheaper St. Michaels in London where the culture shock knocked much of the pure-blood supremacy guff out of them, leaving them slightly humbled and significantly more decent people than they would have been otherwise.

The most significant change at Hogwarts, however, was the simple fact that the parents of Muggleborn students could now actually come and see the place, which was so much more reassuring for those parents. Also it was a safer place by far, now that Dumbledore and all his little schemes were gone.

Speaking of Dumbledore, well, the man had gone downhill rather quickly. More quickly than had been expected, in fact. It turned out that the great Albus Dumbledore had been living yet another lie. At the end of Harry's first year, Dumbledore had told Harry that the Philosopher's Stone had been destroyed. It had not. Nicholas Flamel and his wife Perenelle had died in the belief that Dumbledore had destroyed the thing for them, but he had not. He had kept it for himself. And without access to either his magic or the stone, Dumbledore's age had quickly caught up with him. He died in his cell just a day before the one year anniversary of the date on which Voldemort died. The Philosopher's Stone had been located in Dumbledore's old office at Hogwarts and handed over to Harry. He had been desperate to use it; just the thought of turning any metal into pure gold, he could guarantee the country's financial stability even further… Fortunately Hermione had talked him down from that idea. Lilith had seized more than enough gold from the Death Eater vaults to keep things going for a very long time. And besides too much gold would quickly flood the market, lowering its value, and soon would make it worthless.

Harry had made use of the stone, however. Following her days as a spy within the ranks of the Death Eaters, Daphne Greengrass had become a potioneer. One of her special tasks was to use the Philosopher's Stone to create the elixir of life. It was not to be used to prolong the life of the elderly, but was distributed to hospitals where it was only to be used if someone needed just a little more time to be healed through other means. That was it. Every hospital had a small room where the elixir of life was locked away by magic and only in those special circumstances was access to it granted. It could not be abused.

Harry gave a sigh, and looked up towards the ceiling. In the past twelve years, his family had grown as well. Their five adopted children were growing fast, Jess was already at University, studying politics and law, and Ryan would be going there next year. He and Jack were still mad about football. Emily was still in school and loving it. Her ambition was to be a teacher. The real surprise of the lot had been little Calvin who, just before his eleventh birthday, had received a letter delivered by a Barn Owl offering him the chance to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he had become the star Quidditch Player of Hufflepuff House.

And they were not the only kids. Despite the task of looking after five orphans, Hermione still wanted a child of her own, a child with Harry's eyes or her hair. The twins, Lily Rose and James Sirius, were what Mother Nature decided to throw at them. Lily, fittingly, had Harry's green eyes. She also had his hair colour, though its bushiness was inherited from her mother. James was the reverse, with Hermione's brown eyes and hair colour, though it was the untidy mop that he got from his father.

Both were in their first year at Hogwarts, both were Gryffindors, and both had their father's Invisibility Cloak and the Marauders' Map. Both had inherited their mother's brains, but were as powerful magically as their father.

The pair was best friends with another set of twins, Luna and Dean's two boys, Lorcan and Lysander. And all four of them had a mutual enemy. Albus Hugo Weasley was the son of Ron Weasley, who had mostly brought the child up with the aid of his own parents, as the child's mother Lavender Brown had finally snapped and run for it a couple of years back. Her friend Parvati Patil had found her a few days later and taken her to St. Mungo's Hospital where she had spent a month under close observation of new wizarding psychiatrists before being deemed fit to return to the outside world (she was still doing okay, the last Harry had heard). Ron was one of those wizards who believed that Harry had been wrong to reveal the wizarding world to the muggles. Most of those wizards had eventually come around, but Ron hadn't, even with how much his family had benefitted from it. When the Ministry had shut down, Arthur Weasley had lost his job. Unemployed he had spent quite a bit of his time tinkering about in his shed. Quite by accident he had come across a way to get mobile phones to run off of magic in the same way that the a Wizarding Wireless Radio did. He had made more money off of that one invention in one year than he had in all the years he had worked at the Ministry combined. The financial stability granted by such an income had allowed Molly a chance to make a dream of hers a reality: she now made her jumpers by the dozen and sold them off. Not only were they nice and warm in the winter months, but the moving patterns actually made them a bit of a fashion craze, and Molly now ran a small business with fifteen employees all knitting and charming jumpers that were special-ordered and custom-made.

Bill and Fleur had integrated themselves quite easily into the mixed world and made a very nice living going around as guest speakers at schools across the country, teaching new generations about Goblins and Veela. Charlie too had done well, his work with dragons, an overlooked career in the magical world, made his quite famous in the Muggle one, so much so that QuibblerTV had commissioned a television series the initially focussed on his work with Dragons before moving to other magical creatures. He was a famous man who once a week brought the magical creatures of the world to an audience of several million in the UK alone. He married the producer of the show shortly after its second season. Percy made a mint by publishing several tell-all books about the behind the scenes life of the former Ministry of Magic. He had seen much going on over the years, and people were always eager to read about the corrupt organisation. In fact, Harry had personally thanked him for writing the books, as they got many of the naysayers to come around.

Fred and George were also rolling in the money. Their joke shop had gotten a real boost in sales once the muggle customers started arriving and now Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes was an international enterprise. In fact, the very first advert shown on QuibblerTV, and thus the first televised advertisement for anything magical ever, was for their joke shop. Ginny, who had been a Quidditch Star for the Holyhead Harpies for several years after school was now heavily involved in promotion the sport to the muggles and was also frequently seen on QuibblerTV with her husband Lee Jordan as they presented Quidditch-related programming, including live coverage of matches. Dean had retired from the military and was now involved in promoting Football, particularly his favourite club West Ham to the wizards.

His family were a success, but Ron Weasley did not see that, though that was probably because he wasn't one himself. He thought that Harry, Hermione and anyone who associated with them were a bunch of traitors, and he had passed that on to his son. Harry had no idea what Ron did for a living. According to McGonagall, without Harry and Hermione there, Ron's marks in school had fallen dramatically, so much so that he lost both his prefects badge and his position on the Gryffindor Quidditch Team.

Putting thoughts of Ron out of his head, Harry decided instead to think on this time tomorrow. He would be in the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade, sharing a drink with Hermione, Luna, Dean, Neville, Hannah, Sirius, his wife Hestia, Remus, Tonks (now actually Lupin), their son Teddy, Fred, Alicia, George, Angelina and a couple of others as they celebrated the end of Harry's twelve years in the top job.

He could hardly wait.

A/N: Man that was hard to write. Seriously I have attempted to write this Epilogue in so many different ways that it's not funny. Nothing I wrote seemed to work, so finally I hit on the idea of setting it twelve years after the rest of the story and have Harry and Luna discussing this acts as Prime Minister in the years in between. Then it was about discussing how society is getting on after the merging of the two worlds, before making it personal by discussing how a few of the series' main characters have done. Once I hit onto QuibblerTV, I knew I got something right. I just had to think: Magical Television Channel: who is involved? News? Luna. Kids TV? Tonks. Sports coverage? Ginny and Lee. Wildlife documentaries? Charlie.

I hope you enjoyed what the finale to this ended up being, because it's the only version that I'm happy with. Also, I hope you appreciated my Sirius Black/Gary Oldman reference. Really, who else is there who could play that role?