The Scent of Lemons

Otherwise known as: I know what Lemons are, Luce.

This is my first Fairy Tail story. I don't own Fairy Tail or FanFiction. I do own the plot of this story, that's all. There are no Lemons in this story. Italics are thoughts. PLEASE REVIEW!

Recently, whenever Lucy is on her laptop, Natsu smells the scent of lemon coming from her. Also, when she looks at him he smells it. So when Lucy accidentally leaves her laptop open on a certain page, he decides to investigate. He looks at her favorite stories, and finds some incriminating evidence. Since he likes to tease her, he talks to her about it.

"Luuuuuuce. What are you doing on your laptop?" Natsu asked one day as he was sitting on her bed.

Lucy looked surprised, and also a bit guilty, "Nothing."

Natsu looked thoughtful. "Ya know, recently your smell has been changing. Whenever you're on your laptop you smell like lemons. You also smell like that when you look at me."

"R-Really? I-I wonder w-why?" Lucy stuttered. She stood up, putting her laptops top down. "We should probably head to the guild, don't you think." She said, trying to change the subject.

Natsu smirked, surprising Lucy. "I know what Lemons are, Luce." He said as he walked up to her, pinning her against the wall. Lucy's breath started to increase as she took in his closeness. Natsu leaned his head down slowly, all the while looking at her. Suddenly he plunged his mouth on hers; kissing her with such force that Lucy's breathe was taken away by it. She kissed him back, tugging on his spiky pink hair as she pressed herself against him. While still kissing her, Natsu dragged her to her bed, breaking the kiss to undress her, as she did the same thing to him.


Natsu lay next to Lucy, smiling contentedly as she snuggled closer to him. I guess those stories she reads are pretty…instructive