13th floor of Amity Park's Hotel. Part 1

It was an ordinary day in Amity Park. But in 1779 October 31st, it happened. In Amity Park's Hotel on the 13th floor, there was a killer. The killer killed everyone who lived on the 13th floor. He wanted the floor all to himself. But one night, while he was sleeping, someone put a gun to his head and killed him. He was never buried. He just lied there in his bed for years and years. Some say if you go up to the 13th floor on Halloween night, then he would haunt you over night and kill you in your sleep. But that's just a rumor.

Amity Park: October 31st 2004

It was an ordinary day in Amity Park. The sun was shining, birds were singing, and Danny Phantom was fighting ghosts! Now on to Danny Phantom….

"So, are you going to just stand there or are you gonna fight me, the greatest hunter!" Skulker said.

"Hmm. I think BOTH!" Danny Phantom said and shot a green lazer at Skulker. Then he opened up the Fenton Thermos and sucked him in to it. Then Danny went behind a tree and turned into Danny Fenton.

"Skulker again? That's the fifth time you fought him today!" His gothic friend named Sam said.

"I know. Maybe its because today is Halloween.

"Speaking of Halloween, you and Tucker want to come with me to Amity Park's Hotel and spend on the 13th floor over night?" Sam asked.


"Oh come on scary pants! We don't know if its haunted or not! Its just a rumor! I'm just going to see if its real or not! Are you in?" Sam said.

"Well, if your going, I'm going! How about you Tuck?" Danny said.

"Well, only because Danny's going. Besides, Danny has ghost powers! You can defeat the ghost if it tries to attack over night!" Tucker said.

"Right!" Danny said as he put a hand on top on Sam's following with Tucker's hand on top of Danny's.

"1, 2, 3 TEAM PHANTOM!" They yelled altogether as they put their hands up in the air.

So how was it? Did you like it? This is my second fanfic! Well I do not own Danny Phantom! So what's going to happen? Are they gonna get hurt? Are they gonna survive? Find out in Chapter 2: The Nightmare begins!