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Normal POV

Danny, Sam, and Tucker got taken to a place in the ghost zone. It was Clockwork's Layer. Clockwork saw them and grabbed the thermos out of Danny's hand.

"I'll take that!" Clockwork said as he put the thermos in a ghost shield. "I'm glad that you won Daniel."

"Me too. That was scary." Danny said and shuddered. "Now that Dan's in that thermos, he will NEVER return!"

"That is very well true Daniel." clockwork started. "He will never return. As long as I know." Clockwork joked. Danny Chuckled. Just then Skulker came out of no where.

"Um… I don't know why but the whole ghost zone wants to…" Skulker then pulled out a index card. "Celebrate with Danny Phantom because he had saved us from Dark Dan." Skulker finished and looked up.

"Well what are we waiting for? LET'S GO!" Clockwork said cheerily as he was running (Or floating) out the door. The trio shrugged and followed Clockwork and Skulker.

As Clockwork, Danny, Sam, and Tucker followed Skulker, they crashed into a big crowd of ghosts.

"What's all this for?" Sam asked.

"This is for Danny and his friends for saving us from Dark Dan!" Desiree said with joy. (A/N: That sounded like a Christmas poem right there. "With joy" xD)

"What did he do to you guys?" Tucker asked suspiciously.

"Well before he went to your world, he came into the ghost zone." Ember said.

"But in Clockwork's Layer we saw how Dan got free and he didn't even go near outside Clockworks Layer!" Danny said.

"No. It might have skipped time." Ember started. "When Dan got free from the thermos, he attacked Clockwork and then went outside of Clockworks Layer. He then attacked us randomly and hurt us badly. We hated him. So now he's gone maybe forever, we are going to celebrate with you!"

"Also give out rewards." Walker added.

"Rewards? Why?" Danny asked.

"That's the rules." Walker said and Danny rolled his eyes.

"Now come on! Let's party!" Kitty said as she set out ghostly snacks. (A/N: Snacks have afterlives too xD)

After they celebrated it was time for rewards. Bertrand started talking.

"Now for the rewards! Tucker Foley please step on stage!" Tucker came on the stage.

"Wow! Thanks! Hate to say this but for now… LONG LIVE THE GHOST ZONE!" Tucker yelled at the last part. All the ghosts cheered except for Danny and Sam. "Also, Danny Phantom!" This time Danny and Sam cheered.

"Thank you Mr. Foley." Bertrand said as Tucker bowed and went off stage. "Now the next award goes to Samantha Manson!" Sam ignored her first full name and went on stage.

"Thank you! But If it weren't for what Danny has done for me, Tucker and the whole town of Amity Park, we wouldn't be here right now. So don't go all over and kill him!" The ghosts laugh as in 'Yeah right'. "Anyways Long live Danny Phantom!" Sam finished and everyone cheered.

"Thank you Miss Manson." Bertrand said as Sam went off the stage. "Now the last award for the night and for the one who saved us all Danny Fenton/Phantom!" Everyone cheered as Danny came on stage.

"Thank you for this award Bertrand and all of you." Danny started. "These two days had been a blast. Well scary too. It all started at an old hotel room. Then we were in a dungeon. Now we're in the ghost zone. This crazy adventure was fun and scary and the same time. I would do it again." Everyone gasp. "I know, I know. But still. I would do it again. Maybe not the fighting with Dark Dan part but maybe going into a old hotel." He then winked at Sam. Sam blushed. "Well thank you again and good night!"

"Well that's it! Everyone can go home." Bertrand said as everyone left.

"Well we better get going Clockwork. Bye!" Danny said as the trio flew off.

"Bye Daniel and his friends!" Clockwork said before he disappeared and went back to his layer.

After Danny flew Tucker home, it was just Danny and Sam.

"Well we did it Danny! We defeated Dan!" Sam said proudly.

"Yeah we did!" Danny said. "And I couldn't have done it without you and Tucker."

"Yeah. We're all in this together." Sam said as she kissed his cheek.

"Yes we are." Danny said as he kissed her on the lips and flying towards the moon.

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