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So sorry I haven't been updating this story but I have not received another chapter written by the girl who was writing it and I haven't gotten any other info on it. I have been trying to write a chapter but my computer is being stubborn and has a maximum data it can store and it only has a little left so I am writing a note. But also I am a very busy woman. Both of my two older brothers and my husband and his brothers work so me and my husband's brother's wives have been coming over so we have 18 kids in one house at a time and it is crazy. Also, drum roll please, my youngest son came home from the hospital. He and Ava are twins and the reason he had to be in the hospital is because what basically happened is Ava squished him between her and my spine so his nutrients were almost cut off and he had no room to grow so when he was born he was only 3 pounds 14 ounces and had to be in the NICU or the intensive care unit for babies. Any way he is fine, but he came home on oxygen so he has been keeping us on our toes. His name is max and so ya. Any way since my brothers have no girlfriends and are not married and live with us, they each have a daughter and I watch them plus my little 10 year old brother so it is absolute chaos. So I would have loved to have written you guys a chapter but I barley have time to use the bathroom let alone sit down, watch a TV show and write a 3 page story on it but I promise I will keep you posted and maybe write a story by the end of the summer if I have enough space on my computer and if I don't lose my mind by then. Wish me luck!

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