Haru Returns

Haru x Baron

"Have a seat and try to relax. Would you like some tea?" The cat creation asked.

"Yes, please. Thank you baron." The brunette answered.

"Lemon, or milk?"

Haru smiled at the cats question. When had she ever chosen lemon?

"Milk, always." She said with a small giggle.

Her hands were gasping the hem of the light grey tuxedo jacket that Baron had lent to her to stay warm. It smelled just like him, which struck her as off since he was a wooden doll. She didn't know they had a scent, but the smell of tea and wood chips set her at ease.

Baron handed her a warm cup of tea and she smiled, nodding her head in thanks.

"It's my special blend. I can't guarantee the taste, however, since it changes each time."

She couldn't hold in the small bubble of laughter that came from her lips, and it earned a raised eyebrow from her cat friend. (Do cats have eyebrows? O-o)

She didn't answer his unvoiced question at first, taking a sip of the tea in her hand. Her smile grew as the sweet aroma of the tea hit her nose and the mouthwatering taste ran over her tongue, caressing her senses.

She took the cup away from her lips and giggled once more.

"You said that to me the first time I ever came here, and I still think it taste wonderful."

Baron smiled and nodded his head, sitting opposite her on the chair, while she sat on the soft couch across from him with a coffee table in the middle of them.

"Bird brain!"

Haru heard Muta yell from outside and giggled when Toto returned the insult with his own creative ones.

"Why don't you come up with something other than 'Bird brain', Moo-ta?!"

Haru saw Baron shake his head and sigh.

"I see those two are still fighting as hard as always," Haru said with a giggle.

"How has your life been Haru?" Baron asked.

Haru frowned for only a few seconds before turning it into a smile.

"Well, I live alone how. My mother died a year after I came back from the Cat Kingdom. I finished high school (She was in her last year of high school right?), and collage as well. I became an artist, painting to my heart's content. You can imagine that a lot of my muse came from my time at the cat kingdom. I met my father during my travels. He comes over from time to time when he isn't working and I'm at home. Would you believe that he's actually a royal? He rules over a small kingdom in England. I saw Muta at the crossroads while I was taking a walk."

She had to take a deep breath once she was finished with her story. 'He doesn't need to know that I thought Muta was a seat cushion... again.'

She bit her bottom lip; a bad habit she did when she was nervous, worried, or sad. She didn't want to trouble Baron with her problem. Apparently Baron knew about her habit, because he raised one of his eyebrows once more before just dismissing the question.

"Is something the matter, Haru?" The tabby cat asked, setting down his tea cup and looking at her worriedly.

"I don't want to bother you with my problems, Baron..."

"Haru, you could never bother me, you must believe that."

The gloved hand of our favorite creation reached out and grasped the thin women's hand and squeezed it gently.

Haru sighed, squeezing his hand back and trying to fight the blush that wanted to overtake her face.

"My fathers heir died in a horseback-riding accident a few years back. My father spent the last few years trying to track me down. He needs and heir, and because I'm the only child left that he has, he wants me to take over the throne. He's not one to give up on something like this either, but he respects my intention of not wanting to follow in his footsteps. However..."

Baron tilted his head, wondering why she had stopped her explanation.

"However?" Baron asked, urging her to continue.

"My fathers brother has had his eye on the throne for sometime. He warned me that even though I have declined, I may still be in danger. He believes that the death of his son was no accident. If my father does not have a willing heir, then his brother will take the throne and by what I've been told, I believe my fathers brother is worse than the cat king."


"It seems you've been very busy over the years, Haru."

Haru laughed, "I don't think 'busy' is the right word for it, Baron."

Baron chuckled, contemplating what to say to her about the problem she faced. He didn't say anything when he noticed her relieved face.

'She never was good with deaths. I remember what she went through when she thought Muta, a cat she barely knew, was dead.' He thought, unable to stop himself from chuckling.

It was Haru's turn to raise once of her very delicate looking eyebrows, wondering what exactly he was thinking.

Baron smiled, shaking his head slightly to show it wasn't anything of importance.

It was quiet for a few minutes before Haru decided to break through it with a similar question to Barons.

"So how has your life been? Any knew customers and wild adventures?" She asked, her curiosity rising.

Baron chuckled at her interest, shaking his head.

"No, not lately, though we have had some small cases, like finding a pet or being security guards. Prince Lune was kind enough to invite us to his and his wife's, Queen Yuki's, wedding. We were also invited to visit them after her labor. She had four kittens, one boy and three girls, who she expertly names after her favorite roman gods; Fortuna, Minerva, Venus, and Mercury. She hopes that they will live up to their names. "

Haru blinked, taking the in information before smiling, "I think it's safe to say she will have her hands full."

Baron nodded before continuing;

"Muta is courting a very charming female cat who moved a few roads down from the crossroads, which is probably why you saw him there." He finished, and Haru's mouth fell open.

He chuckled, placing his gloved hand under her chin and closing her mouth back softly.

Haru's face was taken over by a deep blush as she stared into the deep green cat eyes that were Barons. She knew it was rude to stare, but they were just so beautiful she could stare at them for days on end and not get bored as she counted all the different colors of greens in each eyes.

Baron took this time to look over her face. How she could become such a beautiful woman in the years they hadn't seen each other was beyond him. Her thin face fit perfectly in his gloved hand, and he wished nothing more than to take of the damned thing and touch her soft face. Her deep chocolate colored eyes made his fur stand on end, her perfect full lips making his own tingle. He couldn't help himself as his body leaned closer, the feeling of not being in control of his actions striking him as odd.

'Oh my god!' Haru though fanatically as she watched Baron lean closer to her, only inches away from her lips. Her blush grew darker, and she could only think about what it would be like to kiss at cat.

"Hey chicky!"

The sound of Muta's voice made them separate from each other's person like they were on fire. Baron was on the other side of the room so quick she almost didn't move so she could look at him with shock. She quickly grabbed her cup of tea and sipped at it, trying to hide her blush as Baron busied himself with some papers that needed to be straightened on his desk.

Muta looked at them with downright confusion on his face.

"Uhh…Did I interrupt something?"

Haru decided to answer, since the Baron seemed to be very interested in straightening his desk.

"No, Muta. Baron and I we're just chatting. Is there something you needed?"

"Erm….I forgot."

**Fortuna is the roman goddess for luck. Minerva is the roman goddess for the Wisdom. Venus is the roman goddess for love. Mercury is the god of messengers, thieves, and financial loss or gain.**

** Also, special thanks to whitedragon2645. Thank you for pointing out my mistake. **

** And on another not, please, all of my dear reviewers and readers, if you see a mistake somewhere in the chapters do NOT be afraid to point them out. I do not have a beta so I correct my stories myself the best I can, but I am only one person and can only do so much. If you see a mistake, please feel free to tell me. I won't bite your head off, I promise. In fact, I will probably thank you. ^-^ **